Visual Computing: Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision by Tosiyasu L. KuniiVisual Computing: Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision by Tosiyasu L. Kunii

Visual Computing: Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision

EditorTosiyasu L. Kunii

Paperback | December 4, 2014

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This volume presents the proceedings of the 10th International Conference of the Computer Graphics Society, CG International '92, Visual Computing - Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer Vision -, held at Kogakuin University, Tokyo in Japan from June 22-26,1992. Since its foundation in 1983, this conference has continued to attract high quality research articles in all aspects of computer graphics and its applications. Previous conferences in this series were held in Japan (1983-1987), in Switzerland (1988), in the United Kingdom (1989), in Singapore (1990), and in the United States of America (1991). Future CG International conferences are planned in Switzerland (1993), in Australia (1994), and in the United Kingdom (1995). It has been the editor's dream to research the integration of computer graphics with computer vision through data structures. The conference the editor put together in Los Angeles in 1975 involving the UCLA and IEEE Computer Societies had to spell out these three areas explicitly in the conference title, "computer graphics," "pattern recognition" and "data structures," as well as in the title of the proceedings published by IEEE Computer Society Press. In 1985, the editor gave the name "visual computer" to machines having all the three functionalities as seen in the journal under that name from Springer. Finally, the research in integrating visual information processing has now reached reality as seen in this proceedings of CG International '92. Chapters on virtual reality, and on tools and environments provide examples.
Title:Visual Computing: Integrating Computer Graphics with Computer VisionFormat:PaperbackDimensions:9.61 × 6.69 × 0.01 inPublished:December 4, 2014Publisher:Springer JapanLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

1: Visual, Intelligent and Personal Communications.- Telecommunication Towards the 21st Century - Visual, Intelligent and Personal Communications.- 2: Computer Vision and Model-Based Coding.- Models: The Graphics-Vision Interface.- 2D Structural Descriptions for Video Handling.- Description and Synthesis of Facial Expression Based on Isodensity Maps.- Automatic Synthesis of Moving Facial Images with Expression and Mouth Shape Controlled by Text.- A Real-Time Visual Interactive System Between Finger Signs and Synthesized Human Facial Images Employing a Transputer-Based Parallel Computer.- Human Machine Interface Using Media Conversion and Model-Based Coding Schemes.- 3: Virtual Reality.- Virtual-Worlds Research at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill as of February 1992.- Interactive Computation of Display Holograms.- Three-Dimensional Software Visualization: A Framework and Its Applications.- Cooperative Work Environment Using Virtual Workspace.- Virtual Space Decision Support System and Its Application to Consumer Showrooms.- 4: Simulated Nature.- Modelling Compound Leaves Using Implicit Contours.- Simulating Bird's Eye View.- Synthetic Fireworks.- 5: Volume Rendering.- Fundamentals of Volume Visualization.- Fast Volume Rendering with Embedded Geometric Primitives.- An Adaptive Incremental Sampling Approximation to Volume Rendering.- Fast Traverse of Irregular Volumes.- Rendering of Density Clouds and Surfaces Using the Ray Casting Technique.- 6: Isosurfaces.- Recovering and Visualizing Complex Shapes from Range Data.- Octree Pruning for Variable-Resolution Isosurfaces.- Visualization of Generalized Multiple Molecular Surfaces.- 7: Rendering.- Rendering of Outdoor Scenes.- Scientific Documentary Animation: How Much Accuracy Is Enough?.- Exact Ray Tracing of CSG Models by Preserving Boundary Information.- A Shading Model of Parallel Cylindrical Light Sources.- 8: Computer-Aided Geometric Design.- Primitive Geometric Operations on Planar Algebraic Curves with Gaussian Approximation.- SYDEM: A New Approach to Computer-Aided Design of Assemblies and Assemblability Testing.- Shape Feature Decomposition of Regularized Objects.- 9: Interpolation and Fitting.- Everywhere-G2-Continuous Interpolation with C2 Gregory Patches.- A Surface Interpolating Method for a Car-Styling Designer's CAD Work Tool.- Fitting 3D Curves to Unorganized Data Points Using Deformable Curves.- 10: Sweep Methods.- Approximate General Sweep Boundary of 2D Object.- Visualization of Swept Hyperpatch Solids.- Integrated Homotopy Sweep Technique for Computer-Aided Geometric Design.- 11: Hidden Surface and Hidden Curve Algorithms.- Hidden Curve Elimination of Trimmed Surfaces Using Bézier Clipping.- Toward a Fuzzy Hidden Surface Algorithm.- 12: Raster Technologies.- Antialiasd Bresenham Lines for X Implementation.- On Optimal Line Rasterization.- 13: Rules- and Constraints-Based Coding.- A Unified Framework for Constraint-Based Modeling.- FLEXI: An Experimental Constraint-Based Modeling System.- PictureEditorII: A Conversational Graphical Editing System Considering the Degree of Constraint.- Datastructures for Rule-Based and Genetic Design.- 14: Animation.- Animation Based on the Interaction of L-Systems with Vector Force Fields.- Controlling the Complexity of Objects Based on Polygonal Meshes.- Motion Planning in Three Dimensions Using Cyclides.- 15: Dynamic and Kinematic Modeling.- Adaptive Time-Step Solution of Dynamic Models for Computer Animation.- Control of a Multi-Joint Arm Using a Trial-and-Error Heuristic and a Neural Network.- Using Dynamic Bounding Volume Hierarchies To Improve Efficiency of Rigid Body Simulations.- Animating Non-Rigid Objects: Computer Vision Techniques Applied to Physical-Based Models.- 16: Tools and Environments.- Advanced Interaction, Multi-Media and Visualization - The Enabling Computer Graphics Techniques for Computer- Based Distant Education and Industrial Training.- Integrating Computer Graphics and Computer Vision for Industrial Applications.- Experimental Digital Video/Audio Storage Server.- An Interactive Observation Tool for Time-Varying Physical Values Distributed in 3D Fields.- Simulation of Surgical Operations Based on Solid Modeling.- PIX: An Object-Oriented Network Graphics Environment.- Conference Committees.- List of Sponsors.- List of Technical Reviewers.- List of Contributors.- Citation Index.- Keyword Index.