Vivian Maier: Street Photographer

Hardcover | November 16, 2011

byVivian MaierEditorJohn MaloofContribution byGeoff Dyer

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Please note that all blank pages in the book were chosen as part of the design by the publisher.

A good street photographer must be possessed of many talents: an eye for detail, light, and composition; impeccable timing; a populist or humanitarian outlook; and a tireless ability to constantly shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and never miss a moment. It is hard enough to find these
qualities in trained photographers with the benefit of schooling and mentors and a community of fellow artists and aficionados supporting and rewarding their efforts. It is incredibly rare to find it in someone with no formal training and no network of peers.

Yet Vivian Maier is all of these things, a professional nanny, who from the 1950s until the 1990s took over 100,000 photographs worldwide—from France to New York City to Chicago and dozens of other countries—and yet showed the results to no one. The photos are amazing both for the breadth of the work and for the high quality of the humorous, moving, beautiful, and raw images of all facets of city life in America’s post-war golden age.

It wasn’t until local historian John Maloof purchased a box of Maier’s negatives from a Chicago auction house and began collecting and championing her marvelous work just a few years ago that any of it saw the light of day. Presented here for the first time in print, Vivian Maier: Street Photographer collects the best of her incredible, unseen body of work.

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Please note that all blank pages in the book were chosen as part of the design by the publisher.A good street photographer must be possessed of many talents: an eye for detail, light, and composition; impeccable timing; a populist or humanitarian outlook; and a tireless ability to constantly shoot, shoot, shoot, shoot and never miss a ...

There is still very little known about the life of Vivian Maier. What is known is that she was born in New York in 1926 and worked as a nanny for a family on Chicago’s North Shore during the 50s and 60s. Seemingly without a family of her own, the children she cared for eventually acted as caregivers for Maier herself in the autumn of h...

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Format:HardcoverDimensions:136 pages, 11.3 × 10.1 × 0.7 inPublished:November 16, 2011Publisher:powerHouse BooksLanguage:English

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Customer Reviews of Vivian Maier: Street Photographer


Rated 5 out of 5 by from Nanny with a camera. It is a delicious feeling when you discover something new, and the rest of the world is just discovering it too. I saw the documentary film about Ms. Maier that Mr. Maloof made recently to document how he acquired all of her belongings, how hard he worked to get the world to see what a massive talent she was, and ultimately how Ms. Maier came to the end of her shadowed and unstable life. After seeing the film and understanding where and how she was raised, I got the impression that these images were really about her seeing herself thru the faces of these unfortunate souls. She wasn't a voyeur, and she wasn't in-your-face with the lens. I sensed that there was literally no emotional distance at all between herself and her subjects, hence the pictures were stuffed full of life and honest human emotion that she was incapable of showing on her own. Buy this book, and any others that talk about her. She was a brilliant artist, an Andy Warhol in her time. She may have hated having all this attention, but I believe she knows that in doing so we honor her efforts and her talent, Mr. Maloof has dedicated a huge part of his young life to bring us this work. Don't pass this one up.
Date published: 2014-07-28
Rated 4 out of 5 by from This one's a keeper...! For dedicated aficionados of Street Photography, the discovery in 2007 at a Chicago thrift auction of enigmatic "outsider artist" Vivian Maier's cache of 150,000+ negatives is like the appearance to astronomers of a new planet in our solar system. Maier, who spent most of her very private life working as a nanny, quietly documented street life and architecture—in this book, mainly New York and Chicago—revealing to no one her ability to capture compelling, intimate and insightful moments of everyday life with uncanny artistry and technical skill. Her work seems an agglomeration of many of the established names in Street Photography (Arbus, Evans, Weegee, Frank) and presumably she was aware of, and influenced by these and other contemporaries. While informed by these masters, there's no mistaking her own singular talent; you have an eye or you don't, and I for one am jealous. Debate swirls in the academic circles as to her place in 20th century photography, so while they bicker, treat yourself to a collection of inspiring, confident, "art for art's sake" photographs from this stellar newbie.
Date published: 2012-11-24

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Editorial Reviews

John Maloof's documentary, Finding Vivian Maier, was nominated for a 2015 Academy Award!"Her work alternately brings to mind Lisette Model, Leon Levinstein, Harry Callahan, Garry Winogrand, Weegee, Helen Levitt and Robert Frank. But the uncracked nut at the core of her mystery is this: Why didn't Vivian Maier show anyone her pictures?"-Wall Street Journal"Saved from obscurity, the work of an unknown street photographer is, at last, coming out of the shadows."-Anthony Mason, CBS News"An unassuming Chicago baby sitter named Vivian Maier was one of the pioneers of street photography.  But for 60 years, nobody knew it."-The New York Times Style Magazine“An undiscovered artist whose photography is now being compared to the giants, a reclusive woman who, in death, is attracting the kind of attention and acclaim she would have shunned in life.” -The Huffington Post "Show-cased in the new book Vivian Maier: Street Photographer, out this month from powerHouse-rivet the viewer with the extreme vulnerability of her subjects."-Vanity Fair"[Maier] is a gifted visual thinking with a strong sense of self. Through [her] lens, self-shadows and window reflections are deftly composed more about context than the figure at the center"-American Photo"A combination of straight forward portraits, mirrored reflections and abstract self-portrayals, the collection...attempts to put a face to the name that's most recently captured the photography world's attention" -The Huffington Post