Indoor Gardening

Whether you have a green thumb or would like to try gardening for beginners, we’ve got you covered—from garden tools & books to garden ideas to get you inspired.

Gardening season has arrived! It’s time to get outdoors and enjoy some fresh air in the garden. Whether you have a green thumb or would like to try gardening for beginners, we’ve got you covered—from garden tools to garden ideas. You don’t need a big space; we’ve got lots of small garden ideas, too. Before you get started, you’ll need to assemble your garden tools—it’s important to have a variety of tools when planting a garden. Some of the essentials include, a pair of gloves, a hard shovel or trowel, a pair of good sheers, a garden kneeler (a small pillow to help protect your knees while weeding or planting), a wheelbarrow, pruners, and of course, a watering can (bonus points if you opt for one with a colourful floral print).

Once you’ve gathered your garden tools, it’s time to choose the plants that you would like to grow. Vegetables, fruit, herbs, flowers, succulents—the possibilities are endless. When gardening, it’s important to select plants that best suit you and your lifestyle. Will you be able to water them every day or do you prefer low maintenance plants and flowers? Caring for your plants is important. Selecting the correct soil and fertilizers, establishing a watering schedule and finding an ideal location for them to flourish (will they need sun or shade?) are all things to consider when planning your garden and gardening.

People of all ages can enjoy gardening, but growing your own vegetables can be a rewarding experience to share with the whole family. Be a vegetable garden planner and have your children help choose which vegetables they would like to grow in the garden. Spending time together with family, selecting seeds and planting them, creates memories for years to come. Parents can teach their children about the joys of gardening.

Books are a great resource, too, for gardening tips, garden ideas and explaining how to plant a garden. From gardening for beginners to those who have experience growing plants, gardening is a fun hobby that enriches your life in many ways. Even if you have a small backyard space, you can still reap the benefits of gardening. Plan ahead and make a list of small garden ideas that you would like to bring to life this season. Then you’re ready to head outside, enjoy the sunshine and get those garden tools digging in the dirt.

When it comes to gardening, there are so many great garden ideas to inspire your backyard oasis. Some of our favourites include, a balcony garden, a window box garden, an indoor herb garden, container gardening (think pots and half barrels overflowing with flowers), raised-bed gardens and vertical gardens (a blank wall or a bare fence are ideal spots to grow annuals or perennials). Regardless of which type of garden you would like to create, it’s all about embracing your artistic side and, of course, spending quality time outdoors during the spring and summer months. Now you’re ready to create your dream garden full of beautiful flowers or delicious vegetables. Happy gardening!