Tumor Invasion and Metastasis by L.A. LiottaTumor Invasion and Metastasis by L.A. Liotta

Tumor Invasion and Metastasis

byL.A. LiottaEditorI.R. Hart

Paperback | February 29, 2012

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The clinical significance of tumor spread has always been appreciated. Yet, in spite of the pioneering work and outstanding contributions of investigators such as D. Coman, H. Green, B. Fisher, S. Wood and I. Zeidman, studies on metastasis rarely achieved the popularity afforded to more esoteric areas of tumor biology. Tumor dissemination, occurring as it does in a responding host and being composed of a series of dynamic int<_ractions2c_20_is20_a20_highly20_complex20_phenomenon.20_few20_investigators20_were20_brave20_enough20_to20_attempt20_to20_unravel20_the20_mechanisms20_involved.20_paradoxically2c_20_this20_very20_complexity20_may20_have20_contributed2c_20_in20_part2c_20_to20_the20_recent20_upsurge20_of20_interest20_in20_metastasis20_research.20_more20_and20_more20_researchers20_are20_becoming20_fascinated20_by20_the20_complexities20_of20_the20_cellular20_interactions20_involved20_in20_tumor20_spread.20_accompanying20_this20_intellectual20_stimulation20_have20_been20_technological20_advances20_in20_related20_fields20_which20_allow20_the20_derivation20_of20_new20_model20_systems.20_the20_mechanisms20_of20_metastatic20_spread20_are20_increasingly20_amenable20_to20_both20_the20_reductionist20_and20_holistic20_approaches20_and20_it20_is20_the20_purpose20_of20_this20_volume20_to20_present20_many20_of20_these20_model20_systems20_while20_emphasizing20_the20_intricacy20_and20_complexity20_of20_the20_processes20_they20_mimic.20_we20_have20_attempted20_to20_emphasize20_two20_topics20_not20_previously20_covered20_in20_depth20_in20_previous20_books20_on20_metastases.20_these20_are20_in20_vitro20_models20_of20_invasion20_and20_inc2ad_20_teractions20_of20_tumor20_cells20_with20_connective20_tissue. is="" a="" highly="" complex="" phenomenon.="" few="" investigators="" were="" brave="" enough="" to="" attempt="" unravel="" the="" mechanisms="" involved.="" _paradoxically2c_="" this="" very="" complexity="" may="" have="" _contributed2c_="" in="" _part2c_="" recent="" upsurge="" of="" interest="" metastasis="" research.="" more="" and="" researchers="" are="" becoming="" fascinated="" by="" complexities="" cellular="" interactions="" involved="" tumor="" spread.="" accompanying="" intellectual="" stimulation="" been="" technological="" advances="" related="" fields="" which="" allow="" derivation="" new="" model="" systems.="" metastatic="" spread="" increasingly="" amenable="" both="" reductionist="" holistic="" approaches="" it="" purpose="" volume="" present="" many="" these="" systems="" while="" emphasizing="" intricacy="" processes="" they="" mimic.="" we="" attempted="" emphasize="" two="" topics="" not="" previously="" covered="" depth="" previous="" books="" on="" metastases.="" vitro="" models="" invasion="" _inc2ad_="" teractions="" cells="" with="" connective="">
Title:Tumor Invasion and MetastasisFormat:PaperbackDimensions:544 pages, 23.5 × 15.5 × 0.02 inPublished:February 29, 2012Publisher:Springer NatureLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Section I - Tumor-Host Interactions in Metastasis.- 1. The role of animal models in the study of experimental metastasis.- 2. Eradication of metastases by tumoricidal macrophages: therapeutic implications.- 3. The role of natural killer (NK) cells in the control of tumor metastasis.- 4. Metastasis of xenogeneic and allogeneic tumors in nude mice.- 5. Cell surface properties of metastatic tumor cells.- 6. Metastatic inefficiency.- 7. Tumor cell Chemotaxis.- 8. Antimetastatic concomitant immunity.- 9. Immunobiological diversity of metastatic cells.- Section II - Models of Tumor Invasion.- 10. Methods and models for studying tumor invasion.- 11. In vitro quantitative assay of invasion using human amnion.- 12. Experimental models of lymphatic metastasis.- 13. The use of embryo organ cultures to study invasion in vitro.- 14. Three-dimensional models for the study of invasion and metastasis.- 15. In vitro assay of invasion using endothelial and smooth muscle cells.- 16. The regulation of invasion by a cartilage-derived anti-invasion factor.- Section III - Interaction of Tumor Cells with Connective Tissue.- 17. Role of cell attachment proteins in defining cell-matrix interactions.- 18. Attachment of metastatic tumor cells to collagen.- 19. Biochemical mechanisms involved in tumor cell penetration of the basement membrane.- 20. Tumor formation and malignant invasion: role of basal lamina.- 21. Plasminogen activator in metastasis.- 22. Proteases in tumor invasion and metastasis.- 23. Collagenase immunolocalisation studies of human tumours.- 24. Host-tumor cell interactions and collagenase activity.- Section IV - Clinical Topics in Metastases.- 25. Observations on cancer metastasis in man.- 26. Newer methods for the diagnosis of occult metastases.- 27. Fine needle aspiration cytology of metastases.- 28. Applications of immunoperoxidase staining to studies of human breast disease.