Towards Personal Productivity

February 10, 2019|
Towards Personal Productivity


The book "Towards Personal Productivity" is a comprehensive resource which will help you to focus on the important things and do what's matters.

The book focuses on the 3 main areas you need to address (and master) in order to become more productive. Namely the:

  • Concepts. The concepts related to productivity are many but they have one thing in common. They start to produce results only when you invest in the time, effort and energy. This is the first step you should master!
  • Approaches. The various approaches you can use to enhance your productivity are many but what you need is the one you can use without problem in your everyday life and work. The book suggests the best ones and provides comprehensive resources to allow the reader to select the best! Selecting and implementing the right to your approaches in your life and work is the second step towards productivity and effectiveness.
  • Systems & Tools. There are many tools and systems can help you in your work and enhance your productivity. Here are suggested just a few can help you change your habits and become more effective. This is the 3rd step you need to implement and based on the concepts and approaches you have selected as more appropriate to your life, to use the right for you, system & tools.

In conclusion, this book is an essential compilation of all the assets need to a modern entrepreneur to manage his/her life and business in an effective and efficient way.

Title:Towards Personal Productivity
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:February 10, 2019
Publisher:​Takis Athanassiou
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781386934257

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