Wildcard by Marie Lu


byMarie Lu

Kobo ebook | September 18, 2018

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**An Instant New York Times Bestseller!

Return to the immersive, action-packed world of Warcross in this thrilling sequel from #1 New York Times bestselling author Marie Lu**

Emika Chen barely made it out of the Warcross Championships alive. Now that she knows the truth behind Hideo's new NeuroLink algorithm, she can no longer trust the one person she's always looked up to, who she once thought was on her side.

Determined to put a stop to Hideo's grim plans, Emika and the Phoenix Riders band together, only to find a new threat lurking on the neon-lit streets of Tokyo. Someone's put a bounty on Emika's head, and her sole chance for survival lies with Zero and the Blackcoats, his ruthless crew. But Emika soon learns that Zero isn't all that he seems--and his protection comes at a price.

Caught in a web of betrayal, with the future of free will at risk, just how far will Emika go to take down the man she loves?

In this explosive sequel to the New York Times bestselling Warcross, Marie Lu delivers an addictive finale that will hold you captive till the very last page.

Title:WildcardFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:September 18, 2018Publisher:Penguin Young Readers GroupLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from A Futuristic, Fast-Paced, Ingenious Book Warcross, the prequel to Wildcard, was one of my FAVOURITE books of last year. Marie Lu managed to BLOW ME AWAY with her stunning world, the plot filled with twists and turns and mostly, Hideo and Emika. I didn’t know what to expect after the cover was so… underwhelming, but THE BOOK WAS JUST JAW-DROPPING PERFECTION. I was so nervous going into Wildcard because it’s HARD for sequels to meet expectations, but Marie Lu is a BRILLIANT WRITER and she somehow managed to keep the pace, the romance, the friendship, the game, technology and virtual reality on par with Warcross AND ALSO managed to end it in a satisfying manner. On another, not so zen note, I NEED ABOUT EIGHT MORE BOOKS IN THIS WORLD, CENTRED AROUND Roshan and Tremaine or Asher and Hammie with Hideo and Emika in the background because I love EVERYTHING about this futuristic world. MY THOUGHTS: 1. Wildcard is such a visually appealing book, especially the hardcover. I LOVE the green, black and blue combination! (Sorry. My amateur/ constantly learning graphic designer sensibilities comes out all the time now and is currently making me type this out.) 2. There was SO MUCH I loved about this book, but especially the world-building and pace. The descriptions of what the Neuro-Link, Warcross and Tokyo in general were so futuristic and magical that it was hard not to get sucked in and lose all sense of time and physical surroundings. 3. I LOVED the friendship between the Phoenix Riders, Hammie, Asher and Roshan in particular. They were such loyal, all-in friends and truly amazing characters. I also ADORED Roshan and Tremaine. 4. I went into Wildcard thinking I had all the information I needed and that there would be no twists, because almost everything had been revealed in Warcross, but I WAS SO WRONG. We learnt almost nothing of what really happened all those years ago in the prequel and as Marie Lu un-spun her tale, I kept flipping the pages in shock and awe because, trust me, if you’ve read Warcross, YOU WOULD’VE NEVER SEEN THIS COMING. 5. I’ll just end with saying that Hideo and Emika are life, and I LOVED the way this book ended. Would I recommend it? YES! With the duology complete, it’s the PERFECT time to dive into Marie Lu’s best series to date. A futuristic, fast-paced, gorgeously plotted novel with characters and twists that will make you remember why you fell in love reading in the first place! 5 stars to this book and this series.
Date published: 2018-11-27
Rated 4 out of 5 by from A Most Exciting End! While I haven't been dying to read Wildcard it has been a most anticipated book for me this year. Warcross really opened my eyes. Yes, I know there have been a few futuristic novels before this duology came along (most notably Ready Player One) but my first taste was with Warcross so I was majorly impressed! Wildcard picks up shortly where Warcross left off. Emika is racing against time to stop Hideo from gaining total control of the population through his NeuroLink. The story was super stimulating. I could never anticipate what the next move would be. The chase scenes, the technical maneuvers and the emotional conflicts all heightened the already high stakes. Tension and chaos permeated the atmosphere. This duology would make a pretty awesome big screen adaptation! Marie Lu really made me care for her characters. Emika has had to make some difficult choices but she stood firm in what she believed in. The Phoenix Riders were amazing with their unwavering support. Hideo was harder to predict but I will say he lived up to my expectations. Even though they were on opposing sides throughout Wildcard, Emika and Hideo's stolen moments made me happy. More than anyone else the two of them deserve happiness! It was quite heartbreaking to learn of what happened to Sasuke. Hearing it reminded me of this Chinese drama I used to love when I was younger. What a twist Zero turned out to be. His real form blew my mind. I honestly wouldn't have thought to think of it. A big round of applause to Marie Lu! Wildcard is a fantastic finale. It cleaned up all the loose threads while leaving some things open to our imagination. If you're a reader and a gamer then this duology will definitely appeal to you. It was eye-opening for me even though I'm not much of a player!
Date published: 2018-11-16
Rated 4 out of 5 by from As incredible as its prequel! 4.5 ⭐️ Marie Lu said it herself in her acknowledgements, Wildcard is that kid who always gets called to the principal’s office. It wasn’t perfect, and there are many things that could have been explored deeper (mainly the 3 pairs: Jax and Sasuke, Roshan and Tremaine, Hammie and Asher). But it’s still a pretty good ending. There are as many twists and turns in Wildcard as there were in Warcross. Emika is facing something much bigger than herself and needs all the help she can get to unravel the mysteries of the NeuroLink. Some allies are unexpected, as are the real enemies. I remember finishing Warcross and being so mad at Hideo for what he did. I am still a bit mad at him, but Marie Lu makes you understand why he ended up there and you slowly realize that he plotted all this when he was a teenager. Teenagers don’t think clearly. And Hideo having gone through his brother’s disappearrance obviously had a big trauma that did not help his decision-making skills. There’s plenty of action in this book to content all the sci-fi fans, while those who crave more character development will be served. While Hideo was the brother we focussed on more in the first book, Zero has the biggest arc here. His allegeance is ambiguous until the very end, and you never really know what he’ll do until you finally meet Sasuke. A very good ending to a duology that retains its #1 spot in my heart for videogame stories.
Date published: 2018-11-04
Rated 4 out of 5 by from Awesome! This was one of my most anticipated books of 2018. I was a bit apprehensive when I saw mixed reviews but I still wanted to see for myself how this duology ended. I really had no idea how this story was going to pick up after Warcross and I was so surprised! The mystery of Zero was definitely more complicated than I could have have guessed, it was so crazy. We finally get a bit more character development from Hammie, Roshan, Asher and Tremaine as well. Jacks was a new character who I liked, I really enjoyed her ending. Even with everything that Hideo did in the first book as well I was still rotting for him and Emika to be together. This is a pretty quick series to read and I would recommend it if you enjoyed Marie Lu's other books. It also has some Ready Player One vibes, but it's a lot more tame.
Date published: 2018-10-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from AMAZING!!! I've been waiting for this sequel for sooooo long, and I can't tell you how happy I am that it's here. My hopes were pretty high, given how the last book ended... and I was not disappointed! The story started off a little slow, focusing more on characters and build-up, all so it can explode in the middle. From there, it's a wild ride that had me flipping pages so I could find out what happened next. The story was completely fantastic and beautiful with its emotion. I could literally feel my heart pound near the end, and everything turned out the way it needed to. I was very happy to learn more about all the beloved side characters and their pasts, as well as new and complicated character, Jax. But of course, the two main leads, Emika and Hideo, shone in the spotlight. Emika is always going to be my most favourite rainbow-haired hacker, and Hideo's emotional and mental torment is always a wonderful thing to read. They were almost over shone by Zero and his tragic backstory. Almost... but I may have been playing favourites. The world is always fantastic and I really don't want to leave it behind. The pacing is spot on and the action is always intense and thrilling. I really can't recommend this duology enough to lovers of cyberpunk, strong women, romance, and fierce bonds of friendship. It's truly one of a kind!
Date published: 2018-09-27
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wildcard did not disappoint Wildcard did not disappoint, at all. Marie Lu has a brilliant writing style and the ability to craft an interesting, original world and cast of characters. I loved this story, the constant plot twists, and I loved having the chance to learn more about Emika, Hideo, Sasuke and the other characters. I cannot wait to read more books by Marie Lu in the future. If you loved Warcross, chances are you will love this one too; I know I did.
Date published: 2018-09-21
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Exciting! These covers look so good, cannot wait for the second instalment in the Warcross series!
Date published: 2018-08-10