How to Style Your Bar Cart

A bar cart makes holiday entertaining so much easier! Instead of standing around pouring drinks all evening, guests can serve themselves and mix up delicious signature cocktails. Best of all, a well-stocked bar cart can act as party décor, too! We’ve got everything you need to outfit a bar cart of your own, with three themes to inspire your festive gatherings.

Vintage Bar Cart

Stock your bar cart with everything your guests need to mix up a classic cocktail, like an Old Fashioned, Negroni or a Manhattan. If your bar cart is made of dark wood, with warm metallic accents, it’ll exude a sense of timeless elegance that would fit perfectly in any gathering. Top your vintage bar cart with an assortment of classic spirits and liquors like whisky, vodka, gin, bourbon, sweet red vermouth, Campari and bitters. To really lean into those vintage vibes, use coupes and lowball glasses. Have some swizzle sticks handy as well as a cocktail shaker (preferably one in a warm metallic, like gold or brass) just in case folks prefer their cocktails shaken, not stirred. Top off this bar cart with cocktail books filled with classic, like Nightcap and Meehan’s Bartender Manual.

Botanical Bar Cart

This bar cart is all about showing off the natural and often herbaceous flavours in clear, distilled spirits such as locally made gin and vodka and cocktails filled with fresh ingredients. No matter the season, this bar cart brings the outdoors in with little details that are inspired by nature, such as herbs, seasonal fruits and veggies or edible flowers as garnish and a few plant babies as décor. Keep this bar cart light and fresh with a few different types of gin. To ensure your party’s inclusive, have non-alcoholic spirits available, too. Seedlip has three different varieties of alcohol-free spirits that can be enjoyed straight or mixed into a sophisticated mocktail. Glasses of all shapes, sizes and colours work here. For your barware, turn to rose gold options for a luxe flash of elegance that still works with the botanical theme. Books such as Craft Cocktails and Drinking Like Ladies are not only on-theme, but guests will be able to flip through them to find inspiration for their next drink.

The Bubbly Bar Cart

Special occasions call for bubbles! This bar cart can be whimsical, with pops of colour from balloons, flowers and of course, fresh fruit—and fruit juice, especially if you’re hoping to create a mimosa bar. Be sure to have Champagne or any type of sparkling wine on this bar cart. Keep a couple of bottles out at a time. Leave the rest in your fridge and re-stock as needed. Classic Champagne flutes complement this bar cart well! If you’re hoping your guests make mimosas or other cocktails, put out a few swizzle sticks or beautiful, floral-printed paper straws so everyone can sip in style. Don’t be afraid to decorate with flowers or for a seasonal option, poinsettias. Keep recipe cards handy for Champagne-based cocktails and have books, like Prosecco Made Me Do It and Let’s Get Fizzical, on hand for guests to flip through for inspiration and enjoyment.