Green Your Home

From reusable straws to eco-chic journals, sustainable must-haves for your zero-waste journey.

3 Tips for Going Litterless

Opt for a litterless lunch—pack food and beverages in reusable containers inside an eco-chic lunch bag.
Say yes to stainless steel drinking straws that blend sustainability and style.
Make the switch from paper to cloth napkins.

Now, more than ever, it’s crucial to live with the planet in mind. It’s time to turn to eco-friendly products that are better for the planet, our families and ourselves.

What is the difference between sustainability, eco-friendly and going green?

Sustainability refers to products and actions that help promote the longevity and future of the planet—green and eco-friendly products all fit into this as they encourage you to build better habits. If you carry a stainless steel or silicone travel mug, for instance, you’ll be less likely to get a to-go cup and plastic lid on trips to the coffee shop.

What eco-friendly products can you easily incorporate into your life?

Reusable water bottles

You can now find reusable water bottles in a variety of colours, styles and materials. If you favour a stainless-steel bottle, look to brands like S’well, Proof and LUND London. These eco-friendly products are as stylish and they are functional and promise to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot

Take it up a notch with a Larq smart water bottle. Larq is self-cleaning, and it also acts as a water purifier so you can stay hydrated anywhere you travel! Best of all, this high-tech device looks great and comes in an assortment of trendy colours for you to choose from.

Glass water bottles are another option. Look to brands like Soma and W&P Designs for with colourful silicone grips so you don’t lose hold of your trusty hydrator when you’re on the move.

Eco-friendly products for lunch

It’s easy to rely on single-use plastics when packing your lunch. But instead of packing food in zip-top bags and throw-away containers, invest in reusable eco-friendly products you use again and again. Stasher bags are a great alternative to plastic baggies and grab a set of glass containers or a beautiful stainless-steel bento boxfor larger, bulkier items. These products are so aesthetically pleasing, you’ll get excited to pack your lunch each week day!

And to carry all your goodies to work, get yourself a pretty lunch bag or tote. There’s no need for plastic when bags by SoYoung look so good!

Carry your own straws

Single-use plastic straws have come under fire because they’re incredibly wasteful. If you love drinking with one, grab a package of stainless steel or glass straws, which are 100 percent reusable.

Get some green toy

The kids brand Green Toys makes all of its eco-friendly products out of recycled milk jugs. These toys are not only fun for kids big and small, but they’re also educational because you can teach your little one about the environment as they play

There are also plenty of kid books about the environment and respecting our planet, including classics, like Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax, The Magic School Bus and the Climate change Challenge and The Giving Tree.

It might seem difficult to change your habits, but if everyone took small steps to live more sustainably, we could hopefully make a big difference in the world. It all starts with being more mindful of what you do every day and relying on solid, eco-friendly products that are good for you and planet Earth!