You Don't Know Sh*t!: Until You Read This Book by Joseph WeissYou Don't Know Sh*t!: Until You Read This Book by Joseph Weiss

You Don't Know Sh*t!: Until You Read This Book

byJoseph Weiss

Paperback | June 15, 2016

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You Don't Know Sh*t! Until You Read This Book is a uniquely informative, entertaining, colorfully illustrated volume that is full of it! The ‘it' being information, knowledge, eccentricities, and peculiarities of the remains of the digestive process. Although these remains are more politely described as feces or excrement, it is more commonly known as shit. It covers everything you ever wanted to know about this primitive but ubiquitous of subjects. We all generate it, carry it around with us in our bowels, and eliminate it on a regular basis. Whether you disdain it or appreciate it, it is part of the human (and animal) experience. The purpose of this volume is to inform the reader that there is a lot more to know about shit and that the information can be helpful, possibly life-saving, and downright entertaining. Easy to read and colorfully illustrated, the book can be opened at random to unique entries, or read cover to cover. Digestion, genomics, gut-brain-microbiome-diet axis, and poop are just some of the important topics covered that profoundly impact human health and wellness. The trivia in this volume can sustain a long conversation, or cut it short abruptly. After reading this volume, you will have a newfound appreciation that the title accurately reflects the state of knowledge of those who have not yet read the book!

Joseph B. Weiss, M.D. is Clinical Professor of Medicine in the Division of Gastroenterology, Department of Medicine, at the University of California, San Diego. An autodidact and polymath, he was accepted to university at age fifteen and attended the University of Michigan, University of Detroit, and Wayne State University. Reflecting ...
Title:You Don't Know Sh*t!: Until You Read This BookFormat:PaperbackDimensions:428 pages, 9 × 6 × 1.16 inPublished:June 15, 2016Publisher:SmartAsk BooksLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents: Introduction Digestion Anal Canal Anal Columns Anal Expulsiveness Anal Glands Anal Glands, Musk Anal Glands, Skunk Anal Hygiene Anal Hygiene, Toilet Contamination Analingus Anal Reflex Anal Retentive Anal Sex Anal Sphincter, External Anal Sphincter, Internal Anal Stimulation Anal Valves Anal Wink Anoscopy Aroma, Feces Assume Autointoxication Ayurveda Barium Enema Bashful Bowel Bidet Bismuth Blue Ice Fall Bowel Bowel Management Bowel Movement Bowel Sounds Bristol Stool Scale Bullshit Cathartic Chamber Pot Chickenshit Close (Night) Stool Coffee, Kopi Luwak Clyster Colon Colonic Hydrotherapy, Proctoclysis Colonography Colonoscopy Composting Toilet Constipation Constitutional Continence, Fecal Coprolith Coprographia Coprolalia Coprology Coprophagia Coprophilia Copropraxia Defecation Defecography Dentate Line Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Diarrhea Dietary Fiber Digestion Dung Dung Beetle Dung Fuel Dysbiosis Encopresis Enema Enema, Coffee Enteric Nervous System Epigenetics Eproctophilia Evacuative Dysfunction Excrement Exercise Fart Fecal Continence Fecal Impaction Fecal Incontinence Fecalith Fecal Occult Blood Fecaloma Fecal Oral Contamination Route Fecal (Microbiota) Transplant Feces Feces, Aroma Feces, Density Feces Waste Management Fiber Flora, Gastrointestinal Gastrocolic Reflex Gastroenteritis Gastroenterology Gastrointestinal Motility Gastrointestinal Nervous System Genetics Genome Gong Farmer Groom of the Stool Guano Gut-Brain-Microbiome-Food Axis Gut Feeling Gut Flora Hemorrhoid Honey Bucket & Honey Wagon Horseshit Hydrogen Hydrogen Sulfide Ileum Incontinence, Fecal Indole Insoluble Fiber Intestinal Fortitude Irritable Bowel Syndrome Jejunum Keriorrhea Klismaphilia Kopi Luwak Coffee Lactose Intolerance Large Bowel (Large Intestine) Laxative Laxative Abuse & Dependence Levator Ani Malabsorption & Maldigestion Manure Mass Movements Meconium Melena Methane Microbiome, Gut Mucoid Plaque Mucus Night Soil Night Stool Olestra Orlistat Outhouse Panchagavya Perineal Body Peristalsis Pit Toilet Prebiotic Probiotics Proctology Proctoscopy Pruritis Ani Pubococcygeus Muscle Puborectalis Muscle Rectal Bleeding Rectal Examination Rectum Runner's Trots Scatology Scybalum Septage (Septic Field & Tank) Sewer Shart Shit Shrimp Coprophagia Shyster Sigmoidoscopy Skatole Small Intestine Steatorrhea Stinkbug Suppository Toilet Toilet Gods Toilet (Potty) Training Transverse Folds of Houston Traveler's Diarrhea Valsalva Maneuver Villi Afterword Appendix A (Foreign Languages - Feces/Shit) Appendix B (Euphemisms - Feces/ Shit) Index

Editorial Reviews

Reviews"Dr. Joseph Weiss' books provide an informative and entertaining approach to sharing insights about our digestive system and wellbeing." Deepak Chopra, MD "Joseph Weiss, M.D. has a gift for books that are uniquely informative and entertaining. Packed with knowledge that ranges from practical health and wellness insights to universal but rarely discussed topics, the books are a cornucopia of health information. Whether read for their potential life enhancing information, or purely for their fascinating entertainment value, the books are a delight to read cover to cover, or peruse at leisure. The books tastefully inform and entertain with just the right balance of science, medicine, humanity, and humor. The information gained will stimulate the reader to want to share their amazing new found knowledge with friends and family!" Jack Canfield, Coauthor of the Chicken Soup for the Soul® series and The Success Principles™ Reviews on The Fart Side:Five Stars! - Edutainment at its finest: What a breath of fresh air ;) ! This short but sweet book will leave your cheeks hurting from continuous laughter....and you will be all the smarter for it! When you can seamlessly combine education and humor you know you have a keeper. Your friends and colleagues will be happy you shared this with them and you will be remembered with a chuckle. Such a neat little gift and source of edutainment!Five Star! – Buy the series! This was one of the most amusing (and educational) fun books I have ever read. I have now read the whole series and they have taken a prominent place in my (guess where?) library. Thank you Dr Weiss. What's next?Five Stars! - Never knew that being educated could be so much fun. Great read, well done!Five Stars! - Laughter is the best medicine and this book is the best!Five Stars! - Great fun...great read...who knew passing gas could be educational! This should be a best seller!Five Stars! - Can't say enough...this book is not only funny, but I learned a lot too! We should make this a must read for our politicians!Five Stars! - I wasn't sure what to expect when purchasing this book, but was pleasantly surprised to find a lighthearted and fun collection of cartoons and information. Gas has always proven funny to me, but here it was also enlightening! Between the clever single panel cartoons of Dan Reynolds and the uniquely fascinating information and trivia from Dr. Joseph Weiss, "The Fart Side" was a 'breeze' to read!Barnes & Reviews on The Fart Side:Five Stars! - Highly entertaining, well done, puts the fun back in passing gas! The way humour should be.Five Stars! - I don't think I have ever laughed so hard! Cracked me up......Should be a must read for everyone!Five Stars! - Education, the way it should be.....informative and entertaining. I made the mistake of reading this in a public place and laughing out loud......All I had to say is that it was a book on passing wind........everyone wanted a copy.Five Stars! - OMG...stop!! I kept laughing and passing gas at the same time! This puts The Far Side to shame....more educational and more entertaining. Hilarious and yet informative. This is an instant classic........someone will be using this book in a movie!