Twentieth Century World History: A Canadian Perspective by William J. DuikerTwentieth Century World History: A Canadian Perspective by William J. Duiker

Twentieth Century World History: A Canadian Perspective

byWilliam J. Duiker, Bessma Momani

Paperback | May 9, 2006

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Twentieth-Century World History attempts to chronicle the key events in this revolutionary century from a Canadian perspective while seeking to throw light on some of the underlying issues that shaped the times. Twentieth Century World History: A Canadian Perspective offers an overall global approach to the history of the twentieth century while at the same time attempting to do justice to the distinctive character and recent development of individual civilizations and regions in the world.
William J. Duiker is liberal arts Professor Emeritus of East Asian studies at The Pennsylvania State University. A former U.S. diplomat with service in Taiwan, South Vietnam, and Washington, D.C., he received his doctorate in Far Eastern history from Georgetown University. At Penn State, he has written extensively on the history of Vie...
Title:Twentieth Century World History: A Canadian PerspectiveFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 9.9 × 8 × 0.6 inPublished:May 9, 2006Publisher:Nelson College IndigenousLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I- New World In The MakingChapter One: The Rise Of Industrial Society In The West The Spread Of The Industrial Revolution The Second Industrial Revolution What New Products And New Patterns Shaped The Second Industrial Revolution? How Did A Capitalist Economy Evolve? The Structure Of Mass Society How Did Social Classes And Movements Respond To Changes Of Mass Society?Changing Political Order How Did Liberalism And Nationalism Fail In Germany And Italy? Why Was A Social Revolution And Not Liberalism In The Air In Russia?Liberalism TriumphantHow Did Nationalism In Europe Lead To Change In Latin America?The Rise Of The Socialist Movement Toward The Modern Consciousness: Intellectual And Cultural Developments What Did New Physics Challenge? How Did Freuds Psychoanalysis Also Challenge Views Of Human Nature?How Did Modernism Challenge Art And Culture? ConclusionChapter Two: The High Tide Of Imperialism In The Non-Western World Why Is 'European Superiority A Myth?The Spread Of Colonial Rule How Did Indias History Of Foreign Rule Aid Britains Conquest Of India? How Did Western Racism Of Africans Shape Its History?Why Didnt The Abolition Of Slave Trade End European Interest In West Africa? Why Would Imperialist Powers Have Interest In Controlling The Suez Canal And Egypt? Why Was The Europeans Scramble For Africa Not Motivated By Economic Reasons? What Motivated British Interests In South Africa? The Colonial System What Concepts And Ideas Underpinned The Philosophy Of Colonialism? How Did Colonialism Differ In India, Southeast Asia, And Africa? India Under The British Raj Colonial Regimes In Southeast AsiaColonialism In Africa ConclusionPart II- Cultures In CollisionChapter Three: War And Revolution: World War I And Its Aftermath International Rivalry And The Coming Of War Who Were The Major Players In The Balkans Crises Of 1908-1913?The War A World Safe To Live In The Russian Revolution Who Were The Key Figures Of The Bolshevik Revolution?How Was Socialism Gradually Brought In By Bolsheviks? The Search For Stability In The Western World Did The End Of World War I Return Things To Normal? What Precipitated The Great Depression? The Search For A New Reality In The ArtsConclusionChapter Four: Nationalism, Revolution, And Dictatorship: Africa, Asia, And Latin America From 1919 To 1939 The Rise Of Nationalism In Africa, Southeast Asia, And The Middle East Can Resistance Against Colonial Masters Create True National Consciousness? What Characterized Modern Nationalism? How Did Nationalist Movements Build Mass Support For Statehood? How Did Ghandi Raise Consciousness Of Indian Nationalism? Mustapha Kemal: A Modernizer Of Turkey, Or An Imitator Of The West? How Did Irans Reza Khan Resemble Ataturk?How Are The Unsuccesses Of Arab Self-Determination Related To The Status Of Palestine? Did Marxism And Nationalism Stick In Asia And Africa? Who Was Ho Chi Minh? Revolution In China Why Was The New Culture Movement Still Premature?Who Supported And Opposed Chiangs Nanjing Republic? Japan Between The WarsNationalism And Populism In Latin America What Were U.S. Interests In Latin America? What Made Latin American Governments Deemed Populist? How Did Populism Influence Latin American Culture? Chapter Five: The Crises Deepens: The Outbreak Of World War IiRetreat From Democracy: The Rise Of Dictatorial Regimes Where Was Europes First Fascist Regime? How Was Hitlers Pre-Nazi Germany Exceedingly Racist? How Did Hitler Rise To Power And Consolidate Control? Why Was Authoritarianism Spreading In Eastern Europe And Later Spain? Did The Defeat Of Trotsky Consolidate Stalins Totalitarian Rule Of The Soviet Union? What Internal Conflicts Preceded The Rise Of Militarism In Japan? The Path To War - In Europe And AsiaWho Were To Be Hitlers Friends?Why Did Stalin Support The Idea Of Western Coalition Governments? How Did The Decision At Munich Give Hitler A Green