Vibration of Hydraulic Machinery by Yulin WuVibration of Hydraulic Machinery by Yulin Wu

Vibration of Hydraulic Machinery

byYulin Wu, Shengcai Li, Shuhong Liu

Paperback | May 19, 2015

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Vibration of Hydraulic Machinery deals with the vibration problem which has significant influence on the safety and reliable operation of hydraulic machinery. It provides new achievements and the latest developments in these areas, even in the basic areas of this subject.
The present book covers the fundamentals of mechanical vibration and rotordynamics as well as their main numerical models and analysis methods for the vibration prediction. The mechanical and hydraulic excitations to the vibration are analyzed, and the pressure fluctuations induced by the unsteady turbulent flow is predicted in order to obtain the unsteady loads. This book also discusses the loads, constraint conditions and the elastic and damping characters of the mechanical system, the structure dynamic analysis, the rotor dynamic analysis and the system instability of hydraulic machines, including the illustration of monitoring system for the instability and the vibration in hydraulic units. All the problems are necessary for vibration prediction of hydraulic machinery.
Title:Vibration of Hydraulic MachineryFormat:PaperbackDimensions:500 pagesPublished:May 19, 2015Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Foreword. - Preface. - 1. Introduction: 1.1 Hydraulic Machinery System. - 1.2 Physics Model of Hydraulic Machinery as Mechanical System. - 1.3 Mechanical Vibration of Hydraulic Machinery. - 1.4 Structure Dynamics of Hydraulic Machinery. - 1.5 Rotordynamics of Hydraulic Machinery. - 1.6 Vibration of Pumps. - Bibliography. - 2. Fundamental of Mechanical Vibration: 2.1 Introduction. - 2.2 Mechanical Vibration of One - degree - of - freedom Linear Systems. - 2.3 Mechanical Vibration of Linear Systems with MDOF. - 2.4 Vibration of Continuous System. - 2.5 Conservative Discrete Vibrating Systems. - Bibliography. - 3. Numerical Model of Dynamics: 3.1 Discretization Techniques. - 3.2 The Finite Element Method. - 3.3 Solution for Fluid - Structure Interaction. - 3.4 Large Deformation Fluid - Structure Interaction. - Bibliography. - 4. Elementary Concept of Rotordynamics : 4.1 Jeffcott Rotor. - 4.2 Dynamics of Multi - degrees - of - freedom Rotors. - 4.3 Anisotropic Rotordynamics. - 4.4 Nonlinear Rotordynamics. - Bibliography. - 5. Mechanical and Magnetic Excitations in Hydraulic Machinery: 5.1 Mechanical System of Hydraulic Machinery. - 5.2 Excitation Forces of Hydraulic Turbine Generator Unit. - 5.3 Forces in Transient Oil Film of Bearings in Hydraulic Unit. - 5.4 Unbalanced Force and Dynamic Parameters of Water Seals. - 5.5 Excitation of Bearings and Seals of Multiple - stage Pumps. - Bibliography. - 6. Vibration Induced by Hydraulic Excitation: 6.1 Introduction. - 6.2 General Hydraulic Excitation in Hydraulic Turbines. - 6.3 Surge in Draft Tube in Francis Turbine. - 6.4 Self Excited Vibration of Hydraulic Machinery. - 6.5 Rotor Stator Interaction (RSI). - 6.6 Vibration of Pumps Induced by Hydraulic Excitation. - Bibliography. - 7. Prediction of Pressure Fluctuation by Turbulent Flow Analysis: 7.1 Principle of Prediction for Pressure Fluctuation. - 7.2 Basic Equations of Unsteady Flow through Hydraulic Machinery and Turbulence Models. - 7.3 Prediction for Pressure Pulsation in Kaplan Turbine by Turbulent Simulation of Unsteady Flow. - 7.4 Simulation of Unsteady Flow through Francis Turbine by DES. - 7.5 Simulation of Unsteady Flow through Centrifugal Pumps. - Bibliography. - 8. Structural Dynamic Analysis in Hydraulic Machinery: 8.1 Introduction to Structural Dynamic Analysis. - 8.2 Principle of Dynamic Analysis of Hydraulic Machinery. - 8.3 Modal Analysis on Hydraulic Machinery. - 8.4 Dynamic Analysis of Hydraulic Machinery. - 8.5 Analysis of Response to Excited Force on Blades of Hydraulic Machinery. - Bibliography. - 9. Rotordynamic Simulation of Hydraulic Machinery: 9.1 Basic Equations of Rotordynamics in Hydraulic Machinery. - 9.2 The Riccati Transfer Matrix Method for Hydraulic Turbine Units. - 9.3 Rotordynamics Analysis in Hydraulic Turbine Units by FEM. - 9.4 Pump Rotordynamic Parameters. - 9.5 Rotordynamic Computation of Pumps. - Bibliography. - 10. Instability of System Caused by Hydraulic Machinery: 10.1 Introduction. - 10.2 The Hydroacoustic Model for Stability of Hydroelectric Systems. - 10.3 Influence of the Hydraulic Turbine on System Stability at Full Load Condition . - 10.4 Part Load Resonance Impact on System Stability of Francis Turbine Power Plants. - 10.5 One - dimensional Analysis of a Hydraulic System. - 10.6 Three - dimensional (3D) Flow Simulation at Load Reject Transient. - 10.7 Stability of Pumping System. - 10.8 Introduction on Nonlinear Models of Hydro Turbine for Transient Process in Hydro Power Plant. - Bibliography. - 11. Vibration - Based Condition Monitoring: 11.1 Principle of Condition Monitoring of Rotating Machines. - 11.2 Vibration Monitoring of Hydro Turbine Units. - 11.3 Vibration Monitoring System of Large Francis Turbine Unit. - 11.4 Monitoring Results and Stability Analysis of a Turbine Unit. - 11.5 Condition Monitoring System of Pumps. - 11.6 Orbit and Vibration of Hydro Unit Shaft at Transient Process. - Bibliography. - Appendix I Nomenclature. - Appendix II Abbreviation. - Index.