Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management by Leonard WartofskyThyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management by Leonard Wartofsky

Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical Management

EditorLeonard Wartofsky, Douglas Van Nostrand

Paperback | September 17, 2011

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This massive revision of the highly acclaimed first edition presents a wealth of new information and insights on every aspect of the etiology, pathogenesis, diagnosis, initial treatment, and long-term management of all varieties of thyroid cancer. Paramount is a thorough treatment of the nuclear medical aspects of diagnosing and managing the thyroid cancer patient. This includes extensive discussion of isotopes, isotope uptake and scanning procedures, radioisodine ablation and dosimetry (with or without recombinant human TSH), stunning, octreotide and FDG-PET scanning, and various alternative imaging modalities. Additional highlights include management of the scan negative and thyroglobulin-positive patient, ultrasound of the lymph nodes, local adjuncts to therapy of metastases, low iodine diets and cookbooks, future directions in therapy, and alternative therapies when traditional surgery and radioactive iodine fail.
Title:Thyroid Cancer: A Comprehensive Guide to Clinical ManagementFormat:PaperbackDimensions:736 pagesPublished:September 17, 2011Publisher:Humana PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I. General Considerations I: Thyroid CancerAnatomy and Physiology of the Thyroid Gland: Clinical Correlates to Thyroid CancerNikolaos StathatosEpidemiology of Thyroid CancerJames J. FiggeMolecular Pathogenesis of Thyroid CancerJames J. Figge, Nikolai A. Kartel, Dima Yarmolinsky, and Gennady ErmakMolecular Aspects of Thyroid Cancer in ChildrenGary L. FrancisOncogenes in Thyroid CancerKatherine B. Weber and Michael T. McDermottApoptosis in Thyroid CancerSu He Wang and James R. Baker, Jr.Radiation-Induced Thyroid CancerJames J. Figge, Timothy Jennings, Gregory Gerasimov, Nikolai A. Kartel, Dima Yarmolinsky, and Gennady ErmakClassification of Thyroid MalignanciesYolanda C. OertelStaging of Thyroid CancerLeonard WartofskyThyroid Cancer in Children and AdolescentsMerrily PothRecombinant Human ThyrotropinMatthew D. Ringel and Stephen J. BurgunPart II. General Considerations II: Nuclear MedicineHistory of the Role of Nuclear Medicine in the Thyroid Gland and its Diseases: A Personal PerspectiveHenry N. Wagner, Jr.Prophylaxis against Radiation Exposure from RadioiodineJacob Robbins and Arthur B. SchneiderRadioiodine Whole Body ImagingFrank B. Atkins and Douglas Van NostrandPrimer and Atlas for the Interpretation of Radioiodine Whole-Body ScintigraphyDouglas Van Nostrand, Reetha Bakthula, and Frank B. AtkinsFalse-Positive Radioiodine Scans in Thyroid CancerBrahm Shapiro, Vittoria Rufini, Ayman Jarwan, Onelio Geatti, Kimberlee J. Kearfott, Lorraine M. Fig, Ian D. Kirkwood, John E. Freitas, and Milton D. GrossPart III. The Thyroid NoduleThe Thyroid Nodule: Evaluation, Risk of Malignancy, and ManagementLeonard WartofskyFine Needle Aspiration: TechniqueYolanda C. OertelThyroid Nodules: Cellular and Biochemical Markers for MalignancyKathleen A. PrendergastRadionuclide Imaging of Thyroid NodulesDouglas Van NostrandUltrasonic Imaging of the Neck in Patients with Thyroid CancerManfred BlumThyroid Nodules and Cancer Risk: Surgical ManagementOrlo H. ClarkPart IV. Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: Papillary CarcinomaA. PresentationPapillary Cancer: Clinical AspectsLeonard WartofskySurgical Approach to Papillary CancerOrlo H. ClarkPapillary Carcinoma: Cytology and PathologyYolanda C. Oertel and James E. OertelPart IV. Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancer:B. Initial ManagementPrescribed Activity for Radioiodine AblationDouglas Van NostrandThyroid Remnant Radioiodine Ablation with Recombinant Human ThyrotropinR. Michael Tuttle and Richard J. RobbinsPart IV. Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancer:C. SurveillanceFollow-Up Strategy in Papillary Thyroid CancerHenry B. BurchLevothyroxine Therapy and Thyrotropin SuppressionLeonard WartofskyThyroglobulin and Thyroglobulin Antibodies: Measurement and InterferencesD. Robert DufourDiagnosis of Recurrent Thyroid Cancer in Patients with Positive Antithyroglobulin AntibodiesMatthew D. RingelSurveillance Radioiodine Whole-Body ScansDouglas Van NostrandRadionuclide Imaging and Treatment of Thyroid Cancer in ChildrenGary L. FrancisPositron Emission Tomography in Well-Differentiated Thyroid CancerI. Ross McDougallAlternative Thyroid ImagingAnca M. Avram, Karen C. Rosenspire, Stewart C. Davidson, John E. Freitas, and Milton D. GrossThe "Stunning" Controversy. A. Stunning: Untoward Effect of 131I Thyroid Imaging Prior to Radioablation TherapyHee-Myung Park and Stephen K GerardB. Stunning Is Not a ProblemI. Ross McDougallC. Stunning: Does it Exist? A CommentaryDouglas Van NostrandUltrasonic Imaging and Identification of Metastases in Cervical Lymph NodesManfred BlumMagnetic Resonance Imaging and Computed Tomography Imaging of Thyroid CancerJames J. Jelinek, Kenneth D. Burman, Richard S. Young, and Alexander S. MarkManagement of the Patient with Negative Radioiodine Scan and Elevated Serum ThyroglobulinLeonard WartofskyDeterminants of Prognosis in Papillary Thyroid CarcinomaHenry B. BurchPapillary Cancer: Special Aspects in ChildrenAndrew J. Bauer and Merrily PothSpecial Presentations of Thyroid Cancer in Pregnancy, Renal Failure, Thyrotoxicosis, and Struma OvariiKenneth D. Burman. Thyroglossal Duct Carcinoma, Leonard Wartofsky and Nikolaos StathatosPart IV. Well-Differentiated Thyroid CanceD. TreatmentRadiation and RadioactivityJohn E. GlennRadioiodine Treatment of Distant MetastasesDouglas Van Nostrand131I Treatment of Metastatic Thyroid Carcinoma Following Preparation by Recombinant Human ThyrotropinRichard J. Robbins and R. Michael TuttleDosimetry: Dosimetrically-Determined Prescribed Activity of Radioiodine for the Treatment of Metastatic Thyroid CarcinomaFrank B. Atkins, Douglas Van Nostrand, and Leonard WartofskyRadioiodine Dosimetry with Recombinant Human ThyrotropinR. Michael Tuttle and Richard J. RobbinsUse of Lithium as an Adjuvant to Radioiodine in the Treatment of Thyroid CancerMonica C. Skarulis, Marina S. Zemskova, and Jacob RobbinsSide Effects of 131I for Ablation and Treatment of Well-Differentiated Thyroid CarcinomaDouglas Van Nostrand and John FreitasExternal Radiation Therapy of Papillary CancerJames D. Brierley and Richard W. TsangA. Chemotherapy of Thyroid Cancer: General PrinciplesLawrence S. LessinB. Chemotherapy of Well-Differentiated Papillary or Follicular Thyroid CarcinomaLawrence S. LessinThyroid Carcinoma: Metastases to BoneSteven P. Hodak and Kenneth D. BurmanAdjunctive Local Approaches to Metastatic Thyroid CancerLeonard WartofskyPart V. Well-Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: Follicular CarcinomaFollicular Thyroid Cancer: Clinical AspectsLeonard WartofskySurgical Management of Follicular Thyroid CancerOrlo H. ClarkPathology of Follicular CancerYolanda C. OertelHürthle Cell CarcinomaKenneth D. Burman and Leonard WartofskyRadionuclide Imaging, Ablation, and Treatment in Follicular Thyroid CarcinomaDouglas Van NostrandFollow-Up Strategy in Follicular Thyroid CancerHenry B. BurchPET in Follicular Cancer, Including Hürthle Cell CancerI. Ross McDougallFollicular Thyroid Cancer: Special Aspects in Children and AdolescentsAndrew J. BauerExternal Radiation Therapy of Follicular CarcinomaJames D. Brierley and Richard W. TsangDeterminants of Prognosis in Patients with Follicular Thyroid CarcinomaHenry B. BurchPart VI. Variants of Thyroid CancerMiscellaneous and Unusual Types of Thyroid CancerKenneth D. Burman, Matthew D. Ringel, and Barry M. ShmooklerPathology of Miscellaneous and Unusual Cancers of the ThyroidJames E. Oertel and Yolanda C. OertelPart VII. Undifferentiated Tumors: Medullary Thyroid CarcinomaClinical Aspects of Medullary Thyroid CarcinomaDouglas W. BallPathology of Medullary Thyroid CancerJames E. Oertel and Yolanda C. OertelMedullary Carcinoma of the Thyroid: Surgical ManagementOrlo H. ClarkRadionuclide Imaging of Medullary Carcinoma: Utility of Radiolabeled Somatostatin Analogs and Other RadiotracersGiuseppe EspositoPET in Medullary Thyroid CancerI. Ross McDougallExternal Radiation Therapy of Medullary CancerJames D. Brierley and Richard W. TsangMedullary Carcinoma of the Thyroid: ChemotherapyLawrence S. LessinPart VIII. Undifferentiated Tumors: Thyroid LymphomaThyroid LymphomaSteven I. ShermanPathology of Lymphoma of the ThyroidYolanda C. Oertel and James E. OertelFDG-PET Scanning in Lymphoma and Lymphoma of the ThyroidI. Ross McDougallPart IX. Undifferentiated Tumors: Anaplastic Thyroid CancerAnaplastic Carcinoma: Clinical AspectsSteven I. ShermanSurgical Management of Anaplastic Thyroid CarcinomaOrlo H. ClarkPathology of Anaplastic CarcinomaJames E. Oertel and Yolanda C. OertelPET Scanning in Anaplastic Cancer of the ThyroidI. Ross McDougallExternal Radiation Therapy of Anaplastic Thyroid CancerJames D. Brierley and Richard W. TsangChemotherapy for Anaplastic Thyroid CancerLawrence S. LessinAnaplastic Carcinoma: PrognosisSteven I. ShermanPart X. New Frontiers and Future DirectionsAdvances in Radiation TherapyJames D. Brierley and Richard W. TsangNew Approaches in Nuclear Medicine for Thyroid CancerDouglas Van NostrandAlternative Options and Future Directions for Thyroid Cancer TherapyMatthew D. RingelPotential Approaches to Chemotherapy of Thyroid Cancer in the FutureLawrence S. LessinPart XI. Resources for Patients with Thyroid CancerLow Iodine DietsKenneth D. BurmanAppendix A: Books and ManualsDouglas Van NostrandAppendix B: Additional Sources of Information: Support Groups, Websites and Additional InformationDouglas Van NostrandAppendix C: Forms and Instructions for Patients Treated with RadioactivityJohn E. GlennIndex

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews"...our present state of knowledge provides clinicians a wide variety of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities to effectively manage this group of cancers. I believe the knowledge contained in this text will give the practicing clinician the necessary information to provide patients the latest and best therapeutic techniques."-Foreword by Ernest L. Mazzaferri, MD "This is an excellent comprehensive up-to-date text that is scholarly and complete, yet thoroughly readable. It provides guidance to clinicians and others interested in thyroid cancer based on a combination of a distillate of the published literature [which is fully documented] and the personal experience of the expert author of each chapter. . .the text reads quickly. . . I recommend this text to anyone interested in an up-to-date, detailed, clinical guideline to the management of patients with thyroid cancer and the clinical science behind the recommendation."-Journal of Nuclear Medicine"This book illustrates the importance of the multidisciplinary approach available in major medical centers for the care of patients with thyroid cancer. The wide-ranging topical nature of this book will interest those working in many fields of medicine. It should be essential reading for trainees in endocrinology, pathology, imaging, nuclear medicine, surgery, and oncology, as well as for specialists in those fields."-The New England Journal of Medicine"The book is truly unique and is a critical addition to the contemporary endocrine texts held by general physicians, surgeons, and endocrinologists alike. The book is designed to be a comprehensive guide for clinical management of thyroid cancer and in this regard, is an overwhelming success...One of the most important aspects of this text is the multidisciplinary emphasis provided to all the sub specialists who attend patients with thyroid neoplasms... The book is uniquely organized with several chapters exclusively devoted to the surgical and medical management of individual types of thyroid cancer. This organization is important, because it helps emphasize that each thyroid cancer is unique and not necessarily amenable to one standardized form of treatment...A parallel emphasis of the book is the reliance on evidence-based practice...each chapter is thoroughly referenced, making it easy for the reader to ascertain the original studies on which these conclusions and controversy are based....One of the strengths of this book is the devotion of separate chapters to the management of unique thyroid cancers and unique patients...The text is right up -to- date with regards to the molecular biology of thyroid cancers, the management of medullary thyroid carcinoma, the use of alternative imaging techniques and the use of rhTSH for scanning patients with a history of thyroid cancer...To conclude, this is a unique and important text for all practitioners caring for patients with thyroid cancer. I congratulate the Editor and Authors for their success in detailing this complex and rapidly changing field." ------Trends in Endocrinology and Metabolism"...recommended for anyone who would like a comprehensive reference on the practical aspects of thyroid cancer management." - Head & Neck"This comprehensive book brings an instructive review of present knowledge on the pathology, etiology, epidemiology, diagnostic methods and the methods of surgical, radioiodine and chemotherapeutic treatment of various forms of thyroid cancer. Written by outstanding experts and professionally edited by Leonard Wartofsky, it may be considered of substantial utility to all physicians dealing with thyroid diseases." - Endocrine RegulationsFrom the reviews of the second edition:"An excellent, truly comprehensive book that covers the etiology, pathogenesis, and clinical management of all forms of thyroid cancer. . While the book is written clearly enough to be accessible to physicians in training, it will probably be most useful for practicing physicians. The targeted readers include endocrinologists, endocrine surgeons, nuclear medicine specialists, pathologists, and oncologists. . This is an outstanding textbook . . surely a work to be added to the library of every clinician taking care of patients with thyroid cancer." (Brian W. Kim, Doody's Review Service, May, 2006)"This book includes almost twice as many chapters and contributors as the first edition. I especially enjoyed the addition of patient-focused content, including lists of useful books and Web sites and practical advice regarding radioiodine treatment . . an excellent, up-to-date book that is of practical value across all specialties involved in the management of thyroid cancer. It also provides a scholarly overview of the evidence base." (Jayne Franklyn, The New England Journal of Medicine, July, 2006)"This is the second edition of an outstanding textbook edited by Leonard Wartofsky and Douglas Van Nostrand. The editors are to be congratulated on bringing together a remarkable array of multidisciplinary authors, who cover every topic pertaining to the clinical management of thyroid cancer. . Overall, I would highly recommend this book to all practitioners and associated specialties involved in the management of thyroid cancer. The book is clearly and concisely written, well illustrated . . an excellent textbook." (John Watkinson, Annals of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, Vol. 90, June, 2008)