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Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Compliance Policy Statement

Indigo is committed to ensuring that our vendors and their suppliers uphold the highest ethical standards in workplace conditions and labour practices. Our Social Compliance Program affirms our strong position on key labour practices around the world that includes, without limitation, our position against child labour, forced labour, discrimination and abuse/harassment, as well as fair wages, benefits, working hours and health & safety practices. All vendors are expected to meet or exceed the internationally recognized Social Accountability 8000 International Standard (“SA8000”), which is based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights, conventions of the ILO, UN and national law.

Vendor Code of Conduct

Indigo is fully committed to doing business in a legal, ethical and socially responsible manner. The Indigo Vendor Code of Conduct is designed to ensure that suppliers, vendors, agencies, distributors, service providers and contractors (collectively, “vendors”) have a clear understanding of how Indigo expects to conduct its business with vendors, and how Indigo expects its vendors to embrace our commitment to integrity by complying with the standards within the Code of Conduct and communicating them to their employees.

Vendor Onboarding

As per our Vendor Code of Conduct, we have a minimum required set of criteria for factory qualification (i.e. free from critical violations such as child labor, forced labor, abuse/harassment). During our vendor onboarding, prospective vendors must acknowledge compliance with our Social Compliance Program and Vendor Code of Conduct in writing. Additionally, where Indigo is importer of record, vendors are audited to ensure that they meet or exceed the expectations of our Social Compliance Program.

Factory Audit Program

Factory Audits

Factories that are considered for manufacturing Indigo private label products must pass an audit by Indigo before any order placement to ensure the facilities comply with the minimum requirements of our Social Compliance Program. Those factories must undergo annual social compliance audits to ensure ongoing compliance.

Corrective Action

For those factories where non-conformance with our standards are uncovered, our auditors will develop a Corrective Action Plan (CAP) to enable factories to rectify any areas of non-conformance. For severe violations of our Vendor Code of Conduct, such as child/slave/prison or forced labour, corruption, failure to pay wages, Indigo will immediately disqualify the vendor or terminate the relationship with the factory, with no further CAP.

Follow-up Factory Audit

Follow-up audits are scheduled, as necessary, where vendors are required to implement CAPs for any non-conformances observed during any audit.

Indigo is committed to work with our vendors and auditors to help identify areas for improvement in the working conditions in factories, in an effort to promote continuous improvement.