Warriors by Barbara Galler-smithWarriors by Barbara Galler-smith


byBarbara Galler-smith, Josh Langston

Paperback | June 28, 2013

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Part three of the DRUIDS trilogy.
The final book of the DRUIDS trilogy tells a tumultuous tale of the Druidic battle to save their tribes, to protect their children and to preserved their culture, as the brutal soldiers of Julius Caesar's army invades their lands.
History is written by victors,
but the vanquished also have a powerful tale to tell.

In 57 BC the Druidic men and women of ancient Gaul banded together to battle against Julius Caesar's campaign to rule the world.
Though the Gauls also faced hostile and bloody conflicts within their own tribes, they worked together to fight against the Roman invasion.
Remarkably, though war was an integral part of their everyday life, they found ways to celebrate their Druidic traditions and act on their most tender passions for life.

Barbara Galler-Smith resides in Edmonton with John, her fabulously supportive husband, and two incredibly cute Yorkshire terriers. After a hiatus from everything but working for money and pet care brochures, she returned to the quirky world of writing science fiction and fantasy.She's a member of Edmonton's Science Fiction and Fantasy ...
Title:WarriorsFormat:PaperbackDimensions:336 pages, 5.5 × 8.5 × 1 inPublished:June 28, 2013Publisher:EDGE Science Fiction and Fantasy PublishingLanguage:English

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Crows. Arienne shivered at the envoys of evil and crossed herself with the sign of the Goddess when they flew over the rampart she guarded. So many! As they spread out to feed amid the tender spring grasses of the commons, Arienne pulled a sling from her belt and slipped a smooth river stone into the supple leather pouch. She liked the feel of the weapon dangling from her hand as she judged which of the birds would make the best target. No one in the village would miss them or their baneful influence.Before she could begin her windup, her uncle climbed the ladder to the catwalk. He towered over her, his giant stature and dark features made all the more striking by his soft voice and easy manner. “I’ll wager a meal you miss.”Arienne looked up at him and laughed. “One of your meals, Uncle Vertimus, or mine? I want to know how long I’ll go hungry if I lose.”“You don’t sound very confident.”“Confidence and knowledge are different sides of the same coin,” she said, quoting her teacher, Driad Rhonwen. “Besides, if you think I lack the skill, you should be willing to bet more than just a meal.”Vertimus crossed his arms and leaned back against the wall. He nodded toward the crows. “Send one of them through the Cauldron and I’ll stand a night watch for you. Fair enough?”  “Aye.” She grinned. “No trickery now.” Vertimus made a great show of sitting on his hands and looking at the sky.Arienne whirled the sling over her head and let the stone fly. It hit the nearest crow and sent the bird screeching sideways with one leg crushed and its feathers splayed. The other crows took flight while their injured companion flopped around in the grass.Vertimus raised an eyebrow.Arienne exhaled heavily and started to climb down from the wall.“Finish it from here,” he said, “or can’t you hit a moving target?”In a single fluid motion, she stepped to the wall, whipped a stone into the leather sling, and sent it hurtling toward the crow. The missile bounced harmlessly two paces wide of the mark.“Best three out of four?”She grumbled and placed a third stone in her sling. Concentrating, she let it fly this stone landing more solidly than the first. The crow collapsed and lay still as a few black feathers floated slowly to the ground.

Editorial Reviews

“Josh Langston and Barbara Galler-Smith have written a magnificent epic — richly detailed, exciting, dramatic, and compelling. This is the debut of a major writing team; don’t miss it.” — Robert J. Sawyer, Hugo Award-winning author of “Hominids”