Theofatalism: Theology for Agnostics and Atheists

January 13, 2018|
Theofatalism: Theology for Agnostics and Atheists
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When your world of traditional assumptions is shaken where do you turn for inner peace and personal comfort? Considering Pascals wager, if there is no god and we disbelieve we have lost nothing, but if there is a god and we disbelieve we may have lost everything. But, what if there is no free will and we all must believe whatever we are given? That is the primary question that pushed this author into investigating what the world religions and philosophies taught about the existential puzzle called life. When my traditional faith failed to provide any comfort after untimely death of my wife I began searching for some belief I could live with, and this is what I was given.

Many thinking people have rejected the mythical god of the Bible and the Quran but they have not found a suitable substitute. Since there is no proof for or against the existence of God, everyone must be agnostic or atheist if they will admit it. Perhaps it is time to replace the anthropomorphic god with one that really works. Not the god of the Bible or the Quran, but the prime force in the universe: Generator, Operator, Destroyer...G.O.D. The expanded and updated essays in the second edition of this book develop such a new theology.

Title:Theofatalism: Theology for Agnostics and Atheists
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 13, 2018
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781475991222

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