Save Time & Money with Indigo for Education

  • What We Offer

    • Exclusive education discount with a minimum order of 10 items or more.
    • Dedicated account coordinators for personalized service.
    • Flexible ordering solutions and procurement compliant with most school boards.
  • Types of Orders

    • Classroom book orders
    • Curriculum rewards
    • Reading challenge incentive programs
    • School affiliated parent-teacher associations
    • Book clubs
    • Tutoring
    • Graduations
    • Celebratory awards
    • Gift cards
  • Who is Eligible

    • School boards
    • Accredited schools, libraries and learning centres
    • Curriculum-based education and childcare services
      • Daycares
      • Tutors

How to Place an Order

Once you have an approved Indigo Corporate Sales account it’s easy to place orders:

From an Indigo Wishlist

Create a wish list on the website and simply send the URL to your wish list to your account coordinator. Our sales team will use the wish list to generate a quote and place your order.

  1. Visit, and sign in to your personal account.
    • If you don’t already have an account, you can create one using a personal email of your choice.
  2. Browse for any book/item you wish to order. Select the quantity you wish to order and then click the +WISH LIST button from the item page to add it to your wish list.
  3. You’ll be prompted to “View List” or “Move to New List” where you can create a new list and save it with a unique name.
  4. 4. Repeat these steps for all other items you wish to order
  5. Access your wish list at any time by selecting the heart shaped icon located on the upper-right, next to the search bar.
  6. When finished, review your wish list to make sure it is accurate and complete.
  7. Ensure your wish list is set to “public”. This is the default option but in case a wish list is set to “private” it can be easily changed by going to settings and selecting “I would like my list to be” section, changing the option to “public” and clicking update.
  8. Once you are ready, simply copy the address of your wish list from your browser’s address bar. It should look something like “//”. Alternatively, select the “Share” option located below the wish list’s title and a URL box will appear with the option to select “copy”.
  9. Send an email to and paste the URL in the body of your email, along with your name, school name, and account number.

Once we receive your wish list, a member of our sales team will be in touch to place your order.

From an Order Form

You can also submit your order with our simple “Request for Quote” form.

  1. Please email for a “Request for Quote” form. Don’t forget to specify if your order is through our Indigo for Business program or Indigo for Education program.
  2. Complete the form by digitally filling out all required fields. Please confirm all ISBN(s) included are 13-digits, with no spaces or dashes and the form is saved in Excel format.
  3. Send your completed form to along with your name, business or school name, and Indigo Corporate Account number.

For more information, please contact

Page Summary

Indigo for Education Terms & Conditions

Education discounts may be offered to accredited schools who can verify their curriculum meets provincial requirements. Discount qualification is determined by Indigo and proof of eligibility may be required.
Orders are subject to shipping charges.
Plum Rewards cannot be earned or redeemed on any Indigo for Education purchases, including bulk gift cards.
Indigo for Education orders cannot be used for resale or wholesale purposes.
Orders being used for subscription services must be approved by Indigo.
Indigo for Education discounts apply to the list price and cannot be combined with any online and/or in-store sale prices or offerings.
Indigo for Education does not price match - prices for our offerings may differ from those offered in our stores or through online sales at
Discounts cannot be used to adjust amounts paid on previous purchases or be applied to previous orders. Discount rates are subject to change.
Indigo for Education discount applies to books only and excludes: e-books, textbooks, technical texts, newspapers, magazines, gift cards, and LEGO®. Other exclusions may apply. Discount not valid on and Kiosk orders.