Understanding Nutrition: Dietary Guidelines Update by Eleanor Noss WhitneyUnderstanding Nutrition: Dietary Guidelines Update by Eleanor Noss Whitney

Understanding Nutrition: Dietary Guidelines Update

byEleanor Noss Whitney, Sharon Rady Rolfes

Hardcover | May 6, 2016

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With more than 1 million readers, bestselling UNDERSTANDING NUTRITION emphasizes strong science and nutrition basics, hands-on learning, and the most current coverage available. Packaged with the 2015 Dietary Guidelines, the 14th Edition includes new and updated topics in every chapter, quick-reference tables, expansive weight loss information, thorough coverage of fitness and energy systems, and much more. Readers quickly connect with the text's approachable writing style and carefully developed art program, and its emphasis on active learning includes a rich variety of ways to help you put what you learn into action. You will also be challenged to evaluate your own dietary choices and set healthy goals through activities in the Diet & Wellness Plus digital app. In addition, through the MindTap for Nutrition companion online program, you can create a customizable learning path to walk you step by step through the course.
Eleanor "Ellie" Noss Whitney grew up in New York City and received a BA in English from Radcliffe/Harvard University and her PhD in biology from Washington University. She has taught at both Florida State University and Florida A&M University and has authored almost a dozen college textbooks on nutrition, health, and related topics, ma...
Title:Understanding Nutrition: Dietary Guidelines UpdateFormat:HardcoverDimensions:11.1 × 9.29 × 1.57 inPublished:May 6, 2016Publisher:Wadsworth PublishingLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

AN OVERVIEW OF NUTRITION.Food Choices. The Nutrients. The Science of Nutrition. Dietary Reference Intakes.Nutrition Assessment. Diet and Health. Highlight 1: Nutrition Information and Misinformation.PLANNING A HEALTHY DIET. Principles and Guidelines. Diet-Planning Guides. Food Labels. Highlight 2: Vegetarian Diets.DIGESTION, ABSORPTION, AND TRANSPORT. Digestion. Absorption. The Circulatory Systems. The Health and Regulation of the GITract. Highlight 3: Common Digestive Problems.THE CARBOHYDRATES: SUGARS, STARCHES, AND FIBERS.The Chemist's View of Carbohydrates. Digestion and Absorption of Carbohydrates. Glucose in the Body. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Sugars. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Starch and Fibers. Highlight 4: Carbs, kCalories, and Controversies.THE LIPIDS: TRIGLYCERIDES, PHOSPHOLIPIDS, AND STEROLS.The Chemist's View of Fatty Acids and Triglycerides. The Chemist's View ofPhospholipids and Sterols. Digestion, Absorption, and Transport of Lipids. Lipids in theBody. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Saturated Fats, Trans Fats, andCholesterol. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Monounsaturated andPolyunsaturated Fats. Highlight 5: High-Fat Foods-Friend or Foe?PROTEIN: AMINO ACIDS.The Chemist's View of Proteins. Digestion and Absorption of Proteins. Proteins in theBody. Protein in Foods. Health Effects and Recommended Intakes of Protein. Highlight6: Nutritional Genomics.ENERGY METABOLISM.Chemical Reactions in the Body. Breaking Down Nutrients for Energy. Feasting andFasting. Highlight 7: Alcohol in the Body.ENERGY BALANCE AND BODY COMPOSITION. Energy Balance. Energy In: The kCalories Foods Provide. Energy Out: The kCalories theBody Expends. Body Weight and Body Composition. Highlight 8: Eating Disorders.WEIGHT MANAGEMENT: OVERWEIGHT, OBESITY, AND UNDERWEIGHT.Overweight and Obesity. Causes of Overweight and Obesity. Problems of Overweightand Obesity. Aggressive Treatments for Obesity. Weight-Loss Strategies. Underweight.Highlight 9: The Latest and Greatest Weight-Loss Diet-Again.THE WATER-SOLUBLE VITAMINS: B VITAMINS AND VITAMIN C.The Vitamins-An Overview. The B Vitamins. Vitamin C. Highlight 10: Vitamin andMineral Supplements.THE FAT-SOLUBLE VITAMINS, A, D, E, AND K.Vitamin A and Beta-Carotene. Vitamin D. Vitamin E. Vitamin K. Highlight 11:Antioxidant Nutrients in Disease Prevention.WATER AND THE MAJOR MINERALS.Water and the Body Fluids. The Minerals-An Overview. The Major Minerals. Highlight 12: Osteoporosis and Calcium.THE TRACE MINERALS.The Trace Minerals-An Overview. The Trace Minerals. Contaminant Minerals. Highlight 13: Phytochemicals and Functional Foods.FITNESS: PHYSICAL ACTIVITY, NUTRIENTS, AND BODY ADAPTATIONS.Fitness. Energy Systems and Fuels to Support Activity. Vitamins and Minerals toSupport Activity. Fluids and Electrolytes to Support Activity. Diets for Physically ActivePeople. Highlight 14: Supplements as Ergogenic Aids.LIFE CYCLE NUTRITION: PREGNANCY AND LACTATION.Nutrition Prior to Pregnancy. Growth and Development during Pregnancy. MaternalWeight. Nutrition during Pregnancy. High-Risk Pregnancies. Nutrition during Lactation.Highlight 15: Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. LIFE CYCLE NUTRITION: INFANCY, CHILDHOOD, AND ADOLESCENCE.Nutrition during Infancy. Nutrition during Childhood. Nutrition during Adolescence.Highlight 16: Childhood Obesity and the Early Development of Chronic Diseases.LIFE CYCLE NUTRITION: ADULTHOOD AND THE LATER YEARS.Nutrition and Longevity. The Aging Process. Energy and Nutrient Needs of Older Adults. Nutrition-Related Concerns of Older Adults. Food Choices and Eating Habits of Older Adults. Highlight 17: Nutrient-Drug Interactions.DIET AND HEALTH.Nutrition and Infectious Diseases. Nutrition and Chronic Diseases. CardiovascularDisease. Hypertension. Diabetes Mellitus. Cancer. Recommendations for ChronicDiseases. Highlight 18: Complementary and Alternative Medicine. CONSUMER CONCERNS ABOUT