What Nobody Knew: A Reincarnation Mystery by Arthur S. Berger

What Nobody Knew: A Reincarnation Mystery

byArthur S. Berger

Kobo ebook | June 21, 2013

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Although many years have passed since her husband Erik was killed in World War Two, Sarah Zukor still grieves for the man of her dreams. She uses a ouija board to contact him and one message it spelled out was “I will come back.” So when Sarah learns that seven-year old Paul Kelly of Miami claims that he lived before as Erik Zukor, she believes that her love has returned to her. However, her euphoria is shattered when skeptics dismiss the child’s claim that he is the soldier reborn as lies or imagination. Sarah turns to world-famous reincarnation researcher Professor John Aldrich and begs him to investigate and confirm for the world the reincarnation of her husband. A series of strange events – his father suddenly bursting into flames, the psychic experiences of his wife and a handwritten will scrawled by an illiterate man – all had led to Aldrich’s entry into parapsychology and his interest in the paranormal and reincarnation. His pioneering and meticulous investigations in India into the cases of children remembering prior lives had been the alarm clock that had awakened many people to the realization that reincarnation might be a real phenomenon but here was the problem: there had never been such a case in America - a fact that had not escaped Aldrich’s critics like Professor Simon Garnett and other critics who rejected reincarnation as an article of Eastern religious beliefs. So, when Sarah comes to him, Aldrich agrees to take the case: it may be the American case for which he had been waiting and that will silence critics. But can he verify the boy’s claims, show that the case is not fraudulent and that reincarnation is the best explanation for it so that it will count as evidence confirming the reality of reincarnation? To make Aldrich’s investigation scientifically and methodologically sound, Berger, although himself a veteran researcher, was inspired by the late Ian Stevenson, the most prominent reincarnation investigator in the world, and drew on his methods. What Nobody Knew: A Reincarnation Mystery is a must-read story for those readers who want to know how a claim of reincarnation is scientifically investigated with sound methodology to see if it is authentic. But all readers will soon discover that the story goes beyond describing a scientific investigation. Its roots are dark and tangled with skepticism, the paranormal, lies, revenge. Questions arise: Why is a hand-written will hotly contested? Aldrich is dying of Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Will he have the will and the time to complete his investigation? Meanwhile, Sarah is terrified. Why has she become the prey of a mafia hitman? What surprise ending turns the case upside down and then rightside up again? One reviewer said, “I give this book five stars. It is far more than a compelling page turner, a tale of intrigue and mystery that winds around decades and continents. It is also a love story that travels through time.” Another reviewer said, “This is the best reincarnation fiction I’ve ever come across…The story is all-in-one. It combines everything you want in a story: good writing, years of research, insight, originality, a fascinating plot, interesting subplots and an unexpected ending. I rate it as a five star must-read.” A third reviewer wrote: “Absolutely FIVE stars! I loved reading Berger's newest book; it is so much rolled into one "can't wait to pick it up again" book.’
Title:What Nobody Knew: A Reincarnation MysteryFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:June 21, 2013Publisher:Arthur S. BergerLanguage:English

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