Virago by Rejoice Chilembwa


byRejoice Chilembwa

Kobo ebook | May 7, 2017

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There is always a moment in childhood when the door opens and lets the future in.        ~ Grahame Greene (The Power and the Glory, 1940)

"Just metres from the little girl, was a white octagonal-shaped concrete base, one-metre high, upon which stood the bronze figure of a boy. The statue had suffered extreme damage from the elements, and was severely oxidized to a greenish-blue. Black incrustations and green and white streaks were scattered across their bodies. It was tainted further--spotted and parched from pigeon and crow ejecta; not a hint of original bronze was visible.

The second powerful current had struck the young boy’s hand. He was naked, his arm stretching towards the clouds, an arrow in his other hand was held downward, his legs in mid stride. A short bow, and a sword inside a scabbard were slung around his shoulders. The sword hung down his back.

Beside him, at his feet, also nude, was a slightly older teenage girl. Her eyes were closed, her mouth formed to a slight smile. She lay on her side with one arm stretched above her head, while the other settled over her breasts. Poised for flight on her outstretched hand were three golden doves attached to each other’s wings, the first resting gently in the girl’s cupped palm. The three golden images glowed magnificently against the pillowy dark grey sky, almost bursting into flames, in contrast to the dull, flaking greenish-blue statue. One almost felt sad for the frozen duo, the boy in motion, almost under duress, and the girl seemingly vulnerable, both pitted against the freedom and impending flight of the featureless birds.

The corroded, acid-etched plaque, its cursive gilted letters faded and almost illegible, read simply: “The Heroine of the Grail”. The boy’s stiff fingers, and part of the palm, had a faint blood-red glow from the intense charge of nature’s force. The tip of the index finger had been severed, and lay astride the girl’s flowing hair."

“NO!", he said. "You will be. She is YOU, my sweet Cherry Blossom. And she is I. These words are learned from her. But it is you. You are the true grail’s hero. You. Virago. The Hidden One. The ages have missed you—and your presence. Now, go and merit that title. Your time is closing upon you…and others like you. It will not take you many more years for your accomplishments to show, for those to praise your efforts, but you do have that power within you. I can feel that it is so strong."

The changes were upon her. The liminal state in which every human has found themselves is critical, and unpredictable, in defining who we become....and what we do from then on...towards the great spiralling endeavours of the future. What will happen to us, at the most critical junctures of her existence...and yours? The adventure is just beginning. This is the time to change...especially in this era of liquidity and the she--and they, the intrepid group--hurdle through the 21st century.

"The new change was beginning; first, the loud bawling of birds, where we didn’t notice them before, and they, with other animals, relocating for the evening shift. Then, the early twilight playing with the colour spectrum, and our vision. Receding waves and “shallow water overtides” pulled by the lug of lunar magnetism, shifting cross-winds, and a washed out mist-covered moon connected to one big, bright star, now reveal the falling peak, and evaporation of another day, lost to memory.

When it happens—the day dissolving into twilight, then evening—it always happens so much faster than we expect, and we are standing unready, not in the changing moment, but having just missed it, and we are now already squarely in the change; we do not change, but the day (and time) has. The ‘natural’ world is like that."

Title:ViragoFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:May 7, 2017Publisher:DellWarrennLanguage:English

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