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Veritas by Orpheus Sofs
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This is a fictional drama about a young Benedictine monk and the daughter of a wine farmer in Sicily, Italy, in the seventeenth century. As a child, Giácomo had been chosen by the holy father Boniface VIII to become the leader of the greatest religious school of the time, in a compromising struggle to maintain political and religious power. The characters are involved in an intricate conflict between their families and the Vatican, stirring up among them greed, fury, love, death, and revenge even in the afterlife. The author hopes that the reader will think about the real-life hypothesis as well as about what awaits us after death, under a rational, contemporary approach and free from the bonds of metaphors of traditional faith. The book brings some approaches about the continuation of the life of the man in a transcendental dimension and his relations with the physical world, constituting in that relation the true nature of the integral man. He clarifies that life does not cease with the death of the physical body and that the acts practiced in life will reflect their consequences throughout the journey of the immortal spirit. It defends the idea that death is simply the change from one environment to another, more subtle but no less material, establishing this milestone as a preponderant factor of the ideas defended by many philosophers, thinkers, and trainers of religious thought around the world, from ancient Greece to the present times. Veritas: The Dawn of Man is a work of fiction but of a philosophical character that seeks to understand some points still obscure in the way some trainers of religious thought teach the evolution of man and his transcendence in contact with the material world.

Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 11, 2019
Publisher:Page Publishing, Inc.
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ISBN - 13:9781645441038

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