Can I change my personal information after I've created an account?

It's easy to make changes to your personal information at any time. Simply sign-in at the top of any page and choose "Personal Details". if you have already signed in select personal details locate two thirds down the page. When you've finished making the changes required, be sure to click "Save" to update your information.

Here's a quick guide to changing your account information:

Update or change your name.
Just delete the existing information and enter your new information in the blank "name" fields.

Update or change your credit card information.
While you don't have to keep credit card information on file, some people choose to do so in order to make future purchases easier and faster. If you have credit card information on file that needs to be updated or changed, (like a new expiry date) simply click the "Edit/Remove" button next to your credit card number, edit the information as required and click on the "Save and Continue" button to register the updates. If you want the flexibility of having an additional credit card on file, simply click "Add a new credit card" and you'll see a new page where you can enter your alternate credit card information. Remember to click "Update" to keep this new information on file.

Update or change your Primary Contact/Billing Address.
Your Contact/Billing address should always be the same as the address you gave your credit card provider. If this information has changed, please be sure to update the information in your account to avoid delays when ordering.

Change or add a new shipping address.
To make changes to an existing shipping address, simply click "Edit/Remove" and make any edits needed. To remove a shipping address altogether, select the button next to the address and click "Remove. To add a new shipping address, click "Add a new shipping address" and simply fill in the fields. Remember, any time you add or change information in your account, be sure to click "Update".

Add your irewards card to your account.
If you've signed up to enjoy regular savings with irewards, be sure to add your irewards membership number to your account by entering it in the appropriate fields and clicking "Update". That way, you'll be sure your savings are applied to your order when you checkout. Link your irewards card to your Online Account Sign in with your e-mail address and password that you use for your Online account. Your irewards card should now be merged with your Online account.

To verify go to personal details page in your Account center and scroll down to the irewards card section and you will see your i-rewards card number Change your "EMail Alerts/Subscriptions” option. From time to time, we send out e-mails about new releases, promotional events, savings and more. If you'd like to receive these e-mails, simply click on the subscriptions link and select the check box next to the heading "EMail Alerts" or Direct Mail depending on how you would like to receive promotional updates. If you're currently on our Subscribe list and would like to be taken off, simply select the global opt out button. As always, after making any changes, click "Update".