Theory Of Quantum Transport In Metallic And Hybrid Nanostructures by Andreas GlatzTheory Of Quantum Transport In Metallic And Hybrid Nanostructures by Andreas Glatz

Theory Of Quantum Transport In Metallic And Hybrid Nanostructures

byAndreas GlatzEditorVeniamin I. Kozub, Valerii M. Vinokur

Paperback | August 16, 2006

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A new science emerges at the intersection of modern physics, computer s- ence,andmaterialscience. Thestruggletofurtherminiaturizeisputtingna- technology to the verge of creating single-electron and/or single-spin devices that operate by moving a single electron (spin) and can serve as transistors, memory cells, and for logic gates. These devices take advantage of quantum physics that dominates nanometer size scales. The devices that utilize met- based hybrid nanostructures may possess signi?cant advantages over those exploiting purely semiconducting materials. First, the chemistry of metals is typically simpler than that of semiconductors. Second, the electric properties of metals are much less sensitive to the structural defects and impurities than those of semiconductors. Next, metallic devices allow better electric and th- mal contacts. Another important plus point is that in metals the electron de Broigle wavelength is smaller by many orders of magnitude as compared to that in semiconductors. This makes metallic devices more promising with respect to their size - down to the size of an atom. Further, high bulk and interface thermal conductance in metallic devices are bene?cial for the heat withdraw. And, last but by no means the least, the high electron velocity in metals promises to accelerate enormously operation rates with respect to those in semiconductor-based devices. The ?nal note is that metals can - hibit strong ferromagnetism and/or superconductivity.
Title:Theory Of Quantum Transport In Metallic And Hybrid NanostructuresFormat:PaperbackDimensions:307 pagesPublished:August 16, 2006Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Contents. I Coherence and Correlation Effects. Phase Measurements in Closed Aharonov-Bohm Interferometers; A.Aharony et al.-Berry Phase with Environment: Classical versus Quantum; R. S. Whitney et al.- II Quantum Mesoscopic Phenomena. Electron Transport in Granular Metals; I.S. Beloborodov et al.- Studies of Current-Driven Excitations in Co/Cu/Co Trilayer Nanopillars; S. Urazhdin et al.-Nanomechanical Effects in Suspended Carbon Nanotubes; Ya. M. Blanter.- Transport through Ferromagnet/Superconductor Interfaces; Z. Jiang et al. - Anomalous Negative Magnetoresistance Caused by Non-Markovian Effects; V. V. Cheianov et al.-Persistent Currents in Interacting Aharonov-Bohm Interferometers; O.Entin-Wohlman et al.-Experimental Implementations of the Superconductor- Insulator Transition; V.F. Gantmaker.-Thermal Fluctuations in One-Dimensional Disordered Quantum Systems; A. Glatz.- Coulomb Drag between Quantum Wires: Effect of Small Momentum Transfer; L.I.Glazman et al.- Signatures of Spin-Charge Separation in Double-Quantum-Wire Tunneling; Y. Tserkovnyak et al.-Transport of Interacting Electrons through a Double Barrier; I.V. Gornyi et al.-Ratchet Effects in Luttinger Liquids; D.E. Feldman et al.- III Superconductivity in Nanostructures. Ferromagnetic-Superconducting Hybrid Systems; J. Y. Gu et al.- STM Spectroscopy of the Local Density of States in Normal Metal - Superconductor Systems; L. Cretinon et al.- Quantum Tunneling between Paramagnetic and Superconducting States of a Nanometer-Scale Superconducting Grain Placed in a Magnetic Field; A.V. Lopatin et al.-Domain Wall Superconductivity in Ferromagnetic Superconductors and Hybrid S/F Structures; A. Yu. Aladyshkin et al.- Rasba Spin-Orbit Interaction in a Ballistic Josephson Junction; I. V. Krive et al.- Manifestation of Triplet Superconductivity in Superconductor- Ferromagnet Structures; F.S. Bergeret et al.- IV Noise and Fluctuation. Phenomena Phase Dependent Current Statistics in a Short-Arm Andreev Interferometer;E. V. Bezuglyi et al.- Semiclassical Theory of Higher Cumulants of Noise; K. E. Nagaev .- Josephson Junctions as Threshold Detectors for Full Counting Statistics; J. Tobiska et al.- Energy Dependence of Current Noise in Superconducting/Normal Metal Junctions; M. Houzet et al.-Measurement of the Third Moment of Voltage Fluctuations in a Tunnel Junction; B. Reulet et al.- Shot Noise in Mesoscopic Transport Through Localised States; A.K. Savchenko.- V Single Electron Physics. Single Particle Transport in Disordered Andreev Wires; N. B. Kopnin et al.- Two-Channel Kondo Effect in a Modified Single Electron Transistor; Y. Oreg.- Spin-Dependent Transport of Electrons in a Shuttle Structure; L. Y. Gorelik et al.- Index