White Out

January 11, 2017|
White Out
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Deep under the arctic ice, danger waits. A weapon too powerful for the men who built it, a weapon hidden for generations. Soon that weapon will be unleashed on an unsuspecting earth.
Cole Samson, marine salvage operator, has been hired to explore an underwater oil bed. He becomes part of the experimental flight of the hybrid airship, Leviathan, designed to reach the remotest regions of the planet. When he discovers a mysterious artifact under the arctic ice, he becomes trapped in dangerous conspiracy directed by the highest echelons of political power.
Dr Alistair Minton, professor of Geology, leads the discovery team. His university sabbatical turns into a deadly cat and mouse game when he encounters an old rival trying to steal his claim to the massive oil deposit, a rival who will commit mass murder to get what he wants.
Gregor Steltstin, ex Red Army, is a man driven by his past. Indebted to a shadowy organization, the former soldier must follow their orders and help commit horrific acts of terrorism, or face a deadly punishment for failure. Samson’s discovery might be Strelstin’s escape from the global reach of his ‘masters.’
About this book. White Out is a fast paced thriller about international conspiracy, futuristic technology, and the weaponing of science for geopolitical interests instead of mankind’s benefit. Its engaging, complex characters, set against the historical backdrop of the Cold War, and thought provoking themes will remain with you long after the book is finished.

Title:White Out
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:January 11, 2017
Publisher:Tom Mykytiuk
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781370437108

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