Backyard Entertaining

It’s summer party season! Will you throw a backyard party? A BBQ party? Or maybe you need some pool party ideas? Whatever you’re planning, make it a soiree to remember with these summer party ideas that’ll let your guests relax and unwind in style.

Summer Backyard Party Ideas

There are so many types of summer parties to choose from! Have a casual backyard party and invite friends over for drinks, snacks and great conversation. Be sure to have plenty of board games on hand in case there’s a lull in the conversation, or you just feel like having a bit of fun!

If you love to cook, consider hosting an al fresco dinner party! Pick a few recipes from your favourite cookbook and serve family-style on melamine dishes and boards.

Or, hold a BBQ party. Fire up the grill and barbecue hamburgers, hotdogs and vegetarian protein options, too! Be sure to have lots of sides and salads available. Bonus points if you make dessert on the BBQ as well—grilled pineapple slices topped with vanilla ice cream would go over swimmingly!

Got a backyard pool? You’re going to need some pool party ideas! To add a sense of whimsy, inflate a few giant pool floaties (in shapes like unicorns, swans and doughnuts) and toss them in the pool. Consider setting up nets for water polo or basketball and have plenty of snacks on deck for post-swim munching!

What Are Good Summer Party Themes?

Think seasonally when you’re dreaming up summer party themes. A tropical theme always goes over well—decorate with palm tree motifs and plenty of pineapples. Blended, frozen drinks with fun accoutrements (think umbrella toothpicks) are a must.

A white party—where all your guests need to dress in a white outfit—is a super sleek theme that’s easy to pull off. It imbues a party with a light, airy vibe and since this theme is all about minimalism, you can keep the décor low-key. A few strands of overhead twinkly outdoor lights, candles and some greenery are all you need.

Rustic cottage is a theme you can lean into even if you’re hosting a backyard party in the city! Aim to make your space cozy—bring out those twinkly lights, have plaid blankets around for when the sun goes down, consider making a campfire and be sure this get together is a BBQ party, too!

What Are Summer Party Essentials?

Even if it’s hot out, you want your guests to feel cozy. Have outdoor pillows and cozy throws around, especially if you’re hosting a pool party—guests might get chilly after taking a dip

For serving, whether you’re hosting a BBQ party or just plan to bring out an assortment of snacks, you’ll need suitable melamine dishes. Plates, bowls and serving trays made from melamine, as well as melamine boards, are incredibly durable in the great outdoors and they’re dishwasher safe too—just don’t put them in the microwave!

But the most important part of any summer party is food (and drinks!). No matter what you’re serving, put out bowls of snacks so guests can munch at their leisure. Consider making a water station so guests stay hydrated. Along with the beer, wine and cocktails, be sure to have lots of non-alcoholic option available, like Seedlip, juice and sparkling water.

Now, you’re ready to host that summer party!