This Place of Dreams Called America Part II: Lies Of A Slave Traitor

This Place of Dreams Called America Part II: Lies Of A Slave Traitor

Kobo ebook | April 13, 2014

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Introduction Chapter 19, On our last legs - later that night, It was so blistering hot today that a lot of people fainted from the heat. I tried to help Mabel who was having a hard time and I got yelled at by one of the men to get back to work. I grew angry at him and mama tried to quite me from speaking up to them, but I shook her hand off my arm and I told him that she just needs water and rest. “Let the old lady die” is what the man said then moved on. Is that not terrible, do these people have not an ounce of sympathy for anyone nor young or old. If only they would let us stop and take a rest or have a drink of water to quench our thirst. Then we could work harder and faster for them, an tomorrow we have to gather wood and put it into wagon's pulled by oxen's. Will they ever give us a break, or will they keep adding work for us to do every day ahead. They want to use us like an old mule for we are on our last legs, oh how I wish I where back in Germany now. No!, how could I say this if it was not for this journey I would not have met my beloved husband Hans. Oh how I miss him and his smile and those dark blue eyes that have a way of reading my every thought. My eyes well up with tear's just thinking about hi....., Eva The Bauer family is a group of hard working people that had fallen upon hard times in Germany in the 18th century. They soon pack their bags and arrive to America in hope of a better life only to be indentured to a man by the name of Arail Defrock who had forced them to work for five years to pay of their debt to him or else they would be punished, jailed or hung for disobeying him. They soon start working in the cotton fields and the lumber yard in the mean time Eva becomes a house maid to them and still has a dislike to Mr. Defrocks wife Alevia who has to be helped with everything and has a short temper. While there she is told about the tragic story of their daughter Bernitta who took her own life upon being assaulted by the accused slave Isaiah who claims he is innocent. They say there are two sides to every story but who's is true, is it Isaiah the helping hand who claims that he did not do it or is it Mr. Defrock who is trying to pin the blame on just anyone too put his beloved daughter to rest and give her peace. Then there is another murder lurking around the corner who did it, who's story holds true? An in the mist of this all there is new friends made and babies born and new lessons in life and of the past learned. Who can they trust, for all they were told from day one upon arriving turned out to be lies. Will they make it through all of this or will their run of bad luck continue?
Title:This Place of Dreams Called America Part II: Lies Of A Slave TraitorFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 13, 2014Publisher:Christina BrennerLanguage:English

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