Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume II: Cancer Treatment and Therapy by C.-H. HeldinTransforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume II: Cancer Treatment and Therapy by C.-H. Heldin

Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume II: Cancer Treatment and Therapy

Foreword byC.-H. Heldin

Paperback | November 19, 2010

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Transforming Growth Factor- ß in Cancer Therapy, Vols. 1 and 2, provides a compendium of findings about the role of transforming growth factor- ß (TGF- ß) in cancer treatment and therapy. The second volume, Cancer Treatment in Therapy, is divided into three parts. The companion volume details the role of TGF- ß on basic and clinical biology.
Title:Transforming Growth Factor-Beta in Cancer Therapy, Volume II: Cancer Treatment and TherapyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:812 pages, 10 × 7.01 × 0.01 inPublished:November 19, 2010Publisher:Humana PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Cancer TherapyVolume 2: Cancer Treatment and TherapySonia B. Jakowlew, Ph.D., EditorThe Humana Press, Inc., PublisherTABLE OF CONTENTSIn Memorium for Anita B. Roberts, PhDJohn M. McPherson*PrefaceSonia B. Jakowlew*ForewardCarl-Henrick Heldin*ContributorsPart I. Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Developing and Advanced Cancers1 Transforming Growth Factor-ß Signaling in Pancreas Development andPancreatic CancerSushil Rane*, Huei-Min Lin, Ji-Hyeon Lee, and Wan Jiao2 Role of Transforming Growth Factor-ß (TGF-ß) in the Pathogenesis ofHead and Neck Squamous CellCarcinoma (HNSCC)Stephen M. Weber, Shi-Long Lu, Sophia Bernstein, and Xiao-Jing Wang*3 TGF-ß, Smads and Cervical CancerDevarajan Karunagaran* and Goodwin Jinesh4 TGF-ß Signaling and Biglycan in Pancreatic CancerHendrik Ungefroren*5 TGF-ß Signaling in Endometrial CancerDagmara Piestrzeniewicz-Ulanska*, David H. McGuinnes, and Grant R.Yeaman6 TGF-ß Ligands, TGF-ÃY Receptors, and Lung CancerGuiying Wang, Rongmei Zhang, Xiaohua Hu, Jiucun Wang, Lindsey J. Leach,and Zewei Luo*7 Role of TGF-ß in Osteolytic Bone MetastasesLaurent Bartholin* and Thesesa A. Guise8 Hormonal Regulation of Transforming Growth Factor-beta in BreastCancerMiriam Buck* and Cornelius Knabbe9 TGF-ß Signaling in Esophageal CancerMinoru Fukuchi*, Hiroyuki Kato, and Hiroyuki Kuwano10 TGF-beta and HER2/ErbB2 and Breast Cancer ProgressionNatasa Todorovic-Rakovic*11 TGF-beta dependent T Cell Regulation in Colitis and Colon CancerChristoph Becker* and Markus F. Neurath12 Role of Transforming Growth Factor-beta in the Kidney - Physiologyand PathologyElena Gagliardini and Ariela Benigni*13 Perturbations of TGF-ß Signaling in Leukocytes as Drivers ofLeukemogenesis and EpithelialTumorigenesisLawrence A. Wolfraim* and John J. Letterio14 Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Brain Functions and DysfunctionsDenis Vivien*, Karim Benchenane, and Carine Ali15 Inhibition of TGF-ß Signaling in Multiple Myeloma and it's BoneMarrow EnvironmentHiroshi Yasui, Teru Hideshima, and Kenneth C. Anderson*16 Key Roles of Smad3 in TGF-ß Responses in the ProstateKyung Song and David Danielpour*17 Smad Signaling in Leukemic Growth and Differentiation: CrosstalkBetween Smad and MultiplePathways Through Activation of the TGF-ß Type I ReceptorFrancis W. Ruscetti*, Salem Akel, Maria Birchenall-Roberts, ZhouhongCao, and Anita RobertsPart II. Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Cancer Treatment and Therapy18 High Throughput Screening of Protein Interaction Networks in theTGFß Interactome: Understanding theSignaling Mechanisms Driving Tumor ProgressionMiriam Barrios-Rodiles, Alicia Viloria-Petit, Kevin R. Brown, IgorJurisica, and Jeffrey L.Wrana*19 Tumor Suppressor and Pro-Progression Roles for TGF-ß in Breast CancerEthan Kohn* and Binwu Tang20 Tumor Suppressors p53 and TGF-ß Converge to Regulate theAlpha-fetoprotein - OncodevelopmentalTumor MarkerDeepti S. Wilkinson and Michelle Craig Barton*21 TGF-ß1: Roles in DNA Damage ResponsesKumari L. Andarawewa, Julie Kirshner, Joni D. Mott, and Mary HelenBarcellos-Hoff*22 The Rationale For and Effects of Targeting TGF-beta for GliomaTherapyAnita B. Hjelmeland* and Jeremy N. Rich23 Tumor Suppressor Function of TGF-ß1 in T CellsRamireddy Bommireddy* and Thomas Doetschman24 Therapeutic Effects of Adenovirus-mediated Gene Transfer of TGF-ß Signal Antagonists on UndesirableEpithelial-mesenchymal Transition and NeovascularizationShizuka Saika*25 Role of TGF-ß in Tumor Protection and Anti-tumor ImmunityCatherine Bollard* and Cliona M. Rooney26 Regulation of Angiogenesis and Tumor Growth by Thrombospondin-1Karen O. Yee and Jack Lawler*27 Cancer-associated Fibroblasts and the Role of TGF-ß  Patrick Micke*, Aristidis Moustakas, Mitsuhiro Ohshima, and Kai Kappert28 Adaptive Transfer of Tumor Reactive TGF-ß Insensitive CD8+ T cellsfor Cancer TherapyChung Lee*, Ali Shah, Victoria C. Liu, Irwin I. Park, Larry Y. Wong,Xuemei Huang, LijunHuang,Vivian W. Zhou, Terry Medler, Shilajit D. Kundu, Qiang Zhang, andNorm D. Smith29 DNA Methylation and Histone Deactylation Inhibitors as PotentialTherapeutic Agents for the Re-constitution of TGF-ß Signaling in Breast CancerSudhakar Ammanananchi and Michael G. Brattain*30 Reactive Stroma and Evolution of Tumors: Integration of TransformingGrowth Factor-ß, ConnectiveTissue Growth Factor, and Fibroblast Growth Factor-2 ActivitiesDavid R. Rowley*31 TGF-ß Signaling and Vascular MorphogenesisEvangelia Pardali, Zhen Liu, Marion Scharpfenecker, and Peter ten Dijke*32 Aberrant TGF-beta Signaling in Human Pancreatic Cancer:Translational ImplicationsMurray Korc*33 TGF-ß and Stromal Influences Over Local Tumor InvasionSylviane Dennier, Alain Mauviel*, and Franck Verrecchia34 TGF-ß at the Crossroads Between Inflammation,Suppression and CancerNancy L. McCartney-Francis* and Sharon M. WahlPart III. Development of Inhibitors of Transforming Growth Factor-ßSignaling for Therapy35 Transforming Growth Factor-ß (TGF-ß) SignalingInhibitors in Cancer TherapyPran K. Datta* and Jason R. Mann36 Targeting TGF-ß as a Strategy to Ameliorate Intestinal Side Effectsof Radiation TherapyMarjan Boerma, Junru Wang, Michael J. Corbley, and Martin Hauer-Jensen*37 Targeting Transforming Growth Factor-ß in Metastasis: In Vitro andIn Vivo MechanismsMichael Reiss*38 Targeted Downregulation of TGF-beta 2 with AP 12009 in Tumor TherapyKarl-Hermann Schlingensiepen*, Piotr Jachimczak, Birgit Fischer-Blass,Dagmar Fisher, HeikeSpecht, Susanne Schmaus, and Reimer Schlingensiepen39 Modulating TGF-ß Receptor Signaling: A Novel Approach of CancerTherapyUlricke Naumann and Michael Weller*40 Engineering TGF-ß Traps: Artificially Dimerized Receptor Ectodomainsas High Affinity Blockers ofTGF-ß ActionGregory De Crescenzo, Heman Chao, John Zwaagstra, Yves Durocher, andMaureen D.O'Connor-McCourt*41 The Use of Virtual Screen in ALK5 Kinase Inhibitor Discovery andValidation of Orally Active ALK5Kinase Inhibitors in OncologyLeona E. Ling*, Juswinder Singh, Claudio E. Chuaqui, P. AnnBoriack-Sjodin, Doreen J. Lepage,Erika L. Silverio, Michael J. Corbley, Lihong Sun, James L. Papadatos,Feng Shan, TimothyPontz, H.-Kam Cheung, Xiamei Zhang, Robert M. Arduini, Jonathan N.Mead, Miki N.Newman, Scott Bowes, Serene Josiah, and Wen-Cherng Lee42 Soluble Type II Transforming Growth Factor-ß Receptor InhibitsTumorigenesis by Augmenting HostAnti-tumor ImmunityEiji Suzuki* and Steven M. Albelda43 Reversal of EMT by Small-Molecule Inhibitors of TGF-ß Type I and IIReceptors: Implications forCarcinoma TreatmentMarkus D. Lacher, W. Michael Korn, and Rosemary J. Akhurst*44 Soluble TGF-ß Type III Receptor Suppresses Malignant Progression ofHuman Cancer CellsAbhik Bandyopadhyay and Lu-Zhe Sun*45 Targeting Smad-dependent TGF-ß Signaling with Peptide AptamersF. Michael Hoffmann*, Qiqi Cui, S. Kyun Lim, and Bryan M. Zhao46 Rationale for Anti-TGFß Antibody Therapy in OncologyFrank Hsu, Beverly A. Teicher*, and John M. McPherson

Editorial Reviews

From the reviews:"This volume . provide readers with a detailed account of the role of TGF-beta in the development of various cancers in numerous organs. . This will likely be of interest to those in the field as well as those who are new . . will be of interest to researchers at all levels. The book will likely attract new researchers and students interested in becoming engaged in new frontiers of cancer therapy. . This will be a great resource for researchers and clinicians . ." (James P Luyendyk, Doody's Review Service, June, 2008)