Travel Medicine: Proceedings Of The First Conference On International Travel Medicine, Zurich, Switzerland, 5-8 Apri by Robert SteffenTravel Medicine: Proceedings Of The First Conference On International Travel Medicine, Zurich, Switzerland, 5-8 Apri by Robert Steffen

Travel Medicine: Proceedings Of The First Conference On International Travel Medicine, Zurich…

byRobert SteffenEditorHans O. Lobel, James Haworth

Paperback | January 16, 2012

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Almost 50 million persons visit another continent each year. It is mainly those 15-18 million travelers from industrialized nations who visit or reside in developing countries that are at increased health risk. To develop effective health protection advice, the health risks of travel and the benefits of prophylaxis (vaccines, new and old drugs, behaviour modification, etc.) should be assessed systematically. The purpose of this book is to improve the protection of the travelers' health by more effective and more uniform recommendations. It contains many data on recent research and represents the first comprehensive account on travel medicine for professionals.
Title:Travel Medicine: Proceedings Of The First Conference On International Travel Medicine, Zurich…Format:PaperbackDimensions:596 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.01 inPublished:January 16, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

The Scope of Travel Medicine: An Introduction to the Conference on International Travel Medicine.- World Tourism: Facts and Figures.- Medical Impact of Intercontinental Travel to Developing Countries.- Travel-Related Health Risks: A Question of Communication.- Health Risks for Short Term Travelers and Temporary Residents.- Health Risks for Short-Term Travelers.- Health Risks for Temporary Residents of Developing Countries: The U.S. Peace Corps as an Epidemiologic Model.- Imported Disease in Australia: An Ongoing Problem.- A Review of Trave-Associated Illness.- Fatalities of American Travelers - 1975, 1984.- Injury Deaths and American Travelers.- Mortality Amongst Overseas Travelers from Scotland.- Health Risks of International Travel Among United States College Students.- Survey of International Travel Medicine Work at Beijing Capital Airport and Beijing City.- Reported Illness and Compliance in United States Travelers Attending an Immunization Facility.- Prevention and Control of Infections in Tourists in the Mediterranean Area.- Malaria.- Malaria and Use of Prevention Measures Among United States Travelers.- Epidemiology of Malaria in European Travelers.- Advantages and Disadvantages of Antimalarials for Chemoprophylaxis.- Measures Against Mosquito Bites.- Induced and Imported Malaria: Then and Now!.- Chloroquine-Resistant Malaria in West Africa.- Malaria Chemoprophylaxis in 28712 European Travelers to Africa: A Follow-Up Study.- Malaria Protection for Swissair Crews.- Long-Term Tolerance of the Triple-Combination Fansimef'¢ (Mefloquine + Sulfadoxine + Pyrimethamine): Results of a Double-blind Field Trial in Nigeria.- Imported Malaria at Barcelona University Hospital 1983-1987.- Seasonal Pattern of Plasmodium vivax Malaria in Scotland.- Malaria Chemoprophylaxis Among Temporary Residents in Tanzania.- Time Limits in the Initiation of Treatment of Falciparum Malaria.- Splenic Infarction: A Complication of Plasmodium falciparum Malaria.- Cellular and Molecular Aspects of Phagocytosis in Mice Treated with Pyran and Infected with Plasmodium yoelii.- Round Table Discussion.- Recommendations for Malaria Prevention in European Countries.- Vaccine Preventable Diseases, Vaccines, Immune Globulins.- General Use Immunizations for Travelers.- Special-Use Immunobiologics for Travelers.- Variations in Vaccination Recommendations.- Is Vaccination Worthwhile Before Travel?.- Observations on Obtaining Immunizations for International Travel and the Need for Routine Immunizations.- Trends in Vaccination of Travelers over the Last 15 Years and the Future Outlook.- A Study on Protective Vaccinations in Swiss Long-Distance Travelers.- Side Effects of Tetanus Versus Diphtheria-Tetanus Vaccination in Travelers.- Imported Diphtheria, England and Wales: 1970-1987.- Heat Stability of a New 17D Yellow Fever Vaccine.- Immunogenicity of a New Thermostable 17D Yellow Fever Vaccine.- Yellow Fever Vaccination and Business Travel.- Tolerance and Immunogenicity of a New Combined Meningococcal (A + C)-Yellow Fever Vaccine.- Prevention of Typhoid Fever by Single-Dose Capsular Polysaccharide Vaccination - 2-Year Results.- Immunologic Investigations with Oral Live Typhoid Vaccine Ty 21 a Strain.- Relapsing Typhoid Fever with Severe Colitis and Hepatitis.- Risk/Benefit Evaluation of Pre-expositional Use of PCEC Rabies Vaccine in Travel Medicine.- Antibody Response to Malaria Sporozoite Vaccine Enhanced by Simultaneous Administration of Alpha-Interferon.- Incidence of Antibody to Hepatitis A among Employees of a Multinational Corporation: Implications of Immunoglobulin Prophylaxis.- Hepatitis B in Canadian Missionaries Serving in Developing Countries.- Prevention of Hepatitis B in Travelers to Endemic Areas.- Safety and Efficacy Aspects of Hepatitis B Vaccination in HIV-Infected Individuals.- Protection by a Recombinant DNA Vaccine Against Hepatitis B, Preliminary Report.- Efficacy and Tolerance of Intradermal Versus Intramuscular Hepatitis B Immunization: A Randomized Study.- Round Table Discussion.- Uniform Recommendations for Vaccinations for Travelers - Utopia?.- Travelers Diarrhea.- Travelers' Diarrhea - Its Prevention and Treatment.- Surveillance of Gastrointestinal Upset in Package Holiday Tourists.- Problems in the Investigation of Food Poisoning Associated with In-flight Catering.- Microorganisms in Faeces of Patients with Diarrhoea.- Etiology of Diarrheal Disease Among Travelers and Foreign Residents in Nepal.- An Investigation into Gastrointestinal Upsets Among Package Holidaymakers in a Spanish Resort.- Intestinal Infections in Swedish Travelers.- Enteric Pathogens in Finnish Travelers.- Intestinal Parasite Infestation Risks in Temporary Residents in Warm Climates.- Amoebiasis Risk Group Delimitation in Returnees from the Tropics and Subtropics.- Drug Susceptibility and Virulence of Different Entamoeba histolytica Strains.- Cryptosporidiosis in a Group of Travelers to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, 1986.- Prevention of Traveler's Diarrhea: A Double-Blind Randomized Trial with Saccharomyces cerevisiae Hansen CBS 5926.- Prophylactic Efficacy of Lactobacilli on Traveler's Diarrhoea.- A Portable Device To Obtain Bacteriologically Safe Water.- Self-Treatment of Uncomplicated Diarrhoea and of Dysentery in Travelers: A Controlled Study.- Round Table Discussion.- Future Prospects for the Prevention of Travelers' Diarrhoea.- Sexually Transmitted Diseases, AIDS.- Sexually Transmitted Disease and Travel.- International Travel and AIDS.- Tourism and AIDS - The Mauritian Experience.- Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases.- Heterosexual Transmission of HIV in Northern Italy: Its Incidence Among Travelers.- Prevalence of HIV, HBV, HDV and HAV Markers in Pregnant Women in Indonesia.- Round Table Discussion.- AIDS - Do Travelers Need Specific Recommendations?.- Various Infections and Intoxications.- Pilot Study of the Potential Benefit of Tocainide in the Management of Ciguatera Toxicity.- Brucellosis in Travelers and Brucella That Travels.- Kalazar Imported to the Federal Republic of Germany 1943-1980.- Acute Schistosomiasis in Schistosoma haematobium Infection.- African Trypanosomiasis in American Travelers: A 20-Year Review.- Three Cases of Cutaneous Diphtheria in Travelers to Africa.- Screening for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Among the Expatriates Entering the Socialist People's Libyan Arab Jamahiriya.- Primary Amebic Meningoencephalitis.- Digestive Interactions and Clues to the Diagnostic Dilemmas of Travelers.- Unfamiliar Infectious Diseases Acquired During Travel in the United States.- Risks of Zoonotic Diseases to Travelers in West Africa.- Environmental and In-Flight Problems.- Stresses of Families Abroad.- Mental Stress as International Hazard.- Dehydration and Thermoregulatory Mechanisms Affecting the Traveler.- Effect of Transmeridian Flights: Objective and Subjective Sleep Parameters.- Motion Sickness and Jet Lag: Their Nature and Treatment.- Selected Risk Groups.- Special Aspects for Patients with Preexisting Illness Planning to Stay in Tropical Countries.- Special Aspects for a Stay in the Tropics: Pregnant and Nursing Mothers.- Prophylaxis and Treatment of Acute Mountain Sickness.- Helicopter Rescues and Deaths Among Trekkers in Nepal.- Drug Therapy of Patients with Coronary Heart Disease During Exposure to Moderate Altitude.- Practice of Medicine on a Sailing Ship from England to Australia.- Passenger Travel on Freighters.- Health Problems of Seafarers - 'Professional Travellers".- Uprooting-The Psychosocial Problems of the International Student.- Sojourners and Health - Providing Health Care for International Students.- Health Risks of Children and Adolescents in Short-Term Travel or Temporary Residence in Developing Countries.- Mental Health Care of Expatriates.- Parasites and Pregnancy.- The Pregnant Traveler.- Counseling the HIV Antibody Positive Traveler Relative to Immunization Protection and Malaria Prophylaxis.- Health Advice.- Health Advice to Travelers.- Various Approaches to Providing Health Information for Travellers.- Health Information for Spanish Intercontinental Travellers.- A Survey of Health Risks of North American Mission Personnel Serving Overseas.- Attitudes Towards Prevention of Communicable Diseases Among French Travelers.- Acquisition of Knowledge by Travelers Receiving Pre-Travel Advice.- Advice on Prophylaxis for Travelers Dispensed by Telephone at the Pasteur Hospital Vaccination Center.- Advisory Services for Travel and Tropical Medicine.- "Health Passports": Changes and Trends.- Computerized Registration and Administration of a Vaccination Outpatient Department.- Computerized-Assisted Travel Information System (CATIS).- Development of a Computerized Expert System for Itinerary - Specific Recommendations for Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis.- A Computerized Data Base of Travel Information for Doctors Advising the General Public on Immunization and Malaria Precautions.- Traveler Service of the Italian Society of Tropical Medicine: Analysis of Its Impact After 1 Year.- Traveler Service of the Italian Society of Tropical Medicine: Activities, Methodology and Results.- Practical Aids in Disease Prevention and Post-Travel Diagnoses: "The Global Disease Guide", "The Pocket Doc" and "The Diagnostic Digest".- Inadequate Pre-Travel Health Advice - An Answer?.- Providing Health Advice to Travelers by a Tour Operator.- Epidemiology of Travel to the Developing World from Connecticut, USA.- Round Table Discussion.- Providing Health Information for Travelers, in Search of an Optimal Solution.- Medical Care Abroad.- Emergency Abroad: What Are the Options?.- A Rational Model for Access to Medical Care for Travelers.- Investigation, Control and Surveillance of an Outbreak of Gastroenteritis in a Portuguese Holiday Resort.- Diagnoses and Related Medical Costs Among Swedish Citizens Working and Living Abroad: A 2-Year Follow-up of Insurance Statisitics.- Company Medical Policy for Expatriates in Third World Countries.- Health Protection Measures in Remote Locations of Club Méditerranée.- Medical Care of Tourists in the Maldives.- First Aid Kits of International Air Companies: Are They Really Appropriate?.- Conclusions.- The Present and Future of Travel Medicine: Summary of and Outlook from the Conference.