Ultra-wideband, Short-pulse Electromagnetics 7

Hardcover | March 21, 2007

EditorFrank Sabath, Eric L. Mokole, Uwe Schenk

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This book presents selected contributions of the Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 7 Conference, including electromagnetic theory, scattering, Ultrawideband (UWB) antennas, UWB systems, ground penetrating radar, UWB communications, pulsed-power generation, time-domain computational electromagnetics, UWB compatibility, target detection and discrimination, propagation through dispersive media, and wavelet and multi-resolution techniques.

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This book presents selected contributions of the Ultra-Wideband Short-Pulse Electromagnetics 7 Conference, including electromagnetic theory, scattering, Ultrawideband (UWB) antennas, UWB systems, ground penetrating radar, UWB communications, pulsed-power generation, time-domain computational electromagnetics, UWB compatibility, target ...

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Ultra-wideband (UWB), short-pulse (SP) electromagnetics are now being used for an increasingly wide variety of applications, including collision avoidance radar, concealed object detection, and communications. Notable progress in UWB and SP technologies has been achieved by investigations of their theoretical bases and improvements in ...

Format:HardcoverDimensions:881 pages, 10 × 6.93 × 0.03 inPublished:March 21, 2007Publisher:Springer New YorkLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

-EM Topology: From Theory to Application. -Simulating the Response of Semi-Shielded Systems: Electromagnetic Topology Technique. -Newest Developments in Nonuniform Transmission-Line Theory. -TEM Field Structure of Electric and Magnetic Fields from a Semi-Infinite Vertical Thin-Wire Antenna Above a Conducting Plane. -Axial Backscattering from a Wide Angular Sector. -Transient Responses of Short-Pulse Signals in Scattering Problems. -Transient Phase-Space Inhomogeneous Green's Function for Modeling High Contrast Scattering. -Dynamical Evolution of the Brillouin Precursor in Rocard-Powles-Debye Model Dielectrics. -Embedding Multiple Wires within a Single TLM Node. -Simulation of Nonlinear Integrated Photonics Devices: A Comparison of TLM and Numerical Time Domain Integral Equation Approaches. -Circuit Based Full-Wave Models for Non-Uniform Line Structures Created with the Method of Partial Elements. -A Novel Methodology Combining Antennas, Propagation and Non-Linear Switching Circuits in Transient Time-Domain Simulation. -Simulation of a Cabin Wireless Lan Antenna Inside an Airbus A340-600 Wide-Body Transport Aircraft. -FDTD Simulation of Electromagnetic Radiation from Vertical Dipoles in Inhomogeneous Air-Lossy Medium Space. -On the Efficient Time-Domain Processing of Aperture Antennas. -Efficient FDTD Parallel Processing on Modern PC CPUs. -A Hybrid Time-Domain Technique that Combines ADI-FDTD and MoMTD to Solve Complex Electromagnetic Problems. -Use of Higher Order Basis in Solution of Electromacnetic Field Problems. -Solving Time Domain Electric Field Integral Equation for Thin-Wire Antennas Using the Laguerre Polynomials. -Fast Time Domain Integral Equation Solver for Dispersive Media. -Analytical-Numerical Calculation of Transient Processes in Nonlinear Networks. -Suppression of Two-Tone Disturbances in Nonlinear Circuits. -Timed Arrays and Their Application to Impulse SAR for "Through-The-Wall" Imaging. -Antenna-Aperture Synthesis for Hyperband SAR Antennas. -Aperture Engineering for Impulse Radiating Antennas. -Antenna Characterization for the JOLT Impulsive Radiator via Low-Voltage Measurements. -A Dual-Polarity Impulse Radiating Antenna. -Effect of Reflector Defocus on the Radiation Patterns of Impulse Radiating Antennas. -A Portable Automated Time-domain Antenna Range: The PATAR(TM) System. -Practical Implementation of PxM Antennas for High-Power, Broadband Applications. -Transmission and Reception by Non-Reflecting UWB Antennas. -Design and Characterization of a Lens TEM Horn. -100 GHz Broadband High Power Antennas. -Partial Dielectric Loaded TEM-Horn Design for UWB Ground Penetrating Impulse Radar Systems. -Antenna Development for Impulse Radar Applications in Civil Engineering. -Analysis of Radiation from a Dielectric Wedge Antenna. -Characterising Impulse Radiating Antennas by an Intuitive Approach. -A Tapered Coplanar Strip Antenna with Improved Matching. -Antipodal Vivaldi antenna for UWB Applications. -Low-Cost Printed Monopole Antennas for Wideband Applications. -Small and Broadband Planar Antennas for UWB Wireless Communication Applications. -Characterisation of UWB Antennas by their Spatio-Temporal Transfer Function Based on FDTD Simulations. -Antenna Effects and Modelling in UWB Impulse Radio. -Resistively Loaded Discones for UWB Communications. -An Ultra Wideband Aperture Coupled Bowtie Antenna for Communications. -Small Patch Antennas for UWB Wireless Body Area Network. -A Marx Type Electromagnetic Pulse Generator. -Fast Volume Breakdown in Argon and Air at Low Pressures. -Modeling the Conductivity of a Sub-Nanosecond Breakdown Gas Switch. -Development of Ultra-Wideband Pulsers at the University of Texas at Dallas. -On the Spectral Variability of Ultra-Wideband High-Power Microwave Sources by Generating Pulse Sequences. -UWB, HPM and EMP Susceptibility of Complex PC Systems. -Coupling and Effects of UWB Pulses on Complex Systems. -Classification of the Destruction Effects in CMOS-Devices after Impact of Fast Transient Electromagnetic Pulses. -General Analysis of Leaky Section Cables for Multi-Band Aircraft Cabin Communications with different Measurement Techniques. -Measurement of the mutual interference between Bluetooth devices. -Lightning Model Development: Contribution to High Power Electromagnetics. -Measurement of the Pulse Radiation of an IRA in Time Domain. -A Comparison of Two Sensors Used to Measure High-Voltage, Fast-Risetime Signals in Coaxial Cable. -Short Pulse Measurements by Field Sensors with Arbitrary Frequency Response. -Time Domain Measurements to Validate Test Site Characteristics. -Survey of UWB Radar. -Measurements of Ultra-Wideband Radar Cross Sections of an Automobile at Ka Band. -Directly Measuring Ocean Forward Scatter with an UWB Radar. -Some Broadband Calculated RF Scatter from the Trihedral Corner Reflector. -Through-Wall Imaging By Means Of UWB Radar. -UWB Full-Poliametric Video Impulse Radar for Landmine Detection. -Ultra Wideband Radar for the Search of Avalanche Victims.- Comparison of Seismic Migration and Stripmap SAR Imaging methods for GPR for Landmine Detection. -Application of UWB Near-Field Polarimetry to Classification of GPR Targets. -Exploting Noisy Transient Response Using The Half Fourier Transform Substructure SEM. -Analyzing the Target Recognition Capability of an Ultra-Wideband Radar System using Time Frequency Algorithms. -Pole Estimation For Target Recognition Via Late-Time Transients. -Radar Signal Polarization Structure Investigation for Object Recognition. -Radar Target Detection at Noise and Clutter Background. -Reduction of Clutter in GPR Data by Crow-Search Technique. -Robust Target Discrimination with UWB GPR Optimal antenna & signal co-design for UWB antenna link. -A Low-Complexity Receiver for Ultra Wide Band Communications Performance of a Modified Early-Late Gate Synchronizer for UWB Impulse Radio. -On the Analysis of the Dynamics and Synchronization of chaotic modulation and demodulation in UWB Communication and Positioning Systems. -Penetration of Ultra Wide Band (UWB) Communication Signals Through Walls. -A Deterministic Indoor UWB Space-Variant Multipath Radio Channel Modelling. -UWB Radio Link Modeling for Multipath Environment. -On the Fading Properties of a UWB Link in a Dynamic Environment. -Study on the probability of error in UWB with multiuser interferences. -A High-Voltage UWB Directional Coupler for Radar. -Realization of All-Pass-Networks for Linearizing Log.-Periodic Dipole Antennas