Thermal Analysis: Volume 3: Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Ceramics, Earth Science by WIEDEMANNThermal Analysis: Volume 3: Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Ceramics, Earth Science by WIEDEMANN

Thermal Analysis: Volume 3: Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Ceramics, Earth Science


Paperback | August 23, 2014

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Earlier efforts in the field of thermal analysis were concerned with the demonstration of the applicability of techniques to a broad spectrum of materials and to establish the relationship of such techniques with other more accepted method. While such efforts will and should continue, the Third International Conference was unique in that the first standards were disclosed for differential thermal analysis. This was the culmination of the international, cooperative effort of the ICTA's Standardization Committee. The standards currently are available from the United State's National Bureau of Standards. Thus, thermal analysis can be considered to have attained its majority. Reali­ zation of full maturity can be expected in the near future. Inclusion of plenary lectures in these volumes represents a significant de­ parture from previous Conferences. This change is the result of the ICTA's recognition of its educational responsibilities. In the Foreword of the Proceedings of the Second Inernational Conference, Professor L. Berg expressed the hope that thermal methods of analysis would find wider application in science and technology. The citation above, together with the papers presented, indicate the fulfillment of this hope. Xerox Corporation C.B. Murphy Rochester, N. Y., U.S.A. President, ICTA, 1968-1971 XIII PREFACE For the past two decades thermo analytical methods have reached a stage of considerable importance, which is particularly due to the developments in the area of instrumentation.
Title:Thermal Analysis: Volume 3: Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry, Ceramics, Earth ScienceFormat:PaperbackDimensions:9.25 × 6.1 × 0.68 inPublished:August 23, 2014Publisher:Birkhäuser BaselLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Organic and Macromolecular Chemistry.- Survey of Multiple Mechanical Transitions in Polymers in Relation to Thermal Transitions.- La Préparation et Quelques Propriétés Thermiques des Mono- et Dihalogénures de L'Hydrazine.- Thermal Analysis of Aminobenzimidazoles.- Thermal Behaviour of Some Organic Compounds with Ionic Character.- Radiothermogravimetry a Technique for Determining Pyrolysis Mechanisms.- The Selection of Catalysts by Thermogravimetry.- Investigation of the Melting Behaviour of Organic Substances by Differential Scanning Calorimetry.- Identification par Analyse Thermique Differentielle et par Thermogravimetrie D'Une Serie D'Amino-Acides Aliphatiques Satures.- Characterization of Unusual Lipids by Novel Thermoanalytical Techniques.- Pressure Dependence of Phase Transitions in Bis (4'-n-Alkoxybenzal) -1,4-Phenylenediamines.- Acid-Soap Formation in Various Anhydrous Sodium Soaps.- The Evaluation of Thermosetting Polymers by Thermal Analytical Methods.- Torsional Braid Analysis of the Cure of a Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Resin.- Analysis of the Curing Reactions of Thermosetting Polymers by DSC.- Application of Thermal Analysis to Evaluation of Semiconductor Encapsulation.- Studies of the Thermal Breakdown of Polybenzimidazoles.- Investigations of Thermal Properties of Some Polyesterimides with Polynaphthalene Rings in the Side Chain.- Oxidative Thermal Degradation of Selected Polymeric Spacecraft Materials.- The Identification of High Polymers by Thermal Degradation in the Mass Spectrometer.- Investigations of the Stability of Polymers by Thermal Volatilization Analysis.- Evolved Gas Analysis Using an Ion Selective Electrode.- Quantitative Determination of the Combined Styrene in the Butadiene-Styrene Copolymers.- Differential-Thermo-, Thermo-Gravimetrische- und Infrarot-Spektralanalyse von Inden-Cumaron-Harzen.- Application of Simultaneous DTA/TG and DTA/MS Analysis for Predicting in Advance of Processing the Flammability and Toxicity of Gases of Composite Textile Fabrics and Polymers.- Low Temperature Isothermal Pyrolysis of Cellulose.- Thermogravimetry of Cellulose by Gamma-Ray Absorption.- The Kinetics of the Reaction of CO2 with Cellulose Triacetate Carbons in the Range 1160-1240K.- A Study of Reaction Mechanisms by DSC and TG.- Thermal Nalysis of Lignin.- Etude de la Vitesse de Cristallisation de Divers PP.- Thermal Analyses of Polymers. IX. First order Phenomena in Polystyrene.- Multiple Transitional Regions Observed in Several Free-Radical Polymerized Polymethacrylates by Thermal, Ultrasonic and Optical Techniques.- Melting of some Aromatic and Heterocyclic Oligomers.- Transition and Relaxations in Polyquinoxalines.- The Characterisation of Textile Fibre Blends Containing Polyamide by Differential Thermal Analysis.- The Sol-Gel Transition in Polysaccharide Gels.- The Thermal Behaviour of Modified Keratins.- Ceramics.- Calculation of Phase Boundaries by Thermochemical Methods in Contrast to Thermal Analysis.- Appl?cat?on of Mathemat?cal Stat?st?cs and Pattern Recogn?t?on Methods to the Evaluat?on of DTA Results.- Dilatometric Study of Consolidated Powdered Materials.- Interest of Thermal Analysis in Gypsum and Plaster Industry.- Investigation of the Solid Solutions of Calcium Hydrogermanosilicates by Thermal Analysis and Other Physico-Chemical Methods.- DTA and X-Ray Analysis on Phase Transitions and Compatibility Relationships in the Pseudobinary System Barium Metasilicate-Barium Metagermanate.- The Use Differential-Thermal, Thermogravimetric and Gas-Volumetric Analyses to Study Peculiar Crystalline Structure of Calcium Hydrosilicate Monocrystals.- Study of the Hydration of Vitreous Blastfurnace Slag with a High Magnesia Content and of Related Materials.- Differential Thermal Analysis as Applied for the Study of the Peculiar Phase Composition and Structure of the Cement Stone Hardened Under Long Effects of High Temperatures//Pressures and Corrosion Factors.- Kinetics of the Oxidation of TiC-Coated Cemented Carbide.- Untersuchungen der Oxidation von Titankarbid.- Reactions between Vanadium Pentoxide and Aluminates.- Kinetics and Mechanism of the Reaction Between Lead Orthosilicate and Potassium Carbonate.- Examination of the System: "Clinker + Gypsum + Water" through the Method of Differential Thermal Analysis.- Earth Sciences.- Thermal Analysis in Earth Science: Experience and Expectations.- Petrologische Anwendung der Inversionstemperatur-Bestimmung von Quarzen.- DTA in the Characterization of Adsorbent Clays.- Examination of Hydrothermal Rock Alterations with Derivatograph.- DTA of Various Cyclohexylammonium Smectites.- The Dissociation of Strontianite and Its Quantitative Estimation by Thermogravimetry.- DTA, TG, IR and Isotopic Analyses and Properties of Phlogopite, Biotite Muscovite and Lepidolite in Temperature Range of Metamorphic Reactions.- A DTA Study of the Effect of pH on the Adsorption of N-Dodecylamine from Aqueous Solution Onto Oxide Mineral Surfaces.