Zdenek Kopal's Binary Star Legacy by Horst DrechselZdenek Kopal's Binary Star Legacy by Horst Drechsel

Zdenek Kopal's Binary Star Legacy

EditorHorst Drechsel

Paperback | October 19, 2010

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These proceedings celebrate the achievements of the great astronomer Zdenek Kopal, and reflect the state of the art of the dynamically evolving field of binary research, which owes so much to Kopal's pioneering work.
Title:Zdenek Kopal's Binary Star LegacyFormat:PaperbackDimensions:512 pagesPublished:October 19, 2010Publisher:Springer NetherlandsLanguage:English

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Table of Contents

Part I Introduction: Reminiscences and Appreciation of a Great Astronomer.- Digging foundations for the "Royal Road"; A.H. Batten. One fellow's view of the "Royal Road"; E. Budding. Reminiscences of a Japanese contemporary; M. Kitamura. RR CrB and Algol - the first and the last star in Zdenek Kopal's life with binaries; M. Solc. Atmospheric eclipses in WR+O binaries: from Kopal and Shapley to present days; A.M. Cherepashchuk. Part II Binary Star Morphology and Dynamical Aspects.- Resolving the Algol paradox and Kopal's classification of close binaries with evolutionary implications; I.B. Pustylnik. Global solution of dynamical systems - a report to Z. Kopal, on what followed since; C. Goudas, K.E. Papadakis et al. Period variations of close binaries; H. Rovithis-Livianou. The eclipsing binary BX And and its period behaviour; H. Rovithis-Livianou et al. The unique binary star Alpha Coronae Borealis; I.M. Volkov. The eccentric eclipsing binary V889 Aquilae; M. Wolf, R. Diethelm et al. Triple and multiple systems; P. Mayer. Estimation of light time effects for close binaries in triple systems; W. Van Hamme, R.E. Wilson. Eclipsing binaries showing light-time effect; P. Zasche. Astrometric solution of the multiple system XY Leo; V. Bakis et al. V475 Sct (Nova Scuti 2003) - binary or triple system?; D. Chochol et al. Photometric observations and apsidal motion study of V1143 Cyg; A. Dariush, N. Riazi et al.Intrinsic variables as components of close binaries; N.N. Samus. Preliminary analysis of V and Hp light curves of 26 carbon Miras; Z. Mikulasek, T. Gráf. Non-radial pulsations in components of symbiotic stars; N.I. Bondar, V.V. Prokoféva. Orbital parameters of the binary companion in omicron And using spectral disentangling; A. Budivicova. Spectrum disentangling and orbital solution for kappa Dra; S.M. Saad et al. An outburst detected in the spectrum of HD 6226; M. Slechta, P. Skoda. Bimodal structure of gas streams in interacting binaries; Z. Sima. Energy transfer in W UMa systems; S. Csizmadia. In between beta Lyrae and Algol: the case of V356 Sgr; D. Dominis et al. Part III Mathematical physics and numerical modeling. Part III.1 Solution of eclipse light curves.- EB light curve models - what's next; R.E. Wilson. Basic functions of the light curve analysis of eclipsing variables in the frequency domain; O. Demircan. Photometric mass ratios of eclipsing binary stars; D. Terrell, R.E. Wilson. The OGLE-TR-56 star-planet system; T. Vaccaro, W. Van Hamme. Light curve analysis of early-type clsoe LMC binaries; S. Nesslinger. New techniques and limitations of light curve analysis; P. Hadrava. A new package of computer codes for analyzing light curves of eclipsing pre-cataclysmic binaries; V.V. Pustynski. Light curve analysis of early-type overconatct systems; M. Bauer. A photometric study of the activity of SW Lac; G. Djurasevic. CCD photometry and modeling of the overcontact binary systems NN Vir and YY CrB; K.D. Gazeas, P.G. Niarchos. Radial velocity and light curve analysis of the eclipsing binary NN Vir; R.Pazhouhesh, E.G. Melendo. The overcontact binary system V2388 Oph an improved M-R relation for LTCBs; K. Yakut. AQ Psc - analysis of new light curves; A. Yamasaki. CCD photometry of the neglected contact binaries V344 Lac and V1191 Cyg; T. Pribulla et al. CCD photometry of neglected eclipsing binaries KZ Dra, LR Cam and IM Vul; O. Pejcha et al. Photometric solution of the eclipsing binary V351 Peg; B. Albayrak et al. V2213 Cyg is a new W UMa-type system; E. Pavlenko, A. Litvinchova. Light curve analysis of two new W UMa stars in M15; S.M. Saad. First ground-based photometry and light curve analysis of the recently discovered contact binary HX UMa; S. Selam et al. First UBV (RI) c photometry of the contact binary BD+14 5016; A. Karska et al. UV Leo: the binary with the two suns; G. Djurasevic. Influence of interstellar and atmospheric extinction on light curves of eclipsing binaries; A. Prsa, T. Zwitter. Results of light curve analysis of the massive binary Cyg X-1/V1357 Cyg in primary minimum; I. Voloshina. Part III.2 Evolutionary Calculations.- Evolutionary processes in low-mass binary systems; P.P. Eggleton, L. Kisseleva-Eggleton. The Evolution of massive close binaries; C. de Loore, W. van Rensbergen. Binary evolution compared to observed Algols; C. de Loore, W. van Rensbergen. Part III.3 Exploring Interaction Effects - Modern Tools.- Contact binaries: a study of the proximity effects and gravity darkening based on Kopal's Fourier method; P.G. Niarchos. Multi-facility study of the Algol-type binary delta Librae; E. Budding et al. Numerical modeling of mass transfer in close binaries; D.V. Bisikalo. Doppler tomography; T.R. Marsh. An indirect imaging of the accretion disk rim in W Crucis; K. Pavlovski. Present understanding of the light curves of symbiotic binaries; A. Skopal. On the asynchronous rotation of accretors in interacting binaries; A. Skopal, R. Komzík. Photometric evolution of the orbital light curves of slow nova V723 Cas; S. Yu. Shugarov et al. Optical and X-ray observations of the symbiotic system AG Draconis during quiescence and outburst; R.F. Viotti et al. Preliminary photometric results for the 2003 eclipse of EE Cep; M. Mikolajewski et al. Spectroscopic observations of the EE Cep eclipse in 2003; M. Mikolajewski et al. BM Cas: a long-period eclipsing binary with a supergiant and a common envelope; P. Kalv, V. Harvig et al. MV Lyr: Transition from low to high brightness state; E. Pavlenko et al. Preliminary analysis of photometric variations of the central star of the planetary nebula Sh 2-71; Z. Mikulasek et al. Observations of the deeply eclipsing dwarf nova GY Cnc; N.A. Katysheva, S. Yu. Shugarov. Wavelength dependence of the orbital variability of the eclipsing nova-like Object DW UMa;  N.I. Ostrova et al. Flickering in the magnetic CV star AM Herculis; B. Kalomeni, E.R. Pekünlü et al. Post-common-envelope binaries with distorted secondaries; A. Kawka, S. Vennes. Search for correlations between BATSE gamma-ray bursts and supernovae; J. Polcar et al.