The Truth About Getting More Done by Mark FritzThe Truth About Getting More Done by Mark Fritz

The Truth About Getting More Done

byMark Fritz

Paperback | November 26, 2008

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Transform your potential into reality: achieve breakthrough success, one step at a time!


·        The truth about developing powerful focus and self-discipline

·        The truth about setting priorities to get the right things done

·        The truth about getting the help you need to achieve any goal


This book reveals 42 bite-size, easy-to-use techniques for accomplishing your most important goalswhatever they are!


In this book, you learn how to identify what you really want and need to get done, and achieve the focus and discipline you need to actually get it to finally get past the excuse “I just don’t have the time”...why your past doesn’t have to equal your to become proactive and plan for faster decisions and to sell your ideas and get help from to nurture the right habits and environment to fuel your personal growth...and how to leverage sheer common sense to do the extraordinary! This isn't “someone's opinion”: it's a definitive, evidence-based guide to getting more done--a set of bedrock principles you can rely on no matter what you want to accomplish!

Mark Fritz is the founder of Procedor, a company focused on two main areas: Personal Effectiveness (Leading Yourself) and Leadership Effectiveness (Leading Others). Mark provides consulting, training, and coaching/mentoring services to companies throughout the world. Mark has lived in the U.S., Singapore, Egypt, the Netherlands, Italy...
Title:The Truth About Getting More DoneFormat:PaperbackDimensions:192 pages, 8.5 × 5.9 × 0.5 inPublished:November 26, 2008Publisher:Pearson EducationLanguage:English

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Praise for The Truth About Getting More Done “Fritz gives you all the advice you need to focus on your priorities and get done what is really important to be successful—in life and in business.” Stewart Emery, coauthor of Success Built to Last Preface “I just don’t have the time!” A very common phrase that you probably say quite often and hear others say, as well. The fast pace of life today and the desire to do as much as one can means that you don’t always get done what you would have liked to accomplish. However, some people seem to get more done than others, and you never hear them say “I just don’t have the time!” To them, it is never a time problem. Instead, it is about what the time is used to accomplish. How about you? Time management is a myth. Everyone gets the same amount of time each day, and nobody can really manage time. You cannot use 30 hours today because you are really busy and then use only 18 hours on Friday because you are going to take it easy. It just doesn’t work that way. So, you can’t manage time, but you can manage how you use it. Is your goal to get more things done? For some, that seems to be the goal. For the successful people in the world, it is not the complete story. For the successful people, the goal is not just getting things done, but getting the right things done. This book is all about getting the right things done. I’ve studied how the most successful people get things done, as well as the time management gurus who have all those techniques to, as they say, manage your time better. I have tried and thrown away many of those time management techniques and realized that the way to get things done is never about how many of those techniques you know, but keeping a focus on what are the most important things to get done. This book will convince you, as I have been convinced, that you cannot really manage your time, but you can manage the focus of how you use your time. You will understand that getting things done comes down to five key factors: Success—Knowing what you want provides the reason behind what you want to get done. Thought—All action begins in our thoughts first so thinking is a great way to use your time. Discipline—You get things done by disciplining yourself to do what you know you should. Teamwork—No one achieves success and gets the right things done without the help of others. Growth—The more you grow the more experience you gain to focus on the right things. As you read this book, you too will be convinced that getting things done does not begin with time management, but FOCUS management, and then having the DISCIPLINE to do what is necessary and when it is necessary. You will no longer tell yourself, “I just don’t have the time!” Instead, you will start—from the very day you finish this book—to invest time in determining your FOCUS and then reminding yourself of that focus each and every day. Just as other successful people have done. Here’s to you—to getting the right things done. © Copyright Pearson Education. All rights reserved.

Table of Contents

Preface  vii


Part I            The Truth About Success and Focus

Truth 1          It’s not about getting things done, it’s about success  1

Truth 2          The why needs to be greater than the how  5

Truth 3          You need to believe it to achieve it  9

Truth 4          It's focus management, not time management  13

Truth 5          If everything is important, then nothing is important  17

Truth 6          Your clarity of focus drives the action you want  21


Part II           The Truth About Goals and Outcomes

Truth 7          Goals make your life self-directed  25

Truth 8          Life is about the journey and the destination  29

Truth 9          You accomplish more with an outcome focus  33


Part III          The Truth About Beliefs and Character

Truth 10        Nothing is stopping you but you  37

Truth 11        Your past does not have to equal your future  41

Truth 12        The size of your beliefs determines the size of your achievements  45

Truth 13        Your attitude is really your window to the world  49


Part IV          The Truth About Thinking and Planning

Truth 14        All actions begin in your thoughts first  53

Truth 15        Positive thinking pushes out negative thinking  57

Truth 16        What you learn only has power when put into action  61

Truth 17        Be proactive than reactive by thinking ahead  65

Truth 18        Planning drives faster decisions and action  69


Part V           The Truth About Discipline and Habits

Truth 19        You can’t wait for the inspiration to take action  73

Truth 20        What you do today creates your future  77

Truth 21        Discipline is doing what's necessary, when it is necessary  81

Truth 22        You create your habits and your habits create you  85

Truth 23        That little bit extra makes a huge difference  89

Truth 24        People really don't fail, they just stop taking action  93

Truth 25        It is easier to create a new habit than break an old one  97


Part VI          The Truth About Relationships and Communication

Truth 26        You achieve better rapport by adapting your approach to others  101

Truth 27        Remove the emotions first and then discuss the facts  105

Truth 28        You are in "sales," as you are always selling your ideas to others  109

Truth 29        Questions have more power than answers  113

Truth 30        Stories and examples make the emotional link faster  117

Truth 31        Match communication styles for a quicker responses  121

Truth 32        Listening enables better communication more than talking  125


Part VII         The Truth About Teamwork and Follow-up

Truth 33        No one creates success by themselves  129

Truth 34        You attract help from others by keeping your commitments  133

Truth 35        Trust is the fuel for productive teamwork  137

Truth 36        You get the behaviors that you reinforce  141


Part VIII        The Truth About Potential and Excellence

Truth 37        You can't see the picture when you are in the frame  145

Truth 38        Growth comes when you are comfortable being uncomfortable  149

Truth 39        Comparing yourself to others limits your growth  153

Truth 40        Surround yourself with the right people to fuel your growth  157

Truth 41        Pride in what you do creates excellence in what you do  161


Part IX         The Truth About Doing the Uncommon

Truth 42        It is all about making common sense common practice  165


References  169

Acknowledgments  175

About the Author  177