The World Since 1945: New Edition by T. E. VadneyThe World Since 1945: New Edition by T. E. Vadney

The World Since 1945: New Edition

byT. E. Vadney

Paperback | August 1, 1999

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The world since 1945 has witnessed fundamental changes, notably the increasing influence of the West—particularly the United States—in a variety of spheres, the emergence and collapse of the USSR, the end of colonial empires in Asia and Africa, and the escalation of wars and other conflicts in the Third World. In this brilliantly incisive and highly readable third edition to his survey, T. E. Vadney examines the key events—in Afghanistan, Algeria, China, Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, and elsewhere—without ever neglecting the underlying global trends. Vadney explores the rapid changes in the Middle East, the end of apartheid in South Africa, and the aims of American foreign policy, concluding with a new Epilogue in which he examines the direction of post-1945 history as the world enters the twenty-first century.
T. E. Vadney is Professor of History at the University of Manitoba in Canada.
Title:The World Since 1945: New EditionFormat:PaperbackDimensions:624 pages, 7.8 × 5.07 × 1.08 inPublished:August 1, 1999Publisher:Penguin Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

List of Maps

1. The Origins of the Post-1945 World
The Soviet Union and the Coming of War
East-West Relations
The German Problem
The German Sweep
The Americans
The Far East
The European War and the Question of a Second Front
The War in Asia and the Pacific
The Balance of Power

2. The United States as a Global Power
The Soviet Union and Eastern Europe
Soviet Expansionism and the West
The United States and the Eastern Bloc
Contested Areas
The Cold War and the Bomb
The United States and the Western Bloc
The Marshall Plan
America and the Enemy States: Japan; Germany
NATO and American Leadership

3. The Third World: Colonialism, Neo-Colonialism and Revolution
The West and the Third World
The Second World War and Anti-Colonialism
The Soviet Union and the Third World
Colonialism If Possible
Independence If Necessary
The Spectre of Revolution: China: The Chinese Communists; Civil War; The Impact of Japan and the Second World War; To 1949
The Arab-Israeli Crisis

4. Asia in Crisis
The Far East and Korea: The Origins of the War; The Course of the War
Vietnam: The French; Vietnamese Nationalism; The Return of the French; Dien Bien Phu and the Americans; The Geneva Conference
The People's Republic of China: Reconstruction; The Transition to Socialism; The First Five Year Plan; The Hundred Flowers; The Great Leap Forward; The Restoration of the 'Bureaucrats'; The Sino-Soviet Split

5. The Alliances
The Satellites After 1945
The End of the Stalin Era
The Succession
The Spectre of Revolution
De-Stalinization: Poland; Hungary; Albania
The Atlantic Alliance
European Integration and German Rearmament
Competition in the Third World: Iran: The Plot to Restore the Shah
The Russians and the Third World: Suez

6. Decolonization in Africa
The Maghrib: The War in Algeria; DeGaulle and the Fifth Republic; Independent Algeria
South of the Sahara: British West Africa; British East Africa; The French Colonies
The Other Empires: The Congo
The Future

7. A Neo-Colonial World: Latin America
The Neo-Colonial Era
Argentina and Juan Peron
The United States and Hemispheric Security
Counter-Revolution: Guatemala
Revolution: Cuba: The Revolution in Action; To the Bay of Pigs; The Missile Crisis; The Aftermath

8. The Wars in Indo-China
Managing the Crisis
The Buddhists
The Assassination
The Americanization of the War
The War in Cambodia
Peace for America

9. Asia's Great Powers
The Cultural Revolution: The Shanghai People's Commune; The Fall of Lin; The Return of Deng; The Post-Mao Era
Japan Redivivus: Behind the 'Miracle'; The Nixon 'Shocks'
The 'Miracle' in South Korea
A Comparison
The Coup in Indonesia: East Timor and Irian Jaya
A Note on South Asia

10. The Developed Centres
America Left and Right: 'Fordism'; Civil Rights; The Anti-War Movement; The 'Sunbelt'; Setbacks Abroad; The Rise of the Militant Right; Politics: Nixon to Reagan
The Contradictions of Post-Revolutionary Society: The People; Czechoslovakia; Poland; Solidarity
The Arms Race: Arms Control; Proliferation

11. The Superpowers and the Third World: The Middle East and Latin America
The Arab-Israeli Crisis After Suez: The 1967 War; Stalemate; The PLO and Jordan; Sadat; The 1973 War; Truce; The PLO and Lebanon; Camp David; Retreat
Allende's Chile: The Rise of the Left; Decline and Fall
A Note on Argentina and the Generals
El Salvador
A Note on Jamaica

12. The End of the Twentieth Century
The Fall of the Soviet Union and the End of the Cold War: Poland; Repercussions; Yugoslavia and Czechoslovakia
Tiananmen Square
The Developed West
Southern Africa: Colonialism, Revolution, Disintegration
Internal Colonialism: The Republic of South Africa: The 'End' of Apartheid
The Shah and the Ayatollah
Afghanistan and the Soviet Invasion
South-East Asia: Cambodia and Pol Pot; The Repercussions of War
Central America and the Caribbean
The Persian Gulf and the 'New World Order'

Bibliographical Note
Chronological Table