Time of Contact by 'Caius Axim'

Time of Contact

by'Caius Axim'

Kobo ebook | June 3, 2018

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In Time of Contact a technology lawyer brings a fresh approach to reports of alien transportation systems, alien beings, and their activities. Time of Contact is inspired by discoveries including the detection of water in the atmospheres of several planets in other star systems (exoplanets), and the discovery of relatively close exoplanets which might possibly host liquid water and biological life. We have also discovered that there may be oceans within one or more of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn which may contain more liquid water than there is on the Earth.

Natural gravitational waves detected from pairs of merging black holes or neutron stars may assist us to to understand and duplicate the gravity-like artificial or synthetic acceleration force fields that observations of, or encounters with alien aerospace craft suggest are used to propel them and protect their hulls and users.

Many images from the cameras on NASA's Curiosity rover which is exploring the Gale Crater on Mars contain "anomalous" objects or phenomena that do not resemble natural objects or phenomena such as rocks, sand or Martian "dust devils" (small whirlwinds). These anomalies may provide evidence for the past or present activities of aliens in our solar system.

The author of Time of Contact selected and analysed reports of alien craft, aliens and their activities with inductive, probability-based legal logic and scientific methodology, as used by courts of law. This approach may enable us to understand aliens' technology including their evidently advanced propulsion, hull and user protection, and energy generation systems. The appearance and activities, and the possible nature, origin and purpose of the aliens themselves are also discussed.

Hyperlinks are provided to primary sources such as original journal articles and historic newspapers that are now available online. Individual chapters cover: (1) How alien aerospace craft fly, based primarily on the ideas and work of Professor Dr. Hermann Oberth the space pioneer, Lieutenant-Pilote Jean Plantier, and Professor Paul R. Hill of NASA, (2) Alien technology, (3) Alien craft, (4) Aliens, (5) Other worlds (the exoplanets), (6) Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), and (7) Health, Security and Safety. A Bibliography (8) includes more hyperlinks to written, graphical, video, and audio content that is available online. Time of Contact offers value for money: over 444,000 words and 90 illustrations.

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