Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume I: Basic and Clinical Biology by M.B. SpornTransforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume I: Basic and Clinical Biology by M.B. Sporn

Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume I: Basic and Clinical Biology

Foreword byM.B. Sporn

Paperback | November 19, 2010

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Transforming Growth Factor- ß in Cancer Therapy, Vols. 1 and 2, provides a compendium of findings about the role of transforming growth factor- ß (TGF- ß) in cancer treatment and therapy. The first volume, Basic and Clinical Biology, is divided into three parts. This volume's companion, Cancer Treatment in Therapy, examines transforming growth factor- ß in other developing and advanced cancers and methods of treatment and therapy.
Title:Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume I: Basic and Clinical BiologyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:759 pagesPublished:November 19, 2010Publisher:Humana PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Cancer TherapyVolume 1: Basic and Clinical BiologySonia B. Jakowlew, Ph.D., EditorThe Humana Press, Inc., PublisherTABLE OF CONTENTSIn Memorium for Anita B. Roberts, PhDJohn M. McPherson*PrefaceSonia B. Jakowlew*ForewardMichael B. Sporn*ContributorsPart I. Basic Concepts of TGF-ß Signaling in Normal Physiology andCancer Pathobiology1 Component Hardware for Transforming Growth Factor-ß SignalTransduction: TGF-ß Ligands, TGF-ß Receptors, and SmadsSonia B. Jakowlew*2 TGF-ß Signaling in Homeostasis and CancerJoan Seoane*3 TGF-ß Availability: Latent TGF-ß and Latent TGF-ß Binding ProteinsVesna Todorovic* and Daniel B. Rifkin4 Biological Functions of Latent TGF-ß Binding Proteins andActivation of TGF-ßMarko Hyytiäanen*, Katri Koli, and Jorma Keski-Oja5 Regulators of Smad2/3 Transcription and PhosphorylationAzeddine Atfi* and Marie-Francoise Bourgeade6 Interaction of Smad4 and Embryonic Liver Fodrin (ELF)-ß-spectrin inHyperplasia, Neoplasia, andTumor ProgressionSang Soo Kim, Charles Shuman, and Lopa Mishra*7 Regulation of Smad Activity by PhosphorylationFang Liu*8 Nuclear Targeting of TGF-ß-activated Smads in Normal and Tumor BiologyLan Xu*9 Ski, Sno and Akt as Negative Regulators of Smad Activity: BalancingCell Death and Cell SurvivalErwan Le Scolan and Kunxin Luo*10 Smurfs in TGF-ß Signaling and Regulation of Bone Homeostasis andCancerYing E. Zhang* and Motozo Yamashita11 Involvement of KM23 Dynein Light Chains in TGF-ß SignalingQunyan Jin, Guofeng Gao, and Kathleen M. Mulder*12 TGF-ß Signaling in Fibroblastic Cells and OncogenesNeil A. Bhowmick*13 Mechanisms of TGF-ß-induced Apoptosis in Cancer CellsTae-Aug Kim* and Seong-Jin Kim14 Mechanisms of Cell Cycle Regulation by TGF-ß Disabled in CancerLeslie I. Gold* and Jon Lecanda15 Proteasome in the Control of TGF-ß Signaling During Development andCancerArja Band and Marikki Laiho*16 TGF-ß and Smad Signaling in Transcriptome Reprogramming DuringEpithelial to MesenchymalTransitionSylvie Thuault, Ulrich Valcourt, Marcin Kowanetz, and AristidisMoustakas*17 Functional Interaction between MMPs and TGF-ß in Normal and TumorTissueChristina H. Stuelten*, Anita B. Roberts, and William G.Stetler-Stevenson18 Cooperation Between TGF-ß and Wnt Pathway Components in RegulatingMesenchymal Stem CellFunctionIrwin M. Liu, Steven H. Schilling, and Xiao-Fan Wang*19 Interaction of Oncogenic Ras and TGF-ß1 Signaling in Cancer: Lessonsfrom the Multistage SkinCarcinogenesis ModelAdam Glick*, Dong-Soon Bae, Xin Liu, and Kinnimulki VijayachandraPart II. TGF-ß Superfamily Members in Normal and Tumor Biology20 Proteomics Analysis of TGFß Superfamily MembersSerhiy Souchelnytskyi*21 Mullerian Inhibiting Substance: A Potential Nontoxic, NaturallyOccurring Therapeutic Agent for CertainHuman CancersDavid T. MacLaughlin* and Patricia K. Donahoe22 Activins, Inhibins and Bone Morphogenetic Proteins as Modulators ofProstate Cancer ProgressionTetsu Hayashida, Vandana Gupta, Sam Thiagalinam, and ShyamalaMaheswaran*23 Bone Morphogenic Proteins and Angiogenesis in Developing TumorsGeorge Berberian, Deepak Malhotra, and John E. Langenfeld*24 Histone Methyltransferase and Smad Interactions in BMP SignalingJennifer E. Leader, M. Pilar Frontelo, and Robert J. Lechleider*25 Endoglin (CD105): A Strong Candidate for Immunologic Targeting ofTumor Neovasculature in HumanMalignanciesEster Fonsatti and Michelle Maio*26 Activins and Inhibins in Cancer ProgressionGail P. Risbridger* and Christopher Butler27 Bone Morphogenetic Proteins/Growth Differentiation Factors and SmadActivation in Granulosa Cellsand CarcinomaSabine Mazerbourg*28 Regulation of the TGF-ß Superfamily by BetaglycanFernando López-Casillas*, M. Magdalena Vilchis-Landeros, JoséEsparza-López, M. VerónicaPonce-Castaneda, N. Gabriela Velasco-Loyden, Patricia Juarez, Jose LuisMontiel, andValentín Mendoza29 Uterine Sensitization Associated Gene-1 (USAG): A Bone MorphogenicProtein Antagonist with a Rolein KidneyMotoko Yanagita*30 Role of Betaig-h3 Gene in CarcinogenesisYongliang Zhao* and Tom K. Hei31 Activins and the LiverMichael Grusch, Chantal Rodgarkia-Dara, Wilfried Bursch, and RolfSchulte-Hermann*32 Myostatin Signaling in Normal and Tumor CellsXiangyang Zhu*, Li-fang Liang, and Ronald L. StotishPart III. TGF-ß in Inflammation and Fibrosis33 Triterpenoids, Vitamin D, and TGF-ß/Smad Signaling in Inflammationand CancerNanjoo Suh*34 Thrombospondin-dependent Activation of Latent TGF-ß in Fibrosis andDiseaseJoanne E. Murphy-Ullrich*35 TGF-ß1 in Pulmonary FibrosisMasahito Ebina*36 The Role of TGF-beta in Bleomycin Induced Pulmonary FibrosisNasreen Khalil* and Robert O'Connor37 Smads in the Fibrotic Response: Findings in the Smad3 Knockout MouseKathleen C. Flanders*38 TGF-ß Signaling in Renal Fibrosis and Inflammation: Gene Therapyusing Ultrasound-Microbubble-mediated Inducible Smad7Hui Y. Lan*39 Transforming Growth Facator-ß Peptide Signaling in PulmonaryDevelopment, BronchopulmonaryDysplasia, Fibrosis, and EmphysemaDavid Warburton*, Wei Shi, Martin Kolb, and Jack Gauldie40 The Role of TGF-ß in Radiation and Chemotherapy Induced PulmonaryFibrosis: Inhibition of TGF-ß asa Novel Therapeutic StrategyPatricia J. Sime*, R. Matthew Kottmann, Heather F. Lakatos, and ThomasH. Thatcher41 Negative Regulation of the TGF-ßFamily Signaling Pathway byInhibitory Smads and Their Involvementin Cancer and FibrosisSusumu Itoh*, Hiroyuki Suzuki, Fumiko Itoh, Kohei Miyazono, andMitsuyasu Kato42 TGF-ß-Related Antifibrotic Strategies in the EyeM. Francesca Cordeiro*, Annelie Maass, Clive Migdal, and Li Guo43 TGF-ß in Cutaneous Tissue RepairJisun Cha and Vincent Falanga*44 Topical Application of TGF-ß1 Peptide Inhibitors for the Therapy ofSkin FibrosisJavier Dotor and José L. Pablos*45 Overexpressed Truncated TGF-ß Type II Receptor Inhibits FibroticBehavior of Keloid Fibroblasts InVitro and Experimental Scar Formation In VivoWei Liu*, Chekhau Chua, Zhen Gao, Xiaoli Wu, and Yilin Cao

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews:"This volume provides a comprehensive review of TGF-beta regulation, signaling, and cellular function in both normal and tumor biology. . will be of use to individuals interested in the role of TGF-beta in the development of cancer and fibrosis. This will likely benefit readers interested in TGF-beta in the pathogenesis of disease . . also be a resource for those interested in the complex intracellular signaling cascades elicited by TGF-beta in normal and altered cells." (James P Luyendyk, Doody's Review Service, May, 2008)