Third European Rheology Conference And Golden Jubilee Meeting Of The British Society Of Rheology by D.r. OliverThird European Rheology Conference And Golden Jubilee Meeting Of The British Society Of Rheology by D.r. Oliver

Third European Rheology Conference And Golden Jubilee Meeting Of The British Society Of Rheology

EditorD.r. Oliver

Paperback | December 26, 2011

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Title:Third European Rheology Conference And Golden Jubilee Meeting Of The British Society Of RheologyFormat:PaperbackPublished:December 26, 2011Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Editorial.- Plenary Papers.- Carried Along on a Path Line in Modelling Constitutive Equations of Viscoelastic Fluids.- The Rheology of Powders.- Some Inverse Problems in Rheology Leading to Integral Equations.- Keynote Papers.- The Rheology of Fibre Suspensions.- Challenges in Process Rheometry.- The Rheological Properties of Polyacrylamide Solutions in Shear and Extension.- Infrared Polarimetry Studies for Multicomponent Polymer Melts.- Progress and Challenges in Computational Rheology.- Rheology of Rodlike Polymers in the Nematic Phase.- Physiology Mechanics and Rheology.- Rheology of Polymer Gels.- Contributed Papers.- Closure Approximations for Three-Dimensional Orientation Structure Tensors.- Compression Creep of Molten Polymers.- Rheometry of Dilute Solutions of Polyelectrolytes.- Modelling of Slit Devolatilization of Polymers.- Magnetized Polymer Solution Flow in Porous Media.- Fiber Spinning Experiments on Polyox and Polyacrylamide Solutions.- Detection and Quantification of Barus Effect in Viscoelastic Fluid Mixtures.- Modification of Rheological Polymer Behaviour by Ultra-Sound Application.- Rheological Properties of a Micelle System in Solution to be Used as Reference Liquid with Viscoplastic Behaviour.- Liquid Filament Microrheometer and Some of its Applications.- Polymeric Jets Beads-on-String Breakup and Related Phenomena.- Numerical Investigation of Break-up of Viscoelastic Jets.- The Imfluence of Liquid Phase Rheology on Particulate Paste.- Entry and Exit Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids.- Determination of the Rheological Properties of Solids Using Pulse Propagation Methods.- Experiments and Computer Simulations on the Flow of Concentrated Dispersions.- Peristaltic Flow of Viscoelastic Liquids.- Rheological Rate Type Models Including Temperature History.- The Characterisation of Concentrated Particulate Suspensions that Exhibit Plasticity.- Mixing in Rheologically Complex Fluids.- Anisotropic Conduction of Heat in a Polymeric Material.- The Flow of Surfactant Solutions through Porous Media: Universal Laws.- The Rheology of Weakly-Attracting Colloidal Particles at High Concentrations.- The Rheological Properties of Extrusion-Cooked Wheat Starch in the Moisture Range 27-36%.- Further Investigations on the Modelling of Gravity-Drawn Boger Fluid Jets.- Viscometric Properties of a Dense Aqueous Silica Slurry Containing Iron(III) and Tin(IV) Oxide.- The Use of Viscometers as Mimics of Flow Processes.- Flow of Power Law Fluids through Assemblages of Spherical Particles.- Further Observations of Anomalous Entry Flow Patterns through a Planar Contraction.- Rheology and Mass Transfer in Mycelial Fermentation Broth.- Rheology of Unheated Gellan Gels.- Rheological Behaviour of a Thermotropic Liquid Crystal Copolyester: Hydroxybenzoic Acid/2,6-Hydroxynaphthoic Acid (HBA/HNA).- Injection Moulding of Confectionery Materials.- Inertial Effects in Viscoelastic Flows.- Non-linear Effects in Controlled Stress Oscillation.- On the Corner and Lip Vortices in Abrupt Contractions.- Deformation of Plastic Disperse Systems (PDS) at Low Shear Rates.- Theoretical Considerations on the Steady Rod Climbing at Vanishing Influence of Gravity.- A Computer Code for Simulating Transient Non-isothermal Flows of Non-Newtonian Fluids.- Anisotropic Turbulence in Aqueous Surfactant Solutions.- Shock Disintegration of Polymer Solutions.- Measurement of the Normal Stress Coefficients by Means of an Optical Technique.- Flow of Entangled Polydimethylsiloxanes through Capillary Dies: Characterisation and Modelisation of Wall Slip Phenomena.- Inferring a Retardation Spectrum from Creep Data by a Modified Maximum Entropy Method.- Torsion Pendulum for Measuring the Dynamic Moduli in a Steady Shear Flow.- On the Rheological Properties of Rubber Compounds Containing Different Carbon Black Concentrations.- The Application of Rheometry in the Testing and Characterization of Speciality Thermoplastics.- Viscosity Measurement during Cooling of a Crystallizing Glass.- Influence of Oil Phase Concentration and Temperature on Linear Viscoelastic Properties of Mayonnaise.- The Onset of Viscoelastic Rayleigh-Benard Convection.- Relaxation Times of Aqueous Polyacrylamide Solutions.- Constitutive Equations for Dynamically Loaded Polymer Solids and their Application in a Finite Element Program.- Singular Finite Elements for Fluid Flow Problems with Stress Singularities.- Rheometer Strain and Strain-Rate Errors.- Herbert Freundlich and Thixotropy: The Long Horizon of his Pioneering Insight.- A Power-Law Model of Thixotropy.- Rheological Properties of Liquid Crystalline Hydroxypropylcellulose Aqueous Solutions.- Isotropic and Anisotropic Shear Flow in Continuous Fibre Thermoplastic Composites.- Dynamic Viscoelasticity of Mayonnaise Containing Different Egg Products.- Time-Related Flow Behaviour of Shear Thickening Systems.- A Constitutive Equation Theory of Viscoelastic Fluids.- Unsteady Fibre Spinning of Viscoelastic Fluid.- Drag Reduction by Addition of Konjaku Flour for Turbulent Flow in a Circular Tube.- Investigation of Instability in Rheological Equations of the Differential Type.- The Calibration and Use of the Strathclyde Rheometer for the Study of Plastisols and Related Systems.- On Propagation of Discontinuities in Nonlinear Hereditary Media.- 3D Flow Simulation in Non-Newtonian Fluids.- The Use of Pseudorandom Test Signals in the Rheometry of Linear-Viscoelastic Materials.- The Rheological Behaviour of Water Borne Basecoats.- Recovery of Strain-Induced Damage in Filled and Unfilled Elastomers.- Fluid Failure Mechanisms in Stretching Flows: Extensional Viscosity and Complexation.- Tri-dimensional Effective Properties of Quasi-Periodic Porous Elastic Anisotropic Composite Materials through a New Homogenization Technique.- Stability of Melt Spinning Processes.- Rheological Properties of Iron-Free Kaolin/Water Suspensions.- Extensional Viscosity, an Elusive Property of Mobile Liquids.- The Viscosity of a Smectic Polymer.- Rheological Structure in Bulk Seawater.- The Influence of Concentration and Particle Shape on the Rheology of Silica, Flyash and Other Industrial Slurries.- Equivalent Oldroyd Models.- Transverse Flow of Fibre-Reinforced Composites.- The Rheometric Characterization of Flexible Chain and Liquid Crystal Polymers.- On-Line Measurements of the Rheological Properties of Fermentation Broth.- Simulation of Viscoelastic Fluid Flow Past a Cylinder Using the 'Method of Lines'.- Excess Thermal Noise Generated during the Capillary Flow of Poly(ethylene Oxide) Solutions: The Influence of the Solvent.- The Influence of Modification of Particle Size of Ceramic Suspensions upon their Apparent Viscosity.- Rheodynamics and Heat Transfer of Dielectric Suspensions in Constant Electric Fields.- A Study of Transient and Steady-State Shear and Normal Stresses in Glass Fiber Suspensions.- Rheology of Short Fiber Filled Polymers.- Elongational Flow Behavior of Supercooled Polyethylene Melt.- Phase Segregation Influence on Oligomers Rheology.- Rheology and Structure of Polymer Blends Containing Liquid-Crystalline Components in Melt and Solid State.- Stress-Strain Properties of Poly(butyl Methacrylate) in Uniaxial Extension in Liquid Media at Temperatures Above and Below Glass Transition Temperature.- Numerical Simulation of the Flow of Two Non-mixing Inelastic and Viscoelastic Fluids with a Free Interface.- Rheological and Structural Properties of Model Composite Foods.- Rheology of Filled Scleroglucan Gels.- The Relative Viscosity of Dilute Suspensions in Generalized Newtonian Liquids.- Rheological Properties of Biaxial Nematic Liquid Crystals.- Wall Slippage and the Flow of Rubber Compounds in Converging Path.- Characterization of Bread Steeling Process by Means of an Instron Universal Testing Machine Operating in Dynamic Mode.- A Study of Elastic-Viscoplastic Constitutive Equation for Tian-Qing Gel.- Rheological Properties of Xanthan and Xanthan-Galactomannan Gum Mixtures.- Flow of Polymer Solutions through Beds of Solid Particles.- Rheology of Small Samples.- Rheology of Rigid Macromolecules in the Semi-dilute Region.- Viscoelasticity of Polymer Gelation.- Oscillatory Shear Flow of Internal Viscosity Dumbbells: A New Analysis Employing an Expansion in Strain.338.- Transient Stress Responses Predicted by the Internal Viscosity Model in Elongational Flow.- The Effect of Molecular Weight Distribution on the Elongational Properties of Polymers.- Yield Stress Measurements.- A Rheological Study of the Structure of Microemulsions.- Rheology of Human Saliva and Saliva Substitutes.- A Simple Measurement of Elongational Viscosity.- Equilibrium Properties of Reversibly Flocculated Dispersions.- Convergence Studies in the Numerical Simulation of Viscoelastic Melts Using the K-BKZ Model.- Intermittent Shear Flow in Liquid Crystalline Polymers: Rheo-optical Behaviour.- Experimental Determination of Slip Layer Properties in Polymer Solution Flow.- Viscoelastic Properties of a Hexagonal Surfactant Liquid Crystal.- Measurements of the Rheological Properties of Suspensions Based on Viscoelastic Liquids by Means of a Cone-and-Plate- and a Capillary-Rheometer.- Load Enhancement Effects in Loose-Fitting Bearings Caused by the Presence of Polymeric Additives in the Lubricant.- Elastic Recoil Predictions from the Curtiss-Bird Model.- Thought-Experiments in Extensional Flow of Polymer Solutions.- Continuous Time Simulation of Polymer Melts.- Bands Textures in Liquid Crystalline Polymers Subjected to Elongational Flows.- The Flow of a Viscoelastic Fluid Past a Sphere.- The Rheology of Waterborne Metallic Basecoats for the Automotive Industry and its Influence on the Application Properties.- On Some Rheological Effects Arising under Durable Stress of Polymeric Liquids.- Use of Amplitude and Frequency Spectrometry for Determining the Sol-Gel Phase Transition.- The Effect of the Particle Aggregation on the Rheological and Thermal Properties of Sheared Suspensions.- Yield Stress Measurements on Waxy North Sea Crude Oils with Controlled Stress Rheometer and Model Pipeline.- Finite Element Analysis of Shear-Thinning Flow Problems in Mixing Vessels.- Influence of Time Constants on Phase Velocity and Damping Rates of Gravity Waves on Jeffrey Fluids.- Uniaxial Tensile Strength of Polymer Fluids.- The Use of Newtonian Viscosity to Predict Sedimentation Rate in Time-Temperature Monitors.- A New Model for Polymer Melts and Concentrated Solutions.- Dissipative Effects in Rheometric Flows and the Determination of Material Functions of Polymer Melts.- Dynamics of Nematic Solutions of Persistent Macromolecules.- Helical Flow of Power-Law Fluids.- The Test Method of Polymer Melt by the Elongational Deformation.- Rheokinetics, Flow and Convective Heat Transfer of Polymerizing Oligomers.- Unsteady Shear Flows of Viscoelastic Liquids Driven by Periodic Forcing.- Up-Scaling in Heterogeneous Drag Reduction Systems.- The Effects of Co-solvent Levels and Neutralisation on the Rheology of Carbopol Gels.- Linear Viscoelastic Measurements on Lipid Vesicle Dispersions: Hard-Sphere Behaviour and Bilayer Surface Dynamics.- Non-linear Functional Relations and Superposition Principles in Thermorheology.- Thermoforming of Thermoplastics.- Autohesion in the Presence and Absence of Interfacial Mass Transfer.- Time and Shear Stresses Dependence of the Rheological Properties of Hydrolyzed High Molecular Weight Polyacrylamide Solutions in Water-Glycerol Mixtures.- The Digital Viscometer, a New Generation of Rheometers.- 3-D Modeling of the Injection Molding Process.- Three-Dimensional Modeling of Rheologically Complex Fluid Flow in a LPD Dow-Ross Static Mixer.- Three-Dimensional Modelling of Mixing with Helical Ribbon Screw Impeller.- Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid Flow through Small Bifurcations.- Equation of the State of Thixotropic Medium under Mechanical Influences.- The Effect of Chemical Additives on the Drag and Settling Velocities of Yield Stress Slurries.- Induced Ordering in a Colloidal Suspension.- Rheology of Anisotropic Viscoelastic Fluids.- The Nonlinear Strain Measure of Polyisobutylene Melt in General Biaxial Flow and its Comparison to the Doi-Edwards Model.- Finite Element Method for Three-Dimensional Viscoelastic Extrusion.- The Rheology of Waxy Crude Oils - an Overview.- Computer Aided Rheometry.- The Rheology of Adhesive Hard Sphere Dispersions.- Role of the Dynamic Rheological Approach in Kinetorheology.- The Complex of Viscosimeters-Dilatometers for Study of Polymerization Rheokinetics.- Gelatination Rheology of Water-Salt Solutions of Polyvinyl Alcohol).- The Role of Macromoleeule Hydrophobization in Structural-Rheological Properties of Water Solutions of Acrylic Polymers.- Structural-Rheological States and Properties of Polymerizing Vinyl Monomers.- Fibre Spinning with Axial and Radial Viscosity Distributions as Viscoelastic Flow with Dominating Extension.- Secondary Relaxations in Polymers Containing Phenyl Rings.- Study on the Shear Stress and Normal Stress of Foams.- Stress-Orientation Relations in Polymer Fluids.- Late Submissions.- Viscous Fingering of Non-Newtonian Fluids in Porous Media.- Measured Yield Points Instead of Calculating.- Rheology of Associating Polymer Solutions.- Planar Contraction Flow of FENE Dumbbells.- Sudden Strong Strains.- High Deborah Number Flows of Dilute Polymer Solutions.- Dynamic Material Properties of a Closed-Cell Polyethylene Foam.- Investigations of a Closed-Cell Foam with Scanning Electron Microscopy.- Stress Strain Relationship of Small Deformable Bodies under Steady and Unsteady Flow Conditions in Newtonian and Viscoelastic Media.- The Rheological Responses of Dilute Polymers and the Analysis of their Flow Inside and Outside Channels.- Index of Contributors.