Vectorial Transport of Proteins into and across Membranes by Alan M. WilsonVectorial Transport of Proteins into and across Membranes by Alan M. Wilson

Vectorial Transport of Proteins into and across Membranes

byAlan M. WilsonEditorPaul T. Matsudaira, Alan M. Tartakoff

Hardcover | September 6, 1991

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This is the third volume in this series covering protein translocation within and between cells. Volumes 31 and 32, Vesicular Transport, Parts A and B, treated techniques for eukaryotic cells available as of 1989.

Vectorial Transport of Proteins into and across Membranes, brings together new methods and new topics as of 1991. Highlights include use of anti-idiotype antibodies, gene fusions, transcription, crosslinking, pulse-labeling, and reconstitution.

  • Describes contemporary approaches for studying protein transport, protein topology and organelle biogenesis
  • Covers methods from pre-eminent laboratories including: In vitro and in vivo investigations; Biochemical and immunological techniques; Prokaryote, chloroplast, mitochondria, peroxisome, and rough endoplasmic reticulum membranes
Title:Vectorial Transport of Proteins into and across MembranesFormat:HardcoverDimensions:426 pagesPublished:September 6, 1991Publisher:Academic Press

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Table of Contents

D. Vaux and S.D. Fuller, The Use of Antiidiotype Antibodies for the Characterization of Protein-Protein Interactions.
R.E. Dalbey, In VivoProtein Translocation into or across the Bacterial Plasma Membrane.
C. Manoil, Analysis of Membrane Protein Topology Using Alkaline Phosphatase and b-Galactosidase Gene Fusions.
M. Hofnung,Expression of Foreign Polypeptides at theEscherichia coliCell Surface.
S. Mizushima, H. Tokuda, and S.-I. Matsuyama, In VitroBiochemical Studies on Translocation of Presecretory Proteins across the Cytoplasmic Membrane ofEscherichia coli.
A.J.M. Driessen, L. Brundage, J.P. Hendrick, E. Schiebel, and W. Wickner,Preprotein Translocase ofEscherichia coli: Solubilization, Purification, and Reconstitution of the Integral Membrane Subunits SecY/E.
P.C. Tai, G. Tian, H. Xu, J.P. Lian, and J.N. Yu, In VitroProtein Translocation intoEscherichia coliInverted Membrane Vesicles.
K. Ito and Y. Akiyama,Membrane Components of the Protein Secretion Machinery.
R.C. Skvirsky, L. Gilson, and R. Kolter,Signal Sequence-Independent Protein Secretion in Gram-Negative Bacteria: Colicin V and Microcin B17.
R. Gilmore, P. Collins, J. Johnson, K. Kellaris, and P. Rapiejko,Transcription of Full-Length and Truncated mRNA Transcripts to Study Protein Translocation across the Endoplasmic Reticulum.
D. Görlich, T.V. Kurzchalia M. Wiedmann, and T.A. Rapoport, Probing the Molecular Environment of Translocating Polypeptide Chains by Crosslinking.
C. Nicchitta, G. Migliaccio, and G. Blobel,Reconstitution of Secretory Protein Translocation from Detergent-Solubilized Rough Microsomes.
H.P. Wessels, J.P. Beltzer, and M. Spiess,Analysis of Protein Topology in the Endoplasmic Reticulum.
P.B. Lazarow, R. Thieringer, G. Cohen, T. Imanaka, and G. Small, Protein Import into PeroxisomesIn Vitro.
S.E. Perry, H.-M. Li, and K. Keegstra, In VitroReconstitution of Protein Transport into Chloroplasts.
T. Söllner, J. Rassow, and N. Pfanner,Analysis of Mitochondrial Protein Import Using Translocation Intermediates and Specific Antibodies.
T. Jascur, Import of Precursor Proteins into Yeast Submitochondrial Particles.
A. Brandt, Pulse Labeling of Yeast Cells as a Tool to Study Mitochondrial Protein Import.
V. Hines and K.P. Baker, The Protein Import Machinery of Yeast Mitochondria.
B.S. Glick, Protein Import into Isolated Yeast Mitochondria.
A. Schneider, Mitochondrial Inner Membrane Protease I ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae.
U.C. Krieg and P.E. Scherer, Purified Precursor Proteins for Studying Protein Import into Yeast Mitochondria.
P.E. Scherer and U.C. Krieg, Cross-Linking Reagents as Tools for Identifying Components of the Yeast Mitochondrial Protein Import Machinery