'YOUR LIFE YOUR CHOICE': Changing your way in a working day by Andrew R Graham

'YOUR LIFE YOUR CHOICE': Changing your way in a working day

byAndrew R Graham

Kobo ebook | December 21, 2013

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This book is for all of you who let others enter your dreams to turn them into nightmares, for those of you that allow the perceptions of others to determine your life and for everyone who just deserves an opportunity and a chance to change the phrase ‘I wish’ into ‘I can, I will, I am.’ My clients all see positive changes in themselves, some see incredible changes. With me and with this book, I would expect each and every reader to achieve their desires to be the best that they can be at whatever they choose to do. YOU CAN do this, YOU WILL see positive changes, and now your journey towards putting  ‘I AM’ in front of the phrase - ‘giving myself the best opportunity in life and working towards being the best that I can possibly be in all that I say and do’– has started!

My book is aimed at helping you to establish who you really are, what makes you buzz, why you do what you do in your professional and personal life. It examines the possible reasons for you being where you are now and helps you convert all of your energies towards using your qualities to take you positively forwards towards your goals in life. I have validated this with network marketers, business owners and professional clients, who have all seen their business and personal processes, forecasts and aspirations rapidly improve by following the concepts. It has proven invaluable to friends, clients and company employees who have also used it as an aide memoire and seen their self-esteem, belief and confidence take their performance to new levels. I have witnessed structure and purpose entering into people’s lives where some of the concepts and principles being applied have generated enthusiasm and amazing results. No matter where you are in your life, this book is FOR YOU!

This book is not about anyone else. It isn’t concerned with you being able to be better than someone else (although that is often a consequence). This book is meant for those of you who have been held back in life by limiting beliefs and behaviours or suppressed by negativity, perhaps bullied into a position of acceptance, or simply found yourself desiring a chance to prove that you can achieve your dreams. 

Together, let’s achieve the goals that make a difference to you, your loved ones and those special to you. Let’s leave behind the cynical doubters, dismiss those that don’t believe in themselves yet alone you, and let’s focus on the only person that can make a positive difference to the way you are, the way you operate and the person you want to become – YOU!

To summarise, this book is about helping you towards being the best you can be at whatever you want! It is designed to enlighten you as to how unique your qualities are, focus you on just why it is you do whatever you do, help you to establish exactly what you stand for, what you want out of life and how to get there from the position that you have chosen to be at now. It is about taking you from where you are, towards success!

There will not be any hand-holding experiences here. This may even be fairly hard-hitting for some of you. I do hope that it helps you to clearly realise, that ultimately, despite how other people have drifted across your life, despite how occasional bad luck has dumped itself unceremoniously on your shoulders, that you are effectively the only person who can effect real change. After all, it was you who made all the choices that presented you with every outcome so far in your life (although there are clearly advantages that beneficial social circumstances will have provided for some readers). Conversely though, if you are the one who makes all your choices going forwards then you can also control your management of any situation that presents itself in your future. All it takes is clarity of vision, clarity of plan, a rational approach, commitment in abundance and the right positive attitude. This book will help you achieve all of this - you just have to apply yourself! If you’re saying you can do that, then my friend, you are on the way! 

When you have completed the book and applied yourself fully to it, you should be able to accept that the world doesn’t actually owe you a living and you are actually ‘entitled’ to anything. It is YOU who owes it to YOURSELF. You will also be prepared and equipped to take control of work appraisals, your development plans and also be able to provide the evidence of how you meet your organisation’s objectives. You will be able to understand exactly how you contribute to the business plan. You will be demonstrating how indispensible you are and how you deserve the glowing recognition for your efforts. You will master your self-development, because you will have a clear vision of where you are heading!  You will be able to fill in that CV with pride, and you should know where it is you are ultimately heading in life and with whom.

By following the book you should also be able to demonstrate incredible rational control over your emotions, circumstances and lifestyle. You will be smart, punctual, in control of your time, maximising its value to you. You will be assertive, positive, organised and, in brief, you should be the person you always thought you could be. Enjoy!

Applying yourself for just eight hours to learn and implement the theories and concepts in this book should take you less than eight hours. Less than a normal working day!

Title:'YOUR LIFE YOUR CHOICE': Changing your way in a working dayFormat:Kobo ebookPublished:December 21, 2013Publisher:Andrew R GrahamLanguage:English

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