Welcome to Zombietowne: Deadsperate Times: A Zombie Suspense Caper, #1 by BL Bierley

Welcome to Zombietowne: Deadsperate Times: A Zombie Suspense Caper, #1

byBL Bierley

Kobo ebook | February 15, 2017

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Zombies in cages.

Corporations at war.

It's hard to make a profit off the living dead anymore.

Twenty years after the Great Undeadening, the once-great zombological preserve Zombietowne has fallen on hard times. Now, they have one shot to get back on top—but they didn't count on Quinn Quigley.

This story has it all: romance, action, intrigue, corporate positioning, zombies, guns, bullets, fast cars, board rooms, friendships, secrets, lies, grass and dirt, uh, punching, yelling, crying, mysterious brown vans, suburban ennui, high school, eating, people with glasses, people without glasses, guns, big trucks, uh, a dog, uh, time progressing in a linear fashion, movie titles...AND MORE!

So if you haven't started reading it already, what are you waiting for? The end of this description?

Well it's over! Now!

Author Interview

What is it that makes Welcome to Zombietowne unique in the zombie genre?
Well, it's not really a genre book, per se. It's got zombies in it, and it draws a lot on the rules and the mythology that surround typical zombie-uprising scenarios. But in my book, the uprising happened two decades ago. The world these characters live in is just informed by that. Because there's zombies.

So it's a zombie book.
Yes and no. Like I said, it's got a big zombie element to it, kind of the way Robocop has a big "cyborg" element to it, but it's really about so much more, and dips into so many other categories. There's a bit of fantasy, a bit of drama, some suspense, and it's also kind of a caper. There's something for everyone.

Sounds like your book covers a lot of ground.
Oh, I was still talking about Robocop. But yeah, now that you mention it, that stuff applies to my book, too.

Is it an ongoing series, or just a collection of stories?
Well they made Robocop 2 and 3, but I only like the first two. If you're talking about the TV series, I think it was pretty episodic.

I was talking about your books again. That's kind of the whole point of this.
Oh. Right. Definitely an ongoing series. This is a highly-serialized dark comedy. Each book definitely has its own plot and its own arc, but you wouldn't watch Empire Strikes Back by itself and be satisfied. I mean, maybe a psychopath would, but. You know, I'm going to go on record as saying that if you're a psychopath, feel free to read the books in any order you like, or read only one or two. Everyone else, you should start with Book 1 and go from there.

Is there anything else you'd like people to know?
Yes. I want everyone to know that the scientific name for the Western Lowland Gorilla is gorilla gorilla gorilla. I just think that's worth knowing.

Title:Welcome to Zombietowne: Deadsperate Times: A Zombie Suspense Caper, #1Format:Kobo ebookPublished:February 15, 2017Publisher:BL BierleyLanguage:English

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