Uriel's Machine: Uncovering The Secrets Of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood, And The Dawn Of Civilization by Christopher KnightUriel's Machine: Uncovering The Secrets Of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood, And The Dawn Of Civilization by Christopher Knight

Uriel's Machine: Uncovering The Secrets Of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood, And The Dawn Of Civilization

byChristopher Knight, Robert Lomas

Paperback | August 1, 2001

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Modern scientific investigations show that Earth has been hit many times by objects such as comets and meteorites. Laboratory work on comet impact effects demonstrates that comets could cause tidal waves to exceed three miles tall and near 400 miles per hour. In the last 10,000 years, there have been two impacts of such proportion: a seven-fold impact into all the world's oceans around 7640 B.C., and a single impact into the Mediterranean Sea about 3150 B.C., the time of Noah's Flood.

Uriel's Machine proves ancient Europeans not only survived the 7640 B.C. flood, but developed a highly advanced civilization dedicated to predicting and preparing for future meteoric impacts. Building an international network of sophisticated astronomical observatories, these ancient astronomers created accurate solar, lunar, and planetary calendars, measured the diameter of the Earth, and precisely predicted comet collisions years in advance. This was the true purpose of megalithic structures such as Stonehenge. In 3150 B.C., the ancients' predictions proved true, and their device -- Uriel's Machine -- allowed the reconstruction of civilization in a shattered world.

Uriel's Machine also presents evidence that:
-There was a single global language on Earth
-A single female was a common ancestor to all living humans
-Angels bred with human women to create The Watchers, giant half-human beings
-The oral tradition of Freemasonry records real events

A fascinating study of humankind's past, present, and future, Uriel's Machine proves the world was indeed flooded, but survived wholly due to these ancient Europeans, their heavenly knowledge, and one remarkable machine.

Title:Uriel's Machine: Uncovering The Secrets Of Stonehenge, Noah's Flood, And The Dawn Of CivilizationFormat:PaperbackDimensions:480 pages, 1 × 1 × 1 inPublished:August 1, 2001Publisher:Fair Winds PressLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Illustration Acknowledgements
List of Figures

Chapter One: The Problem of Prehistory
The Collapse of the First Paradigm
Out of the Apes
The Caveman Myth
The Building of Early Societies
Rocking the Cradle of Civilization
Redating the Megalithic Sites of Europe
The Power of Language
The Ancient of Histories

Chapter Two: The Ancient Story of Enoch
Who Was Enoch?
Enoch in the Bible
The Masonic Enoch
An Ancient Text Rediscovered
The Book of Enoch

Chapter Three: Vulnerable Earth
Our Battered Neighbour
Comets and Meteorites
A History of Earth Impacts
A Nearby Disaster
Earth Impact
The Effects of a Sea Impact
The Evidence for the Enoch Impacts
Sand, Salt and Seashells
The Power of Magnets
Long-Term Effects on the Environment

Chapter Four: Ancient Memories
Noah?s Account of the Flood
The Rainbow Message
Gilgamesh?s Flood
The Flood Described in the Dead Sea Scrolls
Of Giants and New Animals
Enoch Describes the Seven Comet Fragments Hitting Earth
Enochian Judaism
Enochian Freemasonry
The Metronome of the Solar System
The Hanging Angel

Chapter Five: Watershed for Mankind
The American Wave
Ancient America
A Japanese Connection
An American Disaster
Inland Salt Seas
The Disaster that Shaped a New World

Chapter Six: Enoch and the Angels
The People of Enoch?s Story
The Giant of Bashan
Where was the Book of Enoch Written
The Evidence of the Length of Day
Revising Our View

Chapter Seven: The Enoch Zone
The Geometry of Stonehenge
Latitude 590 North
Skara Brae
Stone Things
The Ring of Brodgar
Stenness and Barnhouse
Maes Howe
The Puzzle of Orkney

Chapter Eight: The Science of Prehistory
Storing Knowledge
The Development of Writing
Where Did the First Symbols of Writing Originate
The Megalithic Culture
The Megalithic Yard
Megalithic Mathematics

Chapter Nine: The Light of Venus
The Hill of the Black Grove
Sunlight Writing
The Venus Effect
The Winter Solstice
The Solstice Sunrise
A Scientific Instrument
Legends of the Sites
The Jerusalem Connection

Chapter Ten: Rebuilding Uriel?s Machine
Enoch?s Tutorial
The Instructions
Resurrecting Uriel?s Machine
A Megalithic Standard

Chapter Eleven: The Venus Chamber
The White Wall
The Structure
An Engineering Masterpiece
Dowth and Knowth
The Economics of the Megalithic Builders
The Lightbox
Reading Uriel?s Lintel
The Writing on the Wall
God?s House

Chapter Twelve: The Spread of Ancient Knowledge
The Egyptian Observatory
The Sumerian Arrival
The Giants Who Went East
The Inheritance of the Jews
The Enochian Priesthood
The Rise and Fall of Enochian Judaism
The Qumranian Calendar
The Sons of Light

Chapter Thirteen: The Knowledge of the Druids
The Soul Lives On
The Legend of Tara
The Lia Fial
Angus of Newgrange
The Druids
Destruction of the Druids
The First Eisteddfod Chair
The White and Holy Stone
A Masonic Puzzle

Chapter Fourteen: The One Religion
The Last Son of the Star
Celtic Christianity
The Rise of the Sons of Light
The Knowledge of the Bruces and the St Clairs
The Enochian Temple of Freemasonry
The End of the Beginning

Time Line

Appendix 1: A Message to English Freemasonry
Our Starting Point
The Future

Appendix 2: Reflections on Maes Howe

Appendix 3: How Did the Grooved Ware People Develop an Advanced Civilization
The Characteristics of the Boyne Valley Community
The Economics of Farming

Appendix 4: Rosslyn Chapel