Time Arrow as Trace of Energy: Logical Key to a Spiritual Universe

January 16, 2021|
Time Arrow as Trace of Energy: Logical Key to a Spiritual Universe
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Today's physics is difficult to access because of its irritating paradoxes. Everyone recognizes that time and life have a direction. Only modern physics claims that nature and its laws are time-neutral, and that time is an illusion. How should one understand effect without cause or how a particle can simultaneously be in two different places? Helmut Tributsch, an experienced natural scientist, investigates the question of whether it is nature itself or science that produces such irrationalities. He arrives at astonishing answers by discovering that physics requires a fundamental energy-driven time orientation, which is based on a Dynamic Energy. The paradoxes disappear and nature becomes rationally understandable. It is science, with its demand for time neutrality, that causes confusion and favours irrational world models. If one corrects these concepts with an energy-driven time arrow, one finds that the universe functions quite differently. Information takes on a major role - from the quantum world to evolution and to the cosmos. When information self-organizes, it creates the phenomenon we call consciousness and mind. Spirit as a consequence of the arrow of time and as a materialistic aspect of nature has the potential to thoroughly change our view of the world. The book contradicts Stephen Hawking, provides the answer for Thomas Nagel, complements Anton Zeilinger, criticizes Yuval Harari and draws a connection to Albert Einstein's world. It distances itself from Richard Dawkins and shows that a nature understood under the arrow of time does not contradict religion. On the one hand, it involves the chance to return the science of physics to a path of rational understanding. Additionally, the amazing realization that the development of mind is a goal of evolution supports all those who seek meaning in our existence.

Helmut Tributsch ist Physiker und Professor für physikalische Chemie. Er lehrte von 1982 bis 2008 am Institut für physikalische und theoretische Chemie der Freien Universität Berlin und war gleichzeitig Leiter der Abteilung Solare Energetik am Helmholtz-Zentrum für Materialien und Energie (früher Hahn-Meitner Institut). Zehn weitere Jahre forschte er an ausländischen Institutionen, wie als Postdoktorand an der Universität von Kalifornien, Berkeley, als Heisenberg-Stipendiat am CNRS in Paris und als Walter Schottky Professor an der Universität Stanford. Seine Hauptinteressen sind die Erforschung nachhaltiger Energie sowie dabei insbesondere die Mechanismen der Biomimetik in Energiesystemen, ein Thema, das er noch bis 2018 an der Fachhochschule Kärnten unterrichtete. Er ist ein erfahrener Wissenschaftler und hat 450 wissenschaftliche Arbeiten und 10 Bücher publiziert, die über 10.000 Mal zitiert wurden. Er lebt auf seinem Bergbauernhof in Friaul, Italien. www.helmut-tributsch.it

Title:Time Arrow as Trace of Energy: Logical Key to a Spiritual Universe
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 16, 2021
Publisher:myMorawa von Dataform Media GmbH
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9783990936283

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