Vth International Congress On X-ray Optics And Microanalysis / V. Internationaler Kongre Fur Rontgenoptik Und Mikroanalyse / Ve Congres International  by Gottfried MöllenstedtVth International Congress On X-ray Optics And Microanalysis / V. Internationaler Kongre Fur Rontgenoptik Und Mikroanalyse / Ve Congres International  by Gottfried Möllenstedt

Vth International Congress On X-ray Optics And Microanalysis / V. Internationaler Kongre Fur…

byGottfried MöllenstedtEditorK.H. Gaukler

Paperback | November 20, 2013 | French

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The Fifth International Congress on X-Ray Optics and Microanalysis was organized by the Institute of Applied Physics at Tübingen University in Western Germany from September 9th through 14th, 1968. Since 1956, when the First Conference was arranged in Cambridge, England by one of the pioneers in this field, V. E. CossLETT, the experts in the fields of X-Ray Optics and Microanalysis have met every third year to exchange their scientific experiences. Later meetings were held at Uppsala, Sweden in 1959, at Stanford, California in 1962, and at Orsay, Francein 1965. The participants in the 1968 Conference came from the following countries: Germany 140, France 60, Great Britain 55, USA 20, Netherlands 16, Switzerland 12, Austria 9, Sweden 7, Belgium 6, Japan 5, Italy 4, two each from Israel, Yugoslavia, Canada, Norway, Hungary and one each from Argentine, Poland, South Africa. As at the latest congress in Paris the following central topics were treated: General problems of X-ray optics, physical bases of electron beam microanalysis, quantitative problems of X-ray microanalysis, instrumentation, microdiffraction, applications to metal­ lurgy, mineralogy, and biology. An exhibition showing some of the most modern instruments formed an important part of the conference. The Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, deserves thanks for the careful and speedy work they have performed in printing these conference proceedings. We are further indebted to all contributors of this volume for their kind cooperation. Tübingen, August 1969 G. MöLLENSTEDT and K. H.
Title:Vth International Congress On X-ray Optics And Microanalysis / V. Internationaler Kongre Fur…Format:PaperbackDimensions:612 pagesPublished:November 20, 2013Publisher:Springer-Verlag/Sci-Tech/TradeLanguage:French

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Table of Contents

X-Ray Optics.- Present State of X-Ray Interferometry.- X-Ray Reflection Optics (Recent Developments).- The Figuring of an Aspherical X-Ray Lens.- Untersuchung zur ASR (Anomalous Surface Reflection) von Röntgenstrahlen einer Mikrofokus-Röntgenröhre.- Grazing Incidence X-Ray Telescopes.- Application of X-Ray Optical Methods in Solar Astronomy.- Detection of Weak X-Ray Sources by Image Integration.- Resolution Error Correction of Small Angle Scattering Data Using Hermite Functions.- Electron Probe Microanalysis. Physical Bases.- Principles and Limitations of Electron Probe Microanalysis.- Recent Progress of Electron Microprobe in Japan.- Measurements of Backscattered Electron Energy Spectra for Primary Beam Energies of 10 to 30 keV.- Peak to Background Ratio in Microprobe Analysis.- A Study of the Deadtime Correction in Electron Probe Microanalysis.- The Measurement of Total Mass per Unit Area and Elemental Weight-Fractions along Line Scans in Thin Specimens.- A Method for Composition Determination of Alloy Thin Films.- An Experimental Method for Determining the Depth Distribution of Characteristic X-Rays in Electron Microprobe Specimens.- Electron Probe Microanalysis. Quantitative Analysis.- Etat actuel des méthods quantitatives d'analyse par sonde électronique.- Présentation d'un programme de calcul sur ordinateur des diverses corrections à appliquer aux analyses à la microsonde électronique.- Programme de calcul de l'intensité des rayons X émis en microanalyse à sonde électronique et analyse quantitative.- Formulae for Absorption Correction with Regard to Indirect Excitation of K, L and M Lines.- Accuracy of Atomic Number and Absorption Corrections in Electron Probe Microanalysis.- Propagation of Errors in Correction Models for Quantitative Electron Probe Microanalysis.- Prüfung der Korrekturen für Ordnungszahl, Absorption und sekundäre Fluoreszenz an metallischen Zweistofflegierungen mit nur je einem Matrixeffekt.- Eine empirische Methode zur quantitativen chemischen Analyse von Mikroteilchen mit der Mikrosonde.- The Magnitude of the "Continuous" Fluorescence Correction in Electronprobe Analysis.- An Attempt for Quantitative Procedure.- Analyse quantitative d'echantillons minces.- Phenomenes de fluorescence aux limites de phases.- Die Massenschwächungskoeffizienten der Kohlenstoff-K?-Linie in Abhängigkeit von der Ordnungszahl.- Messung des Massenabsorptionskoeffizienten in Kohlenstoff im Wellenbereich 10 bis 70 Å.- Instrumentation.- Recent Advances in Instrumentation for Microprobe Analysis.- A Precision Linear X-Ray Spectrometer.- Iron-Free Lenses for Electron Probe Forming Systems.- Elektronische Techniken für die Elektronenstrahl-Mikroanalyse.- Elektronenstrahl-Mikroanalyse mit der Elmisonde: Arbeitstechnik und Analysemöglichkeiten.- A Microanalysis Attachment for the Elmiskop I.- Performance Analysis of a Combined Electron Microscope and Electron Probe Microanalyser "EMMA".- A Shielded X-Ray Microprobe for the Analysis of Radioactive Samples.- Analysis of Radioactive Materials by Means of an Electron Microprobe Demonstrated on UO2-Mo and UO2-Zircalloy Fuel Cermets.- The TPD Electron Probe X-Ray Micro Analyzer.- New Spectrometers and Accessories for the Electron Microprobe.- Geräte und Methoden zur quantitativen Gefügecharakterisierung der Mikrosonde.- Der Vielkanalanalysator als Zusatzgerät zur Mikrosonde für the Spurenanalyse und die Analyse mit geringen Strömen.- Développement d'accessoires adaptables au microanalyseur à sonde électronique pour l'étude des inclusions.- Sélecteur de fréquences X pour le rayonnement synchrotron. Etude de la réflexion spéculaire entre 6 et 14 Å.- Microanalysis in the Transmission Electron Microscope by Selected Area Electron Spectrometry.- Microanalysis by Electron Energy Analysis with a Cylindrical Magnetic Lens.- Effect of Electron Source to Energy Resolution in Electron Velocity Analysis - Interpretation of Boersch Effect.- Microanalyseur par émission ionique secondaire.- Microanalysis with a Proton-Probe.- Microanalyse d'une surface solide par iono-luminescence.- A High Resolution Electron Microscope for Conventional Imaging and Scanning Mode of Operation.- Development of a Scanning Electron Mirror Microscope.- Computer Controlled Scanning Electron Microscope.- A New Scanning Electron Microscope.- A Combined Scanning Electron Microscope/Electron Microprobe Analyzer.- Photo Emission Electron Microscopy.- Röntgenemissionsspektrometrie von Elementen niedriger Ordnungszahl (Z diagrammes de diffraction en rayonnement X divergent.- Metallurgical and Mineralogical Applications.- Advances in the Metallurgical Application of Electron Probe Microanalysis.- Mineralogical Applications of the Electron-Probe Microanalyser.- Standards and Correction Procedures in Electron-Probe. Analysis of Rock-Forming Minerals.- Specimen Damage During Microprobe Analysis of Silicate Glasses.- Investigation of Ni-Zn Ferrite Formation by Electron Probe Microanalyser.- An Electron Microprobe Analysis of Cu2?x Layers Chemiplated on Single Crystals and Thin Films of CdS.- Application of X-Ray Microanalyser to Cast Iron "Relation between Few Elements of Nodular Graphite Cast Iron and Nodular Graphite".- Absorberstrommessungen an Mehrphasensystemen.- Die Anwendung der Mikrosonde bei der Aufstellung von Mehrstoffsystemen.- Trace Elements in Ferro-Alloy Deoxidants and their Influence on Non-Metallic Inclusion Compositions.- Untersuchungen an supraleitenden Diffusionsschichten mit einer Elektronenstrahlmikrosonde.- Untersuchung von Diffusionsvorgängen an Mehrstoff-Gleitlagern mit der Elektronenstrahl-Mikrosonde.- The Influence of Surface Treatment on the Diffusivity in the Surface Layers of Stainless Steels.- Investigation of Hard Magnetic Materials by Small Angle Diffraction of Neutrons.- Mesure d'homogénéité des mélanges de poudres par micro-analyse a sonde électronique.- Analyse des précipités extraits sur repliques, à l'aide d'un microanalyseur classique et d'un microanalyseur équipé d'un microscope électronique.- Diffusion chimique Zinc-Nickel. Coefficients de diffusion intrinsèques.- Electron Probe Microanalysis of Ti (C, N) and Zr (C, N) in Steel.- Bestimmung der Grenzflächenenergie zwischen Zementit-Partikeln und Ferrit-Matrix mit Hilfe der Ostwald-Reifung.- Die Röntgenröhrenspannung als Einflußgröße bei der quantitativen RFA.- Messungen der Dichte dünner Aufdampfschichten.- Biological Applications.- Biological Work Using Microfluorescence Analysis.- Biological Applications of Projection X-Ray Microscopy.- Comparison between X-Ray Fluorescence and Ultra-Micro Flame Photometric Analyses of the Electrolyte Content in Single Cells.- X-Ray Histochemistry Used for Simultaneous Demonstration of Neurones and Capillaries in the Human Brain.- Histochimie par spectrographie des R X.- The Application of Microprobe Analysis to Biology.- Electron Microprobe Studies on the Mineralization Process of Tooth and Bone.- Electron Probe Microanalysis of Filled Human Teeth.- Zerstörungsfreie Analyse von Zahnhartsubstanzen mit der Elektronenstrahlmikrosonde.- The Correlation of Bone Mineral with Body Build and Bone Turnover.- The Correlation between Microradiography and Scanning Electron Microscopy of Bone Section Surfaces.