Winter's Captive by June BourgoWinter's Captive by June Bourgo

Winter's Captive

byJune Bourgo

Paperback | October 1, 2011

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Winter’s Captive is a story of one woman’s incredible survival against all odds in the Canadian northern wilderness, and her ensuing emotional and spiritual journey towards empowerment. In her novel, BC author June Bourgo presents her admirably heroic, yet real-to-life protagonist, Georgia Charles, who faces unimaginable adversity on her road to personal enlightenment.

Recently separated from a cheating husband who left her for his pregnant mistress, a vulnerable and dejected Georgia leaves her North Vancouver home to spend a month with a childhood friend in Whitehorse, Yukon Territory. Her pleasant stay in Whitehorse takes an abrupt turn, however, when she is impulsively kidnapped by two bank robbers, only days after discovering that she was five months into her own pregnancy.

Georgia flees her captors and ends up hopelessly lost and alone in the northern wilderness, miles away from civilization. But, with a will to survive fuelled by a mother’s love for her unborn child, she trudges through the forest until she finds a cabin, locked up for the winter, yet stocked with enough provisions for a person to live on for a few months. With no hope of finding her way back to civilization until spring, Georgia must wait out the winter in the cabin, and during that time, give birth to her baby on her own.

Written from Georgia’s perspective, the majority of Bourgo’s novel deals with her remarkable winter stay at the cabin. From the details of her everyday routine, to her encounters with wild animals, to the amazing solo birth of her daughter, Georgia’s physical struggles are extraordinary. However, it is her mental struggles that pose the biggest threat to her survival, and it is her ability to deal with them that truly demonstrates her strength as a woman.

The story of Georgia Charles’s winter in the remote Canadian north is not only a compelling tale of survival, but also an amazing account of a woman’s journey towards personal empowerment and spiritual enlightenment. June Bourgo’s writing inspires readers to connect with her main character on a personal level, while urging them to examine and reflect upon the perceived myths and expectations of human relationships.

June Vivian Bourgo, born and raised in Montreal, currently lives in the beautiful British Columbia interior. Her publishing credits include feature articles for a single-parenting magazine. She finds her inspiration to write from the raw nature and wildlife surrounding her home. Winter’s Captive, her debut novel, was inspired by her pe...
Title:Winter's CaptiveFormat:PaperbackDimensions:250 pages, 8.5 × 5.5 × 0.68 inPublished:October 1, 2011Publisher:Author's Choice Publishing GroupLanguage:English

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Rated 5 out of 5 by from Well written and inspiring story When the husband leaves her for a younger woman, Georgia knows she has to get her stuff together and leaves to spend some time with her best friend where she promptly finds out she's pregnant with the cheating husband. On a shopping trip, she witnesses a robbing and is kidnapped by the robbers but something happens on the way to the place where they plan to kill her. Suddenly, Georgia's strength of character is put to the test when faced with the life-threatening situation of surviving in the wilderness, heavily pregnant. Winter's Captive was a fantastic read with drama and tension from start to finish. It was also mystical in places and really made me consider my worldview. Georgia was a strong heroine, funny and feisty at times, but also vulnerable, which made me like her a lot. This is a suspenseful with a unique voice and plenty of twists and turns. I thoroughly enjoyed it and can only recommend it!
Date published: 2011-09-11
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Fantastic Read! When Georgia receives the shock of her life, she gets in a car and heads off to put some space between her and her cheating husband. Not only has he cheated, but he has gotten his mistress pregnant. And he has no idea she's pregnant too. While on a pit stop, she is an eyewitness to two bank robbers who have just robbed a bank. They abduct her to keep their idenity a secret. Georgia escapes into the middle of nowhere through a blizzard and finds shelter. Thinking she will only be there temporary, she settles into the cabin. The snow never lets up and, finally, she learns the reality of the situation-she is snowed in until spring. Not only does Georgia learn survival skills to stay alive, but she goes on a deep soul searching journey to heal and be at peace. But even at peace, Georgia faces the bigglest battle of her life-the battle to stay alive, to eat, to drink water, stay warm, and fight off wild animals. Georgia finds an inner strength, courage, and determination all women will admire. I couldn't put this book down and fell in love with Georgia and I felt like I was right there with her as she fought to survive. I loved how she handled situations and her personality is spunky. You will find yourself, laughing, crying, and rooting for Gerorgia from beginning to end. It's a fantastic read and I recommend it to everyone. I'm looking forward to book 2 by this author.
Date published: 2011-09-08
Rated 5 out of 5 by from Winter's Captive by June Bourgo I really enjoyed this story. It starts with Georgia's world falling from under her when her husband gets another woman pregnant and runs off with her. Georgia goes into a deep depression, but summons the strength to leave and visit her best friend. On her way, she finds out that she's also pregnant to her scoundrel of a husband but is determined to keep it. The dialogue and thought here are quite hilarious and will appeal to all wronged women. Just before her trip she witnesses a robbery and is kidnapped by the crooks. Tied up in the back of their smelly car, she overhears them plotting to kill her while they think she's asleep, so as soon as they stop for a toilet break, Georgia summons up her courage and manages to escape. Trouble is, she ends up in the wilderness with no food, car, money or anything at all except the baby she's carrying. With the crooks still looking for her, she runs into the snow and the wilderness not knowing what will become of her or how she or her baby will survive with no food. The setting is fabulous and actually makes you feel cold and hungry. Winter's Captive is full of twists and turns and will have you on the edge of your seat. Georgia is quite a character and very witty in her thoughts and her speech. This story will have the reader squirming, laughing and crying, all the ingredients for a good novel in my eyes. A suspenseful story that I really enjoyed. I highly recommend it!
Date published: 2011-09-07

Editorial Reviews

In the pharmacy section I found the vitamins that the doctor had recommended for pregnant women, and a pocket book called What to Expect When You’re Expecting.“Are these for you, dear?” the salesclerk asked. I nodded and she added, “Congratulations.”I smiled proudly. “Thank you.” Wow, I just spontaneously owned my pregnancy. It actually felt good.  I pushed my way through the rear door into the back lane, a shortcut to Marion.A cold, brisk wind whipped my long hair across my face. A good indication that winter was on its way in the north. Stuffing my purchases into my oversized jacket pocket, my wallet slipped to the ground and I stooped down to pick it up.  I heard the sound of running feet and looked up. Two men with backpacks wearing ski masks came charging around the street corner at the far end of the alley. I gasped. The taller one held a revolver. I froze. The shorter man pulled off his mask and threw his pack into a parked car.  His brown, stringy hair hung to his shoulders and his dark eyes were full of surprise as he noticed me crouched down ahead of them.  The two men exchanged looks and nodded. “You drive.” The masked man threw his bag to his partner and headed towards me.  I screamed and pushed myself up to my feet. With little time to run, he caught me by my hood and jerked me to an abrupt stop. “Oh no you don’’re coming with us.” He grasped my hood tighter, pulling my hair as he dragged me backwards.“Ow...let me go!” I cried.  We struggled and I stomped on his foot. He punched me in the stomach, knocking the air out of me.  I fell to my knees clutching my abdomen in pain. Oh no, my baby. Please don’t hurt my baby. The man pulled me to my feet as the unmasked driver stopped the car beside us. A group of people entered the lane.  I screamed. “Help me, please!” They began to yell and one of them ran towards us.  My abductor pointed his gun at him and the man stopped. They stared as my captor slammed me into the back seat.  The masked man jumped in beside me and placed the gun against my head.  “And shut the hell up.” His hiss, like a snake’s, made my skin crawl. I curled up as far back into the seat as possible, wrapping my arms around me to protect my aching stomach, afraid for my baby. I bit my lips to keep from crying out as tears ran down my cheeks.  The engine accelerated and the vehicle sped off down the lane.The car turned one corner and then another, until heading south of town.  I bounced sideways across the seat into my abductor.  Disgusted with feeling him against me, I pushed myself back, grabbed hold of the seat belt and snapped myself in. Police sirens sounded in the distance but I never saw the cars.  The man beside me smacked the driver on the back of the head. “Idiot.”I cowered in the corner of the seat, trying to control my fear. The man next to me yelled at the driver. “I can’t believe you could be so stupid.  We talked about the masks before we hit the bank. We weren’t going to remove them until we were out of the lane. Why’d you do that?  Huh?” “I’m sorry. The lane looked empty. I didn’t see her stooped down on the ground.” “You messed up, jerk!”“I know...I know.” A silence hung in the air. “Gary, how much d’you think we got?”The masked man started to pound the back of the seat. I began to shake and curled myself up into a tight ball. “You stupid son-of-a-bitch. Damn you, anyway,” he said, and pulled his mask off. “Why’d you do that?  Now she knows your face too.”Gary sneered. “Because you just used my name, asshole. She saw your face and now, knows my name.  How long d’you think it’d take the cops to connect me to you and the bank job? We’ve done too much shit together, cousin.”“So what’re we going to do with her?” “Keep her ‘till we know we’re safe,” Gary said.“Then what?” “Let me worry about that.”I stared out the window, wringing my hands together.  My heart thumped. My brain seized with fear. At least the pain in my abdomen stopped and I could breathe again. This is a bad situation. Don’t dwell on what might happen. Think, girl, think.The driver turned up a dirt road and travelled along for a while through a forested area to an opening, and then parked beside a white Dodge cargo van.  “Out of the car.” Gary grabbed me by the arm and shoved me through the side door of the van, onto the floor. “Stay put and shut up.” He drew the gun out of his pocket and ran the barrel back and forth along my cheekbone.  “Got it?” His blue eyes were like those of a doll—glassy and lifeless. I cringed, nodded my head and curled up against the sidewall, shaking in fear.“Bobby, bring the bags.” My body jerked and I sucked in my breath. Now, I knew both their names and faces. Things couldn’t get any worse.