Thought-Forms and Hallucinations: Some Curious Effects of the Holographic Mind Process by Chidambaram Ramesh

Thought-Forms and Hallucinations: Some Curious Effects of the Holographic Mind Process

byChidambaram Ramesh

Kobo ebook | December 15, 2009

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In recent times, the subject of consciousness has emerged as an important paradigm of scienti¬fic investigation and research despite most of its concerns having roots in philosophy, religion and occultism. What is consciousness? What is the substance of consciousness? Is it material or immaterial, mortal or immortal? How is it connected with a body? Has it a particular seat in any particular body as the brain does? Is consciousness synonymous with mind? Is it eternal and non-local? These questions have interested thinkers for many centuries. It is the object of this book to demonstrate, through a series of cases reported across the world at various times relating to many curious mind-related phenomena like the creation of mental entities, the imprints of indelible images on the human body, stigmata, birthmarks and bodily deformities corresponding to the injuries sustained in the previous life, thought photography, materialization experiments etc., that:• Human mind can bring into being thought-forms and can exteriorize them, giving them some objective consistency.• There can be continuity of thoughts even after the destruction of the physical brain.• These psychic entities are sometimes given a kind of autonomy so that they may act and seemingly think without the consent or even knowledge of their creator.The book does not stop with the mere reproduction of recorded cases and just messaging the dimension of the problem, but extends over to solve it by suggesting a bio-holographic theory of body and mind. The book is alike novel, fun-¬filled, profound and useful, thus affording that blend of interest and instruction which cannot fail to render it interesting to the inquisitive and candid mind.Foreword by Dr. Matti Pitkänen Ph. D.,Founder of the Topological Geometrodynamics (TGD) inspired Theory of ConsciousnessChidambaram Ramesh is a freelance researcher. Currently, he is working to re-discover and re-establish many forgotten, scienti¬fically important ideas of ancient periods by bringing them under the realm of contemporary science. His ¬ first book ‘The Shroud of Turin: An Imprint of the Soul, Apparition or Quantum Bio-Hologram ’ advanced a new scienti¬fic theory to explain the causes of the mysterious image on the Holy Turin Shroud. The other book authored by him is “Lightning as a ‘Photographer’ Revisiting a Forgotten Phenomenon of Nature” which decoded the mystery behind spontaneous appearance of ghostly images on window panes, glasses, etc. He attributes the cause to a curious action of lightning.Advance Praise for the Book “Very comprehensive, scholarly and clearly written. I am impressed.” - Dr.Erlendur Haraldsson Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Iceland______________ “…..the book provides a highly inspiring reading experience expanding the confines of world view.” - Dr. Matti Pitkänen, Ph.D., Quantum Theoretical Physicist, Hanko, Finland.______________ “..[the author] did a good job in mentioning all the cases where our science of today does not have an explanation. Being a great fan of the Holographic principle, I liked very much the chapter ‘Holographic Mind’” - Dr.Petrus Soons, M.D., Holographic Shroud Researcher, Volcan, Panama.______________ “This book explores subjects that have been neglected by researchers and not grasped by skeptics. It offers much to ponder on” - Michael E.Tymn, Editor, Journal for Spirituality and Consciousness Studies.______________ “it looks interesting indeed. The idea of intense thoughts or mental images becoming reality is quite akin to my view of the mind as a three-dimensional imaging system capable of generating images of any object imaginable. Where we diverse is our ontology of mind….” - Dr.Steven Lehar, Ph.D., Research Fellow in Ophthalmology, Harvard University, and an independent researcher.______________“At a glance, it looks wonderful.” - Rev.Karen E.Herrick, Ph.D., President of the Academy for Spiritual and Consciousness Studies, Inc., USA.______________
Title:Thought-Forms and Hallucinations: Some Curious Effects of the Holographic Mind ProcessFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:December 15, 2009Publisher:Notion PressLanguage:English

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