Transactions On Engineering Technologies: Special Issue Of The World Congress On Engineering And Computer Science 2013: Special Issue Of The by Haeng Kon KimTransactions On Engineering Technologies: Special Issue Of The World Congress On Engineering And Computer Science 2013: Special Issue Of The by Haeng Kon Kim

Transactions On Engineering Technologies: Special Issue Of The World Congress On Engineering And…

byHaeng Kon KimEditorSio-Iong Ao, Mahyar A. Amouzegar

Paperback | September 27, 2016

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This volume contains fifty-six revised and extended research articles, written by prominent researchers participating in the congress. Topics covered include electrical engineering, chemical engineering, circuits, computer science, communications systems, engineering mathematics, systems engineering, manufacture engineering and industrial applications.

This book offers theoretical advances in engineering technologies and presents state of the art applications. It also serves as an excellent source of reference for researchers and graduate students working with/on engineering technologies.

Dr.Haeng-Kon Kim is currently a Dean of engineering college and a professor in the Department of Computer Engineering Catholic University of Daegu, in Korea. He has been a research staff member in Bell Lab. and NASA center in U.S.A. Professor Kim is chief editor of KIPS SE-Sig journal and Korea Multimedia Society, an editorial board of...
Title:Transactions On Engineering Technologies: Special Issue Of The World Congress On Engineering And…Format:PaperbackDimensions:796 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.02 inPublished:September 27, 2016Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Tidal Current Turbine, Wind Turbine and their Dynamic Modelling;H.H.H.Aly, M.E.El-Hawary. Practical Approach In Design of HVAC Systems Utilizing Geothermal Energy;M. Fathizadeh, D. Seims. Efficiency Analysis of Submersible Induction Motor With Broken Rotor Bar;H.Arabaci, O.Bilgin. Analysis of a Multilevel Inverter Topology With Reduced Number of Switches;H. Karaca. Comparison of PWM Techniques for Back to Back Converters in PSCAD;A.Hernandez, R.Tapia, O.Aguilar, A.Garcia.Robust Control Strategy for a WECS Based at PMSG;O.Aguilar Mejía, R.Tapia Olvera. Optimum APC Placement and Sizing in Radial Distribution Systems Using Discrete Firefly Algorithm for Power Quality Improvement;M.Farhoodnea, A.Mohamed, H.Shareef. Evaluation of Water Consumption and Neuro-Fuzzy Model Of The Detergent Leavings Kinetics' Removal In A Clean In Place System;R.Sislian, V.M. Júnior, L.Kunigk, S.R. Augusto, R.A. Malagoni, U.C. Filho, R.Gedraite.In Situ Photocatalytic Reduction For Contaminated Soil With Hexavalent Chromium By Titanium Dioxide;A.López-Vásquez, N.Ramirez, R.López-Vásquez. An Improved Cross-Correlation Velocity Measurement Method Based On Fraction Delay Estimation;X.Zhang, Y.Bai, X.Chen.A New Common Subexpression Elimination Algorithm For Constant Matrix Multiplications Over Binary Field;N.WU, X.ZHANG, Y.YE, L.LAN.Accuracy Enhancement of a SHM System by Light Scanning Sensor Improvement;W.Flores-Fuentes, M.Rivas-López, O.Sergiyenko, J.C. Rodriguez-Quiñonez, D.Hernandez-Balbuena, J.Rivera- Castillo. A Metric Suite for Predicting Software Maintainability in Data Intensive Applications;R.Malhotra, A.Chug.High-Assurance Cryptography for Web-Based Enterprises;W.R. Simpson, C.Chandersekaran. Algorithm Based Partial Reconfiguration With Application on Matrix Inverse Computations;E.Aubin Mbe Mbock.Algorithmic Analysis of the Pseudoanalytic Cryptographic Algorithm;A.G.Bucio Ramirez, C.M.A.Robles Gonzalez, M.P.Ramirez Tachiquin, R.A.Hernandez Becerril.Toward Modeling Emotion Elicitation Processes Using Fuzzy Appraisal Approach;A.Soleimani, Z.Kobti. A Graph-Based Model for Quadratic Separable Programs and its Decentralization;J.Cerda, A.Avalos, M.Graff.Predicting Congestions in a Ship Fire Evacuation: A Dynamic Bayesian Networks Simulation;P.Sarshar, J.Radianti, J.J. Gonzalez.An Intelligent Composition Algorithm for Automatic Thematic Music Generation from Extant Pieces;A.Suprem, M.Ruprem. On Combining Boosting with Rule-Induction for Automated Fruit Grading;T.Susnjak, A.Barczak, N.Reyes. Fuzzy Logic Modeling for Higher Adhesion Strength of Cr/Cr-N Multilayer Thin Film Coating on Aerospace Al7075-T6 Alloy for Higher Fretting Fatigue Life;E.Zalnezhad, A.A.Diaa Mohammed Sarhan. Measuring the Usability of the Interface of the Saudi Digital Library;A.Nasser ALASEM. Predictive Models for Undergraduate Student Retention Using Machine Learning Algorithms;J.-W.Jia, M.Mareboyana.Mobile Adaptive Tutoring System with Formative Assessment;H.Yokota. A Mentorship Framework for WIL in Software Development;M.A.Masethe, H.D.Masethe. CLAHE Inspired Segmentation of Dermoscopic Images Using Mixture of Methods;D.A. Okuboyejo, O.O. Olugbara, S.A. Odunaike.ISAR Imaging for Moving Targets with Large Rotational Angle;J.Zhang, X.Zhang, Y.Bai. Analysis of Acoustic Signal Based on Modified Ensemble Empirical Mode Decomposition;S.Kwon, S.Cho. High Precision Numerical Implementation of Bandlimited Signal Extrapolation using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions;A.Devasia, M.Cada. Path Loss Prediction in Relay Station Environment;M.Hamid, I.Kostanic. System Integration of a Home Network System with a Narrowband Power Line Communication Method and a Voice Recognition Command Controller;L.K.Mog. A New Non-Stationary Channel Model Based on Drifted Brownian Random Paths;A.Borhani, M.Pätzold. On The Performance Of MU SIMO/MIMO UWB Communication Systems Applying Time-Reversal Technique;V.Tran-Ha, D.-D.Tran, D.-B.Ha, E.-K.Hong. Efficient Bandwidth Allocation Methods in Upstream EPON;S.K.Sadon, N.M.Din, N.A.Radzi, M.Bin Yaacob, M.Maier, M.H.Al-Mansoori.Soft Tissue Characterisation Using a Force Feedback-Enabled Instrument for Robotic Assisted Minimally Invasive Surgery Systems;M.Moradi Dalvand, B.Shirinzadeh, S.Nahavandi, F.Karimirad, J.Smith.Perception and Trust Towards a Lifelike Android Robot in Japan;K.Sophie Haring, Y.Matsumoto, K.Watanabe.A Wearable Walking-Aid System for Visual-Impaired People Based on Monocular Top-View Transform;Q.Lin, Y.Han. Design and Characterization of a Model Fatigue Testing Machine for Academic Laboratories;A.Ikechukwu Gbasouzor, C.Ogochukwu Okeke, L.Onyebuchi Chima. The 2007-2009 Financial Crisis and Credit Derivatives;M.Mulaudzi, M.Petersen, J.Mukuddem-Petersen. Research Studies on Irreversible Relative Movements (Creeping) in Rolling Bearing Seats Regarding the Influential Parameters and the Remedies;E.Leidich, A.Maiwald. Erlang Distribution and Exponential Distribution Models in Wireless Networks;L.Mirtskhulava, G.Gugunashvili, M.Kiknadze.On The Numerical Solution of Multi-Dimensional Diffusion Equation with Non Local Conditions;A. Cheniguel.Parameter Identification for Population Equations Modeling Erythropoiesis;D.H. Fuertinger, F. Kappel. Design Support System of Fishing Vessel Through Simulation Approach;S.Filippi, P.Giribone, R.Revetria, A.Testa, G.Guizzi, E.Romano.Fuzzy Controller Design for a FCC Unit;H.Tootoonchy, H.H. Hashemi.A Cost-Criticality Based (Max,+) Optimization Model for Operations Scheduling;K.Quintero, E.Niel, J.Aguilar, L.Piétrac.Detailed Analysis of Deformation Behavior of Plexiform Bone Using Small Specimen Testing and Finite Element Simulation;N.K.Sharma, S.Sharma, D.K. Sehgal, R.Kant Pandey.Factors Affecting the Intention to Leave Among White-Collar Employees in Turkey;E.Basak, E.Ekmekci, Y.Bayram, Y.Bas.Risk Appraisal in Engineering Infrastructure Projects: Examination of Project Risks Using Probabilistic Analysis;J.Lai, L.Zhang, C.Duffield, L.Aye. Virtual Production Intelligence -Process Analysis in the Production Planning Phase;D.Schilberg, T.Meisen, R.Reinhard.Operating Room Scheduling Problems: A Survey and a Proposed Solution Framework;Z.Abdelrasol, N.Harraz, A.Eltawil.Improving the Logistics Operations of the Hospital Pharmacy Using a Barcode-RFID Identification System;A.Romero. Algorithms for the Circle-Packing Problem via Extended Sequence-pair;S.Morinaga, H.Ohta, M.Nakamori.Integration of Knowledge-Based Approach in SHM Systems;F.Ansari, I.Buethe, Y.Niu, C.-P.Fritzen, M.Fathi.Models Supporting Project Subcontractors Selection for Main Types of Contracts;P.Blaszczyk, T.Blaszczyk.