The Comic Book Shop

Comic books are beloved by kids and adults alike. If you’re looking for a comic book store near you, to discover your new favourite inspiring, heroic character for the first time or are revisiting a nostalgic series from your past, Indigo has a full assort of the hottest comic books for you and your family to flip through and explore.

The Best Comic Books

The best comic books depend on what you love to read and engage with—and what type of art you appreciate and enjoy. By combining words and pictures within the four walls of a panel, comic books provide an immersive experience beloved by readers at all ages and stages in their lives. Whether you’re looking to expand your own comic book collection or share your favourites with your children, you can explore our curated collection of comic books within the Indigo comic books shop.

You can also put on audiobooks while completing household chores. Instead of putting off a task week after week, choose a book you’ve been meaning to read and play it while you’re folding laundry, mopping or dusting. It’ll make the time pass by quickly—and who knows? With the best audiobooks playing through your speakers, you might just look for even more chores to add to your to-do list!

There are so many comic books to choose from. Some prefer classic superhero tales—like Superman or Spider-Man—filled with big bursts of action and adventure, while others go for darker stories steeped in mystery and intrigue. To see what you like, start by flipping through some of the comic books in store. Or start with a character you love thanks to a movie or TV show. There’s never been a better time to explore the world of comic books, especially with these iconic stories now being adapted for screens both big and small. After falling for your favourite hero (or antihero) on screen, turn to the source material, including all sorts of Marvel comics, Batman comics, The Punisher comics, Iron Man comics or Wonder Woman comics. Perhaps you’ll be part of a new fandom before you reach the last page.

Comic books are stories told with both pictures and words. Unlike other similar genres or reading formats, comic books are serialized. That means, a long and intriguing over-arching storyline involving multiple characters—such as Batman, Wonder Woman or The Avengers, can unfold over a series of separate issues, which might be released over several months, or even years. Often, as the story continues to build (especially if an issue ends on a cliffhanger), there’s often lots of anticipation and excitement before the release of the latest installment—who wouldn’t want to see what happens next to their favourite character?

The Indigo comic book stop has you covered with comic book essentials so you can fully appreciate and dig into the world of comics. Whether you’re a longtime comic books fan or are diving head first into this medium for the first time, explore our collection of comic book essentials as well as hot new releases that’ll satisfy members of all sorts of fandoms. From comic books for kids to crowd pleasers such as Marvel comics and DC comics, there’s truly a comic book for everyone. Flip through the pages of your next great comic book at Indigo and bring one home to enjoy time and time again.