Wolves in the Shadows

Wolves in the Shadows

Kobo ebook | April 21, 2014

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Elizabeth always thought that she was just a normal-well, mostly normal- college student until a fateful encounter with the enigmatic Wolf Clan changes everything. Her world is turned inside out as she gets a frightening glimpse into a shadowy world of vampires and wolves and hunters. A world that, if she's not careful, might swallow her whole. But then again...maybe that wouldn't be so bad.... Excerpt: She took a deep breath, inhaling the sticky sweet aroma of the myriad of oranges in their varying stages of ripeness and rot and the musty smell of the cobwebbed robed trees. She could never recall exactly when it was that she had begun to haunt these abandoned orange groves, but one day she just realized that every day she would have a strange compulsion to slip away from the hustle and bustle of campus life and enter the old groves through a gap in the crumbling brick wall. Sometimes she would lay sprawled out on her well worn red and white striped picnic blanket, reading or studying or writing in her little journal or just looking up at the clouds and thinking of nothing. Sometimes she would stroll aimlessly through the overgrown lines of trees, careful not to trip over the rusting smudge pots that had once burned with kerosene to keep away the frost. Sometimes she would simply stand still with her eyes closed and arms outstretched as she felt the peace on the grove flow around her like a lazy river. She would listen to the carefree songs of the little birds going about their little business and the rustle of the leaves being moved by the breeze and crunch of earth beneath her feet as she walked through this quiet place that time had forgotten. There was a sort of calm about this place that she could never quite describe. It would fill her the moment that she would step through the gap in the wall. But sometimes, especially lately, it seemed like something about the grove had shifted. The calm had become a sort of watchful brooding, a quiet stillness before a storm. It filled her heart with fearful anticipation. Like she was waiting for something that lurked just outside her sight. There was a part of her that dreaded the groves in these moments, but she found that she could not abandon her daily visits. What was it that drew her to this strange place that no one ever seemed to pay any attention to? What was she waiting for? No matter how much she pondered these questions, the answers would always elude her grasp. She could not have known that tonight, something she had been waiting for her whole life without even realizing it, would happen and change her life forever. Would it be for the better? Or would it lead her down a path towards death and despair? Only time would tell.
Title:Wolves in the ShadowsFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:April 21, 2014Publisher:Sharon McLaughlinLanguage:English

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