Wings Unseen by Rebecca Gomez FarrellWings Unseen by Rebecca Gomez Farrell

Wings Unseen

byRebecca Gomez Farrell

Paperback | August 22, 2017

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"Compelling, entertaining, and enlightening, Wings Unseen is a fantastic read!" - Jeffe Kennedy, award-winning author of The Twelve Kingdoms series

"With a talon-like hook, Wings Unseen will grab you and not let you go." - Mur Lafferty, award-winning author of The Shambling Guide to New York City

To end a civil war, Lansera's King Turyn relinquished a quarter of his kingdom to create Medua, exiling all who would honor greed over valor to this new realm on the other side of the mountains. The Meduans and Lanserim have maintained an uneasy truce for two generations, but their ways of life are as compatible as oil and water.

When Vesperi, a Meduan noblewoman, kills a Lanserim spy with a lick of her silver flame, she hopes the powerful display of magic will convince her father to name her as his heir. She doesn't know the act will draw the eye of the tyrannical Guj, Medua's leader, or that the spy was the brother of Serrafina Gavenstone, the fiancèe of Turyn's grandson, Prince Janto. As Janto sets out for an annual competition on the mysterious island of Braven, Serra accepts an invitation to study with the religious Brotherhood, hoping for somewhere to grieve her brother's murder in peace. What she finds instead is a horror that threatens both countries, devouring all living things and leaving husks of skin in its wake.

To defeat it, Janto and Serra must learn to work together with the only person who possesses the magic that can: the beautiful Vesperi, whom no one knows murdered Serra's brother. An ultimate rejection plunges Vesperi forward toward their shared destiny, with the powerful Guj on her heels and the menacing beating of unseen wings all about.

Readers of all ages will enjoy Wings Unseen, Rebecca Gomez Farrell's first full-length novel. It is a fully-imagined epic fantasy with an unforgettable cast of characters.

In all but one career aptitude test Rebecca Gomez Farrell has taken, writer has been the #1 result. But when she tastes the salty air and hears the sea lions bark, she wonders if maybe sea captain was the right choice after all. Currently marooned in Oakland, CA, Becca is an associate member of the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers o...
Title:Wings UnseenFormat:PaperbackDimensions:320 pages, 8.76 × 6.13 × 0.85 inPublished:August 22, 2017Publisher:Meerkat Press, LLCLanguage:English

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ISBN - 10:1946154008

ISBN - 13:9781946154002


Rated 5 out of 5 by from Wonderful Stand-Alone Fantasy! This book really surprised me. I went in expecting a cool fantasy setting (and yes it's as good as the blurb makes it sound), some different magic and a really annoying love triangle. I was partially right, and partially wrong. The Not-So Love, Love Triangle So let's deal with the 'three-headed' love triangle first. Is there a love triangle... not really. There are three people who are caught up in each others lives in some unlikely ways and there is some jealousy that happens at some points but it's not like a cat fight over the lead man. Nor is it a caddy fight between the two girls. Instead it's just progression of friendship, possible love and how tough circumstances create unbreakable bonds. The Overall Feel The three perspectives (two gals, one guy) are all equal and none of them feels like a more important character than the other. Kudos to Rebecca Gomez Farrell for pulling this off. It's a hard feat to have equal standing characters in the lead. The magic is really cool. I love how sparse and yet how important it is. The 'enemy' is subjective and yet obvious all at the same time. The politics are brilliant and I adore our lead man's father who accepts that while he never wanted to be King it was his duty. This solid political base that the world is built around is part of what gives Wings Unseen it's unique feel. Of course my favourite character of the three is the morally questionable Vespiri (and she has a snake as her icon!). But don't worry the other two main characters, Jantos and Serra, bring in more than enough sweet, moral, hero traits to make up for any pitfalls Vespiri may have. Additionally they all have real personalities and real faults. Just like real people. I can't emphasis enough how REAL they all felt to me at times. I started wanting to savour this book at the halfway point. Something I rarely do these days. Now, what's the best part about Wings Unseen? It's a STAND ALONE fantasy book! That's not to say that it might have future books; but you can easily read Wings Unseen and have enough closure to feel satisfied. I'd love to see future books (and it's unclear to me if it's going to be a series or not...) but it's also so rare to find stand-alone fantasy novels that I almost want to relish in it's uniqueness this way. Could I find faults in this novel? Of course. But honestly I feel this is a stronger debut than Gilded Cage and I really enjoyed it and gave it four stars. Wings Unseen doesn't have the same plot holes or unexplained circumstances the way a lot of my 4 star fantasy books have had this year and so I've given it 5 stars because I'd happily read it again... is tomorrow too soon?! Please note: I received an eARC of this book from the publisher via NetGalley. This is an honest and unbiased review.
Date published: 2017-10-21

Read from the Book

            It was fortunate Vesperi had convinced her father to let her speak with the spy, Agler, before saying yes to the mummer's proposal. Vesperi would have been a complete laughingstock after his inevitable discovery, forced back into the convent so Lord Sellwyn need never lay eyes on her again. A man who addressed her as "Lady" wasn't one on whom she could hang her future. The more she considered it, the more his pathetic attempt at winning her hand angered her . . . and it had been so long since she had used her talent. She had to hide it until she was ready to show Father how important it could be for him, how invaluable she could be . . . But a little play could be explained away well enough.            The spy sputtered on about teaching her to be a respectable wife or some such nonsense, but he never raised a hand toward her like a true Meduan would have. That final mistake sealed his fate. Vesperi gazed out the tiny window high above her nightstand. Three of the four moons clustered close that night, and she focused on the biggest one-silver-hued Esye. With her middle finger raised, she imagined squeezing the moon by its halo, draining the light from it. Energy flowed into her body and churned within her palm like a hound chasing after its tail.            "Vesperi, what are you doing?"            There was fear in the question-I must be glowing. His rounded eyes reminded her of a lizard's, and then his face went white. She wondered what he saw. The last time, the nun had screamed something about fish scales, and Vesperi had been desperately curious to know how she appeared when channeling the talent ever since. Her hair writhed with the force of strengthening energy, and she breathed in sharply, jabbed her raised finger toward him. A single bolt of silver flashed into his chest, and in seconds, she was alone.            A lick of flame lingered over the pile of ashes then vanished. She was disappointed to see she had burnt the chair to a crisp as well as the man.  At least there were no marks left on the wall. Vesperi could summon her talent, but she did not know how to control it.                      She yelled down the hall. "Servant. Come clean up this mess."            A young girl with bronzed skin scurried inside, keeping her head low.            "Those ashes." Vesperi pointed at the chair. "Sweep them up."            The girl hurried back into the corridor to fetch a broom, deftly sidestepping the incense-shrouded altar to their god, Saeth, that dominated the hall.            A flash of inspiration made Vesperi call after her. "Bring a box with a lid and a quill and paper also." This will be fun.            The girl nodded as she disappeared down the hall, blending in with the shadows.            Vesperi knelt, sticking her hand in the warm ashes. A waterfall of them slipped through her spread fingers. Such a waste. He had been so handsome.

Editorial Reviews

"I would place this book on the shelf next to Anne Aguirre, Veronica Roth, Christopher Paolini, and Ally Condie.  Being a former middle grades English teacher, Wings Unseen would have been on my recommendation list and if any of those former students come knocking, I would not hesitate to tell them about Wings Unseen."