Zetel, Biography of a Soul

November 29, 2017|
Zetel, Biography of a Soul by Sam Goldenberg


Zetel, a soul in Heaven, is fed up with waiting to be assigned a mortal body, so he decides to escape. The Almighty is not pleased at this, and orders his angels to retrieve him, but Zetel infuses the body of a premature baby— the son of a Jewish couple fleeing Nazi Germany in 1935. Unlike other souls, Zetel can remember and describe his origins and the celestial beings he knew, which alarms his parents, teachers, and family, who worry about his wild imagination. When the Almighty’s angels hatch plots to recover him, he forms an alliance with the Devil and eventually grows up, marries, and has a successful career. However, with repeated attempts on his life, the tension mounts as the angels try to outwit Zetel and return him to the bonds of Heaven. 

Intelligent, ambitious and laugh-out loud-funny, Zetel: Biography of a Soul tells the satirical story of a rebel soul while juxtaposing the tragic events of World War II and the struggle of a Jewish family against the frivolous machinations of Heaven's forces.

Title:Zetel, Biography of a Soul
Format:Kobo ebook
Published:November 29, 2017
Appropriate for ages:All ages
ISBN - 13:9781525511745

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