Ultimate Limits of Fabrication and Measurement by M.E. WellandUltimate Limits of Fabrication and Measurement by M.E. Welland

Ultimate Limits of Fabrication and Measurement

byM.E. WellandEditorJ.K. Gimzewski

Paperback | October 23, 2012

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An extensive body of research is involved in pushing miniaturisation to its physical limit, encompassing the miniaturisation of electronic devices, the manipulation of single atoms by scanning tunnelling microscopy, bio-engineering, the chemical synthesis of complex molecules, microsensor technology, and information storage and retrieval. In parallel to these practical aspects of miniaturisation there is also the necessity to understand the physics of small structures.
Ultimate Limits of Fabrication and Measurementbrings together a number of leading articles from a variety of fields with the common aim of ultimate miniaturisation and measurement.
Title:Ultimate Limits of Fabrication and MeasurementFormat:PaperbackDimensions:254 pages, 24 × 16 × 0.02 inPublished:October 23, 2012Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Preface. Towards Molecular and Supramolecular Devices; J. A. Preece, J. F. Stoddart. Nanoscale Fabrication; W. M. Tolles. Microminiaturization in Laser Surgery and in vivo Intradiscal Pressure Measurements in Intervertebral Discs; H. S. Ranu. Self Replicating Systems and Low Cost Manufacturing; R. C. Merkle. The Use of Actuation Principles for Micro Robots; U. Rembold, S. Fatikow, Th. Dörsam, B. Magnussen. Biophysical Approach to Nanometre Engineering's Limits; E. Wallich. IDEAS - Intelligent Design Environment for Algorithms and Systems; T. Beth, J. Müller-Quade, A. Nückel. Electron-Nucleus Interaction in a Finite Atomic Line Modulated by a Focused Electric Field; C. Joachim, J. K. Heully, M. Devel, C. Girard. Electromagnetic Radiation in Nanostructures; J. B. Pendry. Using Atom Optics to Fabricate Nanostructures; R. J. Celotta, J. J. McClelland, R. E. Scholten, R. Gupta. Limits to Squeezing of Quantum Fluctuations; A. Orlowski. Micromechanical Calorimeter with pico-Joule Sensitivity; E. Meyer, J. K. Gimzewski, Ch. Gerber, R. R. Schlittler. The Point-Contact Thermometer and its Application in the Study of Hydrodynamic Electron Flow; L. W. Molenkamp, M. J. M. de Jong. Noise in Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy; B. Koslowski, C. Baur, K. Dransfield. A Nanosensor for Admittance Spectroscopy; L. Montelius, J. O. Tegenfeldt, T. G. I. Ling. Nanodeformation - Solid or Liquid? J. B. Pethica. Theory of Conduction through Quantum Necks; J. A. Torres, J. J. Sáenz. A Scanning Force and Friction Microscope; Ph. Niedermann, J. Burger, M. Binggeli, R. Christoph, H. E. Hintermann, O. Marti. Electrical Properties of Nanometer-Sized Metal-Semiconductor Point Contacts; Y. Hasegawa, I.-W. Lyo,Ph. Avouris. Study of Contact in the Fabrication of Gold Nanostructures by Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy; A. M. Baró, J. Gómez-Herrero, J. I. Pascual, J. Méndez, N. García. Fabrication of Nanoscale Gold Contacts with the STM: Possible Applications; C. van Haesendonck, L. Stockman, G. Neuttiens, Y. Bruynseraede. Suppression of Electron Tunnelling through Liquid Crystal Molecules due to Infrared Irradiation; H. Nejoh, V. A. Tkachenko, M. Tsukada, M. Aono: Influence of Thickness Fluctuations on Exchange Coupling in Fe/Cr/Fe Structures; J. A. Stroscio, D. T. Pierce, J. Unguris, R. J. Celotta. 1→3 Dimensional Structures on a Uni-Directional Substrate; P. W. Murray, F. M. Leibsle, C. A. Muryn, H. J. Fischer, C. F. J. Flipse, G. Thornton, J. K. Gimzewski, R. R. Schlittler. S-Layers as Molecular Patterning Structures; D. Pum, M. Sara, U. B. Sleytr. Formation of Sub-Micrometer Structures in Soft Functionalized Langmuir&endash;Blodgett Films by Atomic Force Microscopy; N. B. Larsen, T. Bjørnholm, J. Garnaes, J. Larsen, K. Schaumberg. Individual Molecules on GaAs(001)-(2×4) and Si(001)-(2×1): Images, Statistics, and Modelling; C. M. Goringe, A. R. Avery, A. J. Mayne, M. O. Schweitzer, W. Widdra, A. J. Fischer, T. S. Jones, G. A. D. Briggs, W. H. Weinberg, C. W. Smith. Extended Abstracts of Invited Papers: Molecular Manufacturing; K. E. Drexler. Self-Assembly: Whither and Thither Molecular Machines; J. A. Preece, J. F. Stoddart. Nanostructured Sensors for Molecular Recognition; W. Göpel. Micromechanisms; H. Guckel. Limits to Mechanical Positioning and Displacement; E. C. Teague. Is Quantum Mechanics Useful? R. L