Unleash Your Bs (best Self): Putting Your Executive Presence To The Test by Jeff BlackUnleash Your Bs (best Self): Putting Your Executive Presence To The Test by Jeff Black

Unleash Your Bs (best Self): Putting Your Executive Presence To The Test

byJeff BlackAs told byCarol Hamilton, Kimberly Faith Madden

Paperback | April 7, 2015

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Based on a corporate crisis ripped from today's headlines, "Unleash Your BS (Best Self)" tells the tale of Fortune 500 managers who are suddenly facing a post-merger downsizing. With their careers hanging in the balance, they are dropped into a leadership and communications training program that will either leave them in charge . . .or leave them behind.

JT Black, the independent consultant known for his entertaining style and powerful results, is assigned the task of developing their leadership finesse, executive presence, and communication skills. In other words, cajoling them to lead and be heard.

"Unleash Your BS" is for every manager ready to rise to the next level of his or her leadership. Whether you're in a volatile work environment or are gearing up for your next promotion, this book offers concrete techniques for enhancing your executive presence and strengthening your personal brand.

For 18 globe-hopping years, Jeff Black has been cajoling Fortune 500 managers into fulfilling their leadership potential. Through his deceptively simple process for refining their strategic communications, Jeff enhances their personal brands tenfold. He has worked with executives and front-line leaders around the world to prepare them ...
Title:Unleash Your Bs (best Self): Putting Your Executive Presence To The TestFormat:PaperbackDimensions:180 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:April 7, 2015Publisher:Morgan James PublishingLanguage:English

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Read from the Book

The audience sat in thick silence as the paperwork was passed from Tom Harris, CEO of Massive Industries to Yuan Luo, CEO of Cascade Corporation. Eight months of labored negotiations led to this single moment.this last dotted line, and too much was riding on the merger for anyone to risk breathing.Slowly picking up a pen, Yuan allowed himself an extra moment in the spotlight. His retirement began with this final act on behalf of Cascade, and he felt a wave of nostalgia as he poised his hand to sign himself out.Cascade Corporation was an international manufacturer that employed thousands. Yuan had been at the helm for the past twenty years and was responsible for the company's profound growth. Today, Cascade was becoming a subsidiary of Massive Industries, a conglomerate five times its size. Between them, the two companies had an impressive one hundred thirty years of service. However, as every critic had already pointed out, merging corporate cultures wasn't going to be easy, and in the end, no one was sure how this giant hybrid would work out.Yuan looked over at Tom one last time and then completed his trademark signature. Instantly, the stockholders erupted into thunderous applause, the lawyers exhaled, and the management on both sides felt chills race down their spines.Kelly entered Tom's office wearing her first smile since the announcement of the merger. "He's available," she announced as she dropped onto the nearest chair. Noting Tom's puzzled expression, she explained, "JT, the executive branding expert I mentioned to you. He just called to say he's ready to begin hosting executive presence programs for all of our managers at his retreat center."Leaning back in his chair, Tom looked at the ceiling as if scanning his brain for information. Coming up dry, he turned to Kelly, "Remind me again what this guy's story is.""Sure," Kelly answered, sitting up. "JT is the guy I saw several years ago. He's. . ." Kelly paused, trying to find the words to explain this unique man who had since become a dear friend, ". . .I guess the best way to describe him is engaging--and certainly entertaining--but underneath his light-hearted delivery is a very real depth of expertise on this topic."

Table of Contents

Act 1

Scene I: A Tale of Two Companies

Scene II: The Participants Arrive

Scene III: Executive Presence by Definition

Scene IV: The Black Sheep

Act 2

Scene I: Taking Control and Command

Scene II: Building Confidence

Scene III: Minute to Win It

Act 3

Scene I: POW--Powerful Opening Words

Scene II: Practice--The Art of Imperfection

Act 4

Scene I: Model Communications

Scene II: What They Hear

Scene III: What They See

Scene IV: Visual Aids

Act 5

Scene I: Q&A Placement

Scene II: Q&A Mastery

Act 6

Scene I: The Order of Things

Scene II: The Power of Three

Act 7

Scene I: "I Don't Know"

Scene II: Brand Repair

Act 8

Scene I: Opposing Views

Act 9

Scene I: Stand Up For Your Message

Scene II: Engaging Conference Calls

Scene III: Impactful Emails

Act 10

Scene I: Taking Sides (of the room)

Scene II: Professional Appearance

Act 11

Scene I: Distracted Decision-Makers

Scene II: Storytelling

Act 12

Scene I: The Importance of Timing

Epilogue: Raising Your Visibility

Editorial Reviews

"This book is an excellent reminder of Jeff's key messages, delivered in a fun format. I've worked with Jeff for more than a decade, and I am always glad that I asked for help or brought him in to help others." -- Chip Blankenship, President & CEO - GE Appliances"A refreshing story that captures how his Executive Presence Program is delivered. Jeff Black has had a remarkable impact on my career," -- Bill Collins, Vice President, American AirlinesRegardless of your experience as a communicator, [this book] should be on your "must read" list. The concepts are conveyed through stories that are fun to read yet packed with important lessons. . .to be your "best self." -- Kimberly Admire, Former Vice President, Lockheed Martin Corporation"It is a great business story that brings to life the corporate environment in moments of crisis, while providing simple to digest tactics to improve one's personal brand." -- Lilkar Molina, Senior Engineer Procter & Gamble"Exhilarating! Engaging! Relevant! Useful! Bold! Just a few words used to describe Black Sheep, and more specifically, Jeff Black. Year after year, Jeff delights audiences at the leadership development conferences I host for high potential leaders from around the world. Unleash Your BS is a natural extension of Jeff's dynamic approach to Executive Presence. I can feel his personal charisma jump off the pages! This is a powerful tool for any professional looking to elevate Executive Presence in the workplace and beyond." -- Renee Cutright, Vice President, Human Resources Nielsen"This is not a typical business book. It has more twists and turns than a daytime soap opera. Jeff Black is a dear friend, who can make a world of difference in your professional career." -- Eileen Fulton, Actress, Starring as "Lisa" on CBS-TV's As the World Turns, Procter & Gamble Productions"Unleash Your BS is Jeff Black at his very best . doing what he loves to do . in his own unique and very 'real' way. He will make a positive difference for his readers-just as he has (and does!) for me." -- Paula Harper Bethea, Executive Director South Carolina Education Lottery, Former Chair United Way of America"This is a dynamic and fun manual for staging effective communications! Each act in this book presents a practical model for real world business environments!" -- Dr. Shue-Jane Thompson, Director, Performance Excellence Lockheed Martin Corporation"I first met Jeff Black when he was working in the mailroom at Aaron Spelling Productions. I immediately noticed that he possessed a unique presence, so I quickly hired him into Business Affairs where he was a true partner. Since that time, we've stayed in touch and I am now thrilled to be endorsing his book. We share the same values and integrity and know the importance of passing on to others what we've learned." -- Beth Whelpley. Vice President, Business Affairs NBC Universal